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A city of mysteries, secrets, and dark histories, Ptolus lies forever in the shadow of a towering stone spire reaching impossibly high into the sky, itself an enigma and a reminder of evil long past. Ptolus is a place where the supernatural is expected, and treachery lies around every corner—or is it that the supernatural lies around every corner and treachery is expected? Either way, Ptolus is a city of danger, magic, intrigue, and above all: adventure.
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Character Info

Post by silentguardian » Sat Apr 23, 2011 1:51 pm

Use this topic to post links to your characters. Also please copy your 4x4 's into this thread.

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Re: Character Info (Treye Silvertongue)

Post by silentguardian » Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:21 pm

Here is my character created for the Ptolus PbP created by Silentguardian.

In slightly more depth than the original post:


House Balacazar - Possible future enemies due to Treye's unfavorable encounter with them.
Other minstrels - Jealousy is a raw thing...
Wannabe suitors - Although Treye doesn't consider them important, there are a number of men who were turned down mercilessly by the singer before she became more diplomatic.
Young noble women - Borinalli is a catch and yet he wants to hook up with a commoner? What nonsense is that?

Rivergate district - Adopted home area. Base of the Ptolus Players.
The River's Gate - Unimaginatively named Inn in Rivergate. Unnamed in the backstory but main location for Treye's performances.
House Kath - Home of Borinalli, Treye's current flame.
Treye's former home - Current home of Treye's former family.

Yeri - Elder sister and co-conspirator in 'Operation Cold Shower'.
Borinalli Kath - Formerly an annoying suitor, now a charming young man who Treye is starting to have proper feelings for.
The Ptolus Players - Mainly Albert the minstrel, Pertwee the tumbler and Pira the sage
Grotus - Half-blind proprietor of the poorly named inn, The River's Gate.
Lyra - Treye's apprentice and a talented young girl.

The Ptolus Players - The players not named above are fond of Treye but unlikely to stick their neck out for her too often.
Former family - Consisting of two elder brothers who loved to tease her, a mother who was only interested in social standing and a father who was tired of family life.
Patrons of The River's Gate - Having seen Treye play numerous times, they are content with her presence but not likely to defend her in a brawl.
House Kath - Although Borinalli is very much enamored of Treye, the rest of the family sees this as a passing fling and merely put up with 'The Cute Little Girl'.

Treye’s story is one that would normally be associated with one of roamers. People set for a life on the road, never staying in one place for long and using their talents to provide food for when hunting grows scarce. Roamers would be the people that are met with a distrustful eye by pessimists, and peals of laughter by children. Roamers are tumblers. They are musicians. They are artists. But most of all, they are free. Free spirits travelling the lands simply because they can.

Treye does all of those things. The only difference is that Treye has never left Ptolus.

It was five years after her birth that her parents decided they simply couldn’t afford to keep another mouth around the table. After all, Treye was the fourth of their children and too much for her father to support with his meagre income. So her mother decided she should pick up a line of work for herself, as did Treye’s eldest brother. The former became a maid for House Kath whilst the latter became a guard. For a time, the family got by. They even occasionally had a little extra to spend on luxuries. Everything was going perfectly until Treye hit her fourteenth birthday.

Treye’s mother decided that her youngest daughter was old enough to be ‘seen about town’. Because of her nine years of service to House Kath she started thinking. What if a nobleman were to fall for her little girl? It would be the social coup of the century! A maid’s daughter, marrying a noble! Wasting no time in thinking things through, she arranged a number of innocent meetings with House Kath’s youngest son, Borinalli Kath. Borinalli was two years older than Treye and he had all the good looks that were customary in his lineage. The first such meeting went great in his eyes. He had never met such an enchanting girl! Her face, her laughter, her witty anecdotes, she was truly the girl for him.

Of course, Treye couldn’t stand this posh bastard. She knew that her mother was so emotionally invested in this match that she didn’t have the heart to tell her it wouldn’t work. Her father would simply ignore her complaints and her two brothers would just laugh at her, so she talked with her elder sister, Yeri. Within a few days, Yeri became co-conspirator in what the two girls jokingly called ‘Operation Cold Shower’. It started out well enough, Treye would introduce Borinalli to some of her more attractive friends in the hopes that his passions would switch. That didn’t work. She tried making herself look like a slob. She couldn’t manage it. Yeri even sewed together some rags to make it clear just how below his station she was. He didn’t care.

Months went by and the two girls were slowly running out of ideas. It was when Borinalli showed up one night playing a lute outside her window that she got her best idea yet. The next morning at breakfast she told her family that she was going to become a minstrel. Surprisingly, nobody seemed to care. Shrugging, Treye packed a few things together, said goodbye to her sister with teary eyes and set out for a long journey.

She got about twenty metres before she was mugged. She would later learn that they were Balacazars and that she was lucky to escape being raped and murdered. At the time, she didn’t think it could get any worse. A few minutes into her new life and she was already ruined. She was fifteen now, but still a child in so many ways, so she started walking back home. Refusing to deal with the shame, she took a detour however and wound up in a small inn located in the Rivergate District. The bartender was short-sighted enough to give her a small glass of wine on someone elses tab and she settled down and started thinking about her next move.

It was about that time when the entertainment began for the night. A troupe of minstrels was up on the small stage, content to play the same tune for hours on end. Idly, Treye began inventing lyrics to the wordless song and softly singing them to herself. The night passed and Treye eventually realised that the room had fallen silent. Looking up from her half empty glass of wine, she saw that everyone was staring at her. Blushing furiously, she lowered her head and shut her mouth. Soon afterwards one of the minstrels came up to her and, rather bluntly, offered her a job. Stunned, Treye could do nothing but accept and with a simple spat of boredom, she had become the singer for The Ptolus Players.

The next day, she found out that The Players were more than just musicians. All in all, they amounted to thirty people of varying races and ages. From the half-orc strong man to the halfling tumbler, they were all unique in their own ways. The same minstrel that had recruited her named himself as Albert Fondlehands. A name that Treye found to be both grotesque and completely fake. Despite his choice of name, the young girl found herself liking the man and soon began treating him as a surrogate uncle. The whole band embraced her as family and she happily returned the favour. Over the two years that she spent learning with them, she learned many different talents. The halfling tumbler, a young man calling himself Pertwee, taught her how to be agile on her feet. The wizened seer, Pira, taught her history and her letters. The minstrels, led by Albert, showed her how to play an instrument. They were all pleased to notice that she was a quick learner, eager to study and happy to practice.

Her first show was to be in the same inn that she had been found in. It was nearing empty, just a drunkard and a small family as a crowd, yet Treye still put on as good a show as she was able. As the months rolled on, she became more and more of a staple at that place. Her biggest joy came when the innkeeper, an old man named Grotus, put her name up above the entrance with a small picture of her glowing face. With all the achievements that may come in her later life, she would still name that as one of her greatest.

As she became more and more popular around Rivergate, more and more people crowded into the inn to watch her sing. Any others would grow resentful, but the other Players were all brimming with pride over their little girl and she would commonly be allowed to take the stage all on her own, strumming her lute and singing a soft melody.

Now, she’s 19 years old and ready for anything. She never forgot her dreams of leaving Ptolus and finding adventure, but the Players were far too much fun to give up on. She even gained an apprentice of her own, a young girl named Lyra and she began to gain enough notoriety that even Borinalli Kath caught up with her, still smitten. This time, Treye was old enough to read between the lines and even began to flirt with the noble a bit. She would never admit to fancying the man, but the look in her eyes when he was near would always be warm.

With Lyra swiftly gaining her own status as a bard, Treye feels that she can leave the players with no hard feelings. She hasn’t yet told them officially that she will be leaving, but they all know her well enough to read the signs and none of them are bitter about losing her.Attachments

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Re: Character Info (Mazzoane)

Post by silentguardian » Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:31 pm

4 enemies
The Necular Tribe
Zirrus the red dragon
Akhaxhu the blue dragon
Sydney the Mage

4 neutral npc's
Zade Kenevan
The old woman down the way

4 friends or allies
Johnson the Dragon Slayer
Sheva Callister
Daersidian Ringsire

4 locations from your past
Hotash Mountains
Dragonbirth Mountains
Vantaran Peaks

What is a girl supposed to do? Her father (Johnson the Dragon Slayer) was a famous paladin living in Grail Keep. He gained his nickname of Dragon Slayer when as a young boy he killed the only offspring of Zirrus the red dragon. Johnson didn’t really mean to, but it was one of those flukes that just happens, and you become famous, and hated, for it. So Johnson had to run and hide as Zirrus threatened him and if he ever had a family he would kill them too. As Johnson ran he came across an Orc maiden in distress (if you could call her a maiden). She was being attacked by a baby blue dragon. Johnson stepped in (maybe his nickname had gotten to his head) and killed his second dragon in his life. Mozanne of the Necular tribe fell madly in love with her hero. And for some reason no one could explain, Johnson fell in love with her. Mozanne’s tribe forbid her from marring Johnson, but they did not care, and so the ran off to the Hotash Mountains and made a home there. After years of marriage, Mazanne bore a child, Mazzoane. Johnson wanted a boy, and raised Mazzoane as one, after all at first look you could not tell what she was.

Years went by, and Mazzoane was a happy child, but when she got mad, everyone knew to stay away. There were really only two adults (other than her parents) that liked having her around due to her sudden, and often time unexpected, out bursts. One was Sydney the Mage and the other was the lady down the street (no one knew her name, of if she even had one). One day while Mazzoane was over visiting Sydney, watching his every move, casting a spell the spell backfired and almost Mazzoane her life. The lady down the street happened by and was able to save Mazzoane, but Sydney fled and Mazzoane has vowed to cause him the same amount of pain someday. She also now is superstitious and does not fully trust magic, or those who use it.

As Mazzoane grew, she wanted to be more like her father. As she was leaving, Johnson gave her his prized possession, his +1 great sword. So she took a traveling buddy named Kinster, who was a fighter, and went to the Dragonbirth Mountains looking for her fame as a dragon slayer, but to no avail. She found no dragons to slay and moved to the Vantaran Peaks and made a small living there hunting out evil in the mountains. After a few years there she moved into Sariush looking for more adventure. It was there she heard of Sheva Callister and Daersidian Ringsire. This brought her into the port searching for them. Once she met Sheva and Daersidian she fell in love with their stories of adventure and promised herself that she too would have the adventures they had. She also love to go visit Rastor and Zade Kenevan in their stores and just spend time with these four, until her next adventure begins.

So, what is a girl supposed to do? In Mazzoane’s mind, a girl must go out and find adventure.

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Re: Character Info (Lorelei - Human Oracle)

Post by silentguardian » Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:34 pm

Character for PbP game Ptolus - The Danger Below, Pathfinder Rules, starting 3rd Level.

Character built using TOS+ v3.515

4 enemies
Fenric Hassel – A Forsaken cultist and former lover of Lorelei’s, she fears that Fenric still seeks her.
Martau Stouthand – An aspiring Keeper of the Veil, Martau believes Lorelei to be a willing ally of the Forsaken.
Viktor Krenshaw – Lorelei’s former master, this wealthy undertaker (and ally of the Longfingers Guild) resents her “abandonment” of him.
The Pale Dogs – This gang rightly regards Lorelei as prone to making trouble for them.

4 neutral npc's
Abigail – A young inkeeper associated with the Fate Weavers, Abigail seems to have taken an unexplained interest in Lorelei.
Delainnelinar -- A member of the Delver’s Guild who sends appropriate jobs Lorelei’s way.
Sister Gertrude – a young member of the Conciliators whose earnest sermons fascinate Lorelei.
Guardsman Beckenbauer – A City Guardsman formerly assigned in the Warrens, he occasionally shares useful information and advice with Lorelei.

4 Friends or Allies
Isabel Martinek – A childhood friend and now a Healer of the Sacred Heart.
Genailleren – A Lothian Priest, schoolmaster, and father figure for Lorelei.
Erick – An apprentice baker at Tavoh’s, and ardent admirer.
Maralarana – A strange voice in Lorelei’s head, bringing wisdom and comfort.

4 locations from your past
Light’s Doorstep (The Warrens)– A small shelter and school for orphans and wayward children, Light’s Doorstep is maintained by the Church of Lothian and run by Genailleren.
Krenshaw and Sons Mortuary Services (Guildsman’s District) – It was here that Lorelei served her indenture to Viktor Krenshaw and here that she first found herself faced daily with death.
The Necropolis – Lorelei’s home during her dalliance with Fenric.
The Mendicant Hound (Midtown) – Abigail’s inn and tavern, and Lorelei’s sanctuary after leaving Fenric.

An orphaned urchin on the streets of The Warrens, Lorelei was on her own. Like many of the children of the street, she found some solace at Light’s Doorstep, where astern taskmaster of a scholar and cleric of Lothian, Genailleren, acted as a schoolmaster and mentor. She owes much of her scholastic and moral education to him and regards him as a father, just as much as a Father. Her affection is sincerely returned by him, albeit quietly and with little fanfare. Her closest friend in these years was Isabel Martinek. Always a caring and ebullient girl, Isabel is now one of the Healers of the Sacred Heart and is always happy to see her old companion.
As she grew older, Lorelei developed a strong sense of independence and a quiet determination to help others whenever possible in the rough streets. Like many residents of the Warrens, she ran afoul of the Pale Dogs gang, however unlike most, she fought back. Time and again, Lorelei, with her fierce independent and protective streak, got in the way of the Pale Dogs and their business. She is known to many of the Dogs as a “troublemaker” and they have frequently gone out of their way to make trouble for her in return. On more than one occasion, she found herself in grave danger from them, only to be saved by the timely intervention of a City Guardsman named Beckenbauer.
At the age of 11, Genailleren arranged for Lorelei and the other children to meet with several representatives of merchants’ guilds for indenture. A rough road, but a way out of the Warrens was not to be ignored. A wealthy , well-connected and corrupt undertaker named Viktor Krenshaw purchased Lorelei and put her to work. Although she worked off her debt after 6 years, Viktor had become enamored of the slight girl and insisted to her that she had implicitly agreed to apprentice herself to him. When she spurned both his offer of permanent employment and his more carnal advances, Viktor beat her and locked her in the shop. Lorelei escaped and fled, and Viktor’s fury at her “abandonment” of him has not abated in the years since. This would pose little problem for her were it not for the fact that Viktor has strong ties to members of the Longfingers Guild …
During her time with Viktor, Lorelei first had inklings of her curse. She began to hear whisperings, some disturbing, some comforting, in the rooms of the dead. She of course kept these things to herself, not wanting to be cast out for madness.
A dashing young man, Fenric Hassel, was one of Viktor’s “clients”, coming to the establishment and purchasing corpses, or parts thereof, for purposes unknown. Despite his distasteful business, Lorelei found herself undisputably attracted to him, and when he noticed her occasional distraction, she impulsively told him of the voices. Fenric soon came to the conclusion that she had some inherent and internal connection to Death and showed her what she never expected … interest. Sympathy. Excitement. Fenric seduced the girl with practiced ease and when she fled Krenshaw, there was one obvious place to hide – at Fenric’s side.
Hassel wasted no time introducing Lorelei to his own secret – he was one of the Forsaken. Her odd connection to the dead intrigued him beyond reason and he immediately set out to indoctrinate her into the foul beliefs of the Forsaken. For a time, she did as he asked, delving into the depths of her curse to discover that she was truly touched by death and could work her will upon it as an Oracle of Bones. After months of Fenric’s “experimentations and devotions” her conscience finally rebelled against the vile practices of the cult and she fled into the night.
Meanwhile, her time with the Forsaken had not been unnoticed. Martau Stouthand, a self-styled holy warrior aspiring to membership in the Keepers of the Veil, watched her flight from the Necropolis. Suspicious, he backtracked her trail and discovered Lorelei’s ties to the Forsaken. She may have fled for her life, but for him, her collusion with the foul necrophiles was incontrovertible fact. In his mind, bringing a foul criminal such as Lorelei to the Keepers would assure his admission to the order and thus he seeks her still.
Lorelei took rest during her flight in a Midtown inn called the Mendicant Hound. Without a coin to her name, Lorelei hoped only for a few minutes peace by a fire. The young innkeeper, Abigail, approached the Oracle, offering much needed shelter and food. She seemed to know much of Lorelei’s past and predicament, but offered neither judgment nor support. Lorelei left after a few weeks of solace, politely declining Abigail’s offer of a more permanent home with the Fate Weavers, with whom Abigail was apparently associated. Lorelei has stopped by frequently to soothe her parched throat, but she and Abigail have remained casual acquaintances.
Since leaving Abigail’s hospitality behind, Lorelei has begun to make her way on her own. A member of the Delver’s Guild, Delainnelinar , discovered Lorelei’s unusual skillset and has been funneling appropriate jobs her way. Lorelei hopes that he may be considering her for full membership, but he has kept his cards close to the vest thus far. Wandering through the Temple District one day, Lorelei came upon the headquarters of The Conciliators and, against her instincts, attended a sermon by a pleasant acolyte, Sister Gertrude. The young woman’s earnest presentation of The Church’s dogma appealed to Lorelei even if the dogma itself left somewhat to be desired. Lorelei has since taken to quietly attending when the occasion presents itself. Her old benefactor, Guardsman Beckenbauer, is now posted in the Temple District. Remembering her from the days of her youth, Beckenbauer recognized her wandering the Street of a Million Gods and has occasionally given her kindly, if impersonal assistance.
In addition, she has found old friends and made new ones. An apprentice baker at Tavoh’s, Erick, is infatuated with Lorelei and furtively passes her both choice pastries and gossip heard on the job. She finds him charming if a bit overly sincere, and does nothing to dissuade his admiration. Truthfully, she feels that he is far above her lowly station and cannot believe that she is worthy of his attention. Her old friend, Isabel, is now one of the Healers of the Sacred Heart, and the two girls have remade their friendship with exuberance.
All the while, in the depths of darkness and despair, a voice sometimes calls to Lorelei, speaking to her of the peace and repose of gentle death. The voice calls itself Maralarana and it is the source of the enlightening yet confusing understanding Lorelei has gained of the Mysteries of Bones. Perhaps it is one of the Blessed Children. Perhaps it is a servant of the Malkuth. Perhaps it is simply a fiction, a creation of Lorelei’s fractured mind. Regardless of its nature, Maralarana is Lorelei’s mentor, guide, and guru in the maze of her own soul.

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Re: Character Info

Post by silentguardian » Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:46 pm

This character is built to fit a PbP Game, Ptolus - The Danger Below, using Pathfinder rules and starting at 3rd level.

This character was made using TOS+ v3.514.


Trixy – Demon-blooded Teifling – Suspected in the murder of his parents.
Balacazar Crime Family – Took controlling ownership of Father’s Tavern after his death.
House Vladaam – Suspected involvement in the murder of his parents.
The Pale Dogs –Occasionally harassed by members of this gang until he faced them down with some fire.

Necropolis – Rumored sightings of his father.
Midtown – Father’s tavern that was lost after he died.
The Warrens – Home of Liunna, his foster mother. Location for other events.
Delver’s Guild – Inducted by Liunna and currently remains in good standing.

Raised by Liunna Ming, Human Female, Charter Member in High Standing of the Delver’s Guild
Brea Grund – Order of the Fist – Father figure.
Bristrol Dregmouth – Member of House Dallimothan, befriended when Pale Dogs tried robbing Bristrol.
Liem Vesture – Owner of Gloks & Bloks in the Warrens. Known for buying and selling anything from material to information. Liem is well regarded by many who value his services and is very good at keeping this true business secret. No one of official authority has ever dared harass him for what he knows.

The Malkuth – His father suspected somewhere in the family lineage there was a mating with one of the celestials there. His father was close to finding the truth, but that information was lost in his murder.
Viridian Lords – Met a man called Melwith and a woman called Lai. Talks with them on occasions.
Fabitor Thisk – Cleric and pastor of St. Gustav’s Chapel, which caters to adventurers.
Teanar Menion – Cousin of Liunna Ming and member of House Erthuo.

Drimnar says to his father with concern: “Da’dah, you look worried.”
Not expecting his son to have noticed, Reamus replies with a soft smile: “Yes son, but don’t worry yourself with it. Just more grown up things that you needn’t worry about.” With the same tone and smile, Reamus changes the subject asking: “How was school?”
Drimnar answers reluctantly: “School was good.”
Knowing his son, Reamus asks with bemused concern: “What happened? Please don’t tell me you had another accident in your alchemy class again.”
Drimnar says with some guilt: “Well…” Seeing his father begin to shake his head, Drimnar hurried with an explanation, excitedly, he continues: “It wasn’t really my fault though. I found another book that explained the mixing of components into a vial for throwing. Everything was going fine, until Mathew knocked into my desk. The mixture was finished and the vial corked, but when he hit the table, the vial fell off and smashed.” In a near whisper he adds: “It blew up…” When he looked up and saw his father’s expression, he rushed again, faster and more confidently: “but no one got hurt.” less confidently: “Not badly anyhow.” Drimnar tries to downplay what happened a little more confidently: “I didn’t mix it as instructed, I cut it down by sixty percent and used filler for the rest. I’m not reckless, honest I’m not.”
Smiling, comfortingly, Reamus says to Drimnar: “I never said you were.”
Looking hurt Drimnar replies slightly saddened: “I know, but that's what the Master said. He said I should not be messing with books from other classes. But I'm studying Alchemy. The book title read "The Artful Alchemist: A Beginner's Book". How was I to know that it was to train beginning Alchemists and that their study is more advanced that the basic alchemy I'm studying.”
Reamus asks with more concern: “How much damage and how many were hurt?”
Drimnar replies reassuringly: “Just my desk and lab robe and Mathew's robe were slightly burnt. Mathew was cut on his cheek from a piece of glass from the vial. That's all.”

Things like this were normal for Drimnar. Especially after learning he could do things that others couldn't. Like once he knocked over a valuable vase and it broke. Fearing that he'd get in trouble, he began gathering the pieces and assembling them. When all were together he was about to glue them in place when he suddenly felt something flow from his hand and envelope the vase. The cracks and splinters began to mend, on their own. He showed his father and his father took him to Master Freeless, a well known sorcerer, and Drimnar learned how to focus his mind and control what he did. He spent many years learning from Freeless. This was how he learned to be a sorcerer and was also when he learned of his celestial heritage.

His father assured him there's good enough reason to suspect somewhere in their family tree that one of the celestials of The Malkuth may be identified. It wouldn't be a first for this to happen.

But the trouble in his father's face or eyes continued to worry him. On one night, he heard his father arguing with two men, partners in a tavern in Midtown, regarding men referred to as Balacazar's men and wanting to be partners. His father refused and reminded them that "Once you let that element into you life, you never get rid of it. I'm not an Inquisitor for the fun of it. The Balacazar Family is nothing but trouble and they do nothing legit". On another afternoon, Drimnar was passing his father's office at the tavern and heard him talking with another man, a colleague and fellow Inquisitor regarding an investigation that involved House Vladaam and something they were doing. The name Trixy was mentioned as an assassin they like. Try as he might, Drimnar was never able to hear much more regarding any of this.

One day a woman came to Drimnar. With gentle compassion: “Hi Drimnar. I have some bad news. You may not remember me, but you played often in my home as a small child. My name is Liunna Ming. I'm here today because something happened to your parents. Your mother and father are gone Drimnar. They were killed and robbed.”
Drimnar asks quietly: “Was it Trixy?” Surprised that Drimanr knows that name, the woman quickly shakes her head and silences him. In a whisper she says: “Don't let anyone hear you mention that name Drim. You must keep that quiet until something can be done about it. Trixy is a Teifling and her blood is strong.” Drimnar nods his compliance and they leave.

When the estate of his father is read, Drimnar asks what happened with the tavern in Midtown. The Barrister looks to him and says: “The deed to the tavern was indisputable son. Your father's partners sold their shares to Malkeen Balacazar and the deed was written that should either die, the other takes ownership. The tavern is lost. You do have some possessions of your father's though.” The barrister's aid then puts a sack on the floor near them. In an authoritative tone, the barrister recites: “One haversack backpack. One crossbow. One mace. One Sickle. Two starknives.” and then a small sack clangs as it is dropped at Drimnar's feet. In the same tone the barrister continues: “and one sack of fifty gold.” The Barrister then leaves.

Drimnar returns with Liunna Ming back to her home in The Warrens where he spends many more years learning and practicing his sorcery spells. He finds bathing no longer necessary with the good use of Prestidigitation and reaching things that are too high just requires a mage's hand.

Once Drimnar is old enough and sure enough in his abilities, Liunna requests he be initiated into the Delver's Guild and from the guild he's had many exciting adventures. It wasn't long for the Delver's Guild to find Drimnar to be a reasonably reliable sorcerer and adventurer. Because of this, the number of paying adventures increased.

Life in the Warrens was an adventure in itself, but this was where Liunna lived and where he grew to call home. He knew much of the streets and allies there and he was also aware of the Pale Dags. It was tiring trying to avoid them all the time, and not possible some of the time. On one day he was cornered by three members of the Pale Dogs when he was alone. They were going to rob him and he just returned from delving under the city. They were armed with sword and knife and while he had some weapons, he was not very good at them. When they came at him, he raised his hands and blanketed them in a wave of fire. Scorched and burned, the Pale Dogs were stunned and unsure what to do. He was quick enough to cast burning hands again and one had to be carried off by the other two. The Pale Dogs didn't bother him too much after that, and he made sure not to ever be alone again as much as possible. He knew they had him pegged for payback.

It was on a particularly gloomy day that in the warrens he heard a struggle. When he went to see, he saw a man being attacked by four other men. Drimnar drew his crossbow and fired, hitting one attacker in the back and dropping him. He then fired again and hit two more. The attackers, all pale dog members by their dress and markings, fled but one. One man remained motionless on the ground. Drimnar approaches saying: “You shouldn't be going around alone in these parts unless you know what you're doing. Especially with days as gloomy as this. It's easy for someone to hide and ambush.”
The stranger replies: “Yes, that much is true. Good fortune on me that you showed when you did. I was growing too tired to continue. They would have had me for sure had you not taken shots at them. I owe you my life. My name is Bristrol Dregmouth and I'm in your debt.” Since then, Brimnar and Bristrol remained good friends.

It was Fabitor Thisk who oversaw Drimnar's burrial, and remained Fabitor Thisk when Drimnar needed guidance. Fabitor was never a role model or mentor, but a good man that Drimnar could always rely on for an unbiased point of view. When something troubled him and he needed real advice, he'd go to Fabitor and get it, sometimes even a potion or two. It was Fabitor who one day came looking for Drimnar and eventually got through much delaying to tell him that people have reported sightings of Reamus at the necropolis. When his parent's bodies were found, they were just burned husks with only a few signature belongings that were favorite possessions of both of them. Drimnar found this new disturbing and confusing. He knew the cleric would never lie to him, especially about something like this. His visits to the necropolis though never turned out anything.

The closest thing Drimnar had to a father-figure was a man called Brea Grund. A member of the Order of the Fist, Drimnar found Brea's decisive attitude and driven focus admirable. Brea would try teaching Drim what he could in fighting, but, truth be told, melee fighting just is not Drimnar's forte. Brea would still remain a strong part of Drimnar's life and Brea would continue to teach him how to remain focused and disciplined.

Liunna, while a, active member of the Delver's Guild, was not without her own family. Her family name was changed when she married, but her husband died during an adventure for the guild. His body was unrecoverable. Her born family name is Menion, and she tries to maintain good relations with her cousin, Teanar Menion. Drimnar has met Teanar enough times to know the woman well. She holds a high opinion of herself, higher than it ever should have gotten close too, but being a member of House Erthuo, not mane try informing her so.

For Drimnar, supplies are always in demand and thanks to the guild, he's found a good friend in a merchant, Liem Vesture, when supplies, or information, is needed. Liem has the best underground connections from which he gleans the most fruitful bits of information and Drimnar's father was a good customer to Liem. "Reamus got me out of a good pickle or two and I owe him for much more", is all he'd ever say. So far, Liem has not been able to learn anything more about his father's parents death, disappearance, or the rumors of his being in the necropolis, than what Drimnar already knows, but he keeps working on it.

"You can never have too many sources of information", was something his father used to say and Drimnar had no doubt it was true. You never knew what little bits one person knew could add to what another knew. Every little bit was just a puzzle piece needing a puzzle to fit in. When he needed to know the ingredients for a remedy a guild member needed, he ventured out into the palastan to seek this ingredients. This was where he met two members of the Viridian Lords; a man called Melwith and a woman called Lai. He spent many days talking with them and earning their trust. While not of the best of friends, they are neither hostile to him. They neither welcome him, nor rebuke him when he comes, but on occasion, when he's in their realm, they approach him and talk. They help when they can, and sometimes don't because they can.

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