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PbP Changes for Character postings

Post by admin » Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:42 am

NOTE: This applies only to the PLAY by POST - For TOS+ Active Subscribers games!

PbP Players and Game Masters,

We have a very interesting section called Adventurers [Characters], maintained by Patransom, which holds characters. Yet, each PbP DM has been asking his players to post his characters into the corresponding PbP Game, thus creating threads that are full of mixed characters, as various levels!

To reduce the chaos created by this way of doing things, I would ask that ALL characters (and NPCs if you wish to share those as well) be posted NOT in the PbP thread itself, but in the section mentioned above. You can also include Background information, Icon, images, documents as required! DMs can simply tell a new player to post a new thread in that section, should the player not be aware of this.

This has several advantages:
  • One Character per thread, multiple levels posted in the same place (easier to maintain your PCs)
  • No mixing of Characters
  • Characters can become part of the Character List
  • Easier to locate a specific Character
  • Adds resources for other Players/DMs
I will be slowly moving all characters there (out of the PbPs). If you create a new character, please post it in the Adventurers [Characters] section!!


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