Character changes

The creation forges gave them form, but not identity. The treaty of Thronehold gave them freedom, but not community. The fey gave them knowledge and understanding, but a question still loomed. What happened to the world they came from?
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Character changes

Post by shai-hulud » Sun Dec 07, 2008 6:09 pm

Character changes:
  • At 1st level, you were inelligeble for bonus languages due to high intelligence scores, as warforged are not old enough to learn bonus languages. Given your time with the fey, you may add the following bonus languages due to a high intelligence score: Sylvan, Undersylvan, and High Ryllowyn
  • Abilities of Understanding (Mecano and Verbal choose 1, Nine chooses 2)
    • 2 bonus skill points to be placed in any Intelligence-based or Wisdom based skill(s) (if chosen twice, it instead grants 5 bonus skill points instead of 4)
    • +1 Inherent bonus to Wisdom (if chosen twice, it grants a +2 Inherent bonus to Wisdom instead)
    • +1 Inherent bonus to Intelligence (if chosen twice, it grants a +2 Inherent bonus to Intelligence instead)--this bonus will not grant any skill point retroactively, but will grant skill points in the future
  • Social Growth abilities (Mecano and Verbal choose 1, Nine chooses 0)
    • +2 unnamed bonus to Charisma, -2 penalty to Wisdom (Interacting with the fey can be a slightly maddening experience, but you definitely learn to overcome your warforged social ineptitudes)
    • +2 circumstance bonus to all Charisma-based and Wisdom-based skills when interacting with Fey
    • +1 Inherent bonus to Charisma
  • Circumstance modifiers:
    • +2 circumstance bonus to all Charisma-based skills when interacting with Fey
    • +2 circumstance bonus to all Knowledge checks made relating to Thelanis (this does not make such checks trained, but "common knowledge" now encompasses anything with a DC 12 or lower for these checks)
    • +2 circumstance bonus to saving throws against fey magic
  • Verbal and Nine lose their three -2 penalties and all bonus feats they have gained.
  • Receive the Natureforged feat as a bonus feat.
  • Choose additional warforged feats (1 at 1st level and 1 at every even-numbered level)
Note: Still working on the Natureforged feat and a list of additional warforged feats.
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