The creation forges gave them form, but not identity. The treaty of Thronehold gave them freedom, but not community. The fey gave them knowledge and understanding, but a question still loomed. What happened to the world they came from?
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The city of Ryllowyn has been the party's home for several years now. During your time there, you have discovered that rituals and games relate primarily to the fey concept of "aelaes si vaelaesai", which translates roughly to "Enter the Reverie". This "Reverie" is a term that has many different uses. Some fey use the term, "maer", which translates to "sleep". Others use the term "salaer", which means "travel". What is interesting is that fey don't sleep while they "Enter the Reverie". In fact, most of the rituals are quite active, involving dancing and singing. The warforged have been invited to "Enter the Reverie" with the fey, but aside from intense illusion magics (similar to the essense of the locale where she lives), they didn't experience anything spectacular.

The city survives as a form of Utopia. Everyone has a place in the society, yet no one is forced to do anything they don't want to do. When individual fey act out against the city, they are promptly slaughtered, maintaining the Utopian ideals. The culture is incredibly peaceful to those who don't cause trouble. For the troublemakers, there are two options: death and banishment. Banishment is usually self-imposed with immediate slaughter being the punishment for violating the rules of the city.

Minor infractions are dealt with using strict censure. Those who are guilty of minor infractions are told of their infraction. So long as it was an accident, they are safe. As soon as it becomes apparent that the slight against the city was not accidental, they are no longer safe.

Usually, the fey are relatively unabashed. They are rarely embarrassed by their physical appearance or by much of anything else that takes place in the city. However, apparently, fey occasionally become "stuck" in "the Reverie". These unfortunate fey must be "awakened" by city healers. Such awakenings are relatively common, and usually result only in an embarrassed fey.

Fey games can cause injury and death. These games frequently involve "Entering the Reverie" while having fun. Playing pranks while other fey are "Entering the Reverie" frequently cause the most injury and death. Such activities are looked upon with joyful glee, and the injuries and deaths are quickly forgotten. The individuals who lost their lives, however, are not so easily forgotten. They are frequently remembered through additional rituals of "Entering the Reverie".

The city nobility actually has very distant relations with the fey Court. Some even claim kinship with the nymph queen herself. These fey have rejected the structured life of the Court to enjoy what Ryllowyn has to offer. The freedom of this city is without boundaries. The warforged are accepted, and so long as they follow the rules, they are unharmed. Since the rules primarily relate to "Entering the Reverie", which the warforged are unable to do, they are not capable of violating any rules and have never come to any harm.
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