Cast of 1000

The Rings of Change and Power are needed once more.
The rings were made 1000 years ago to stop a great evil and were lost for ever in time. Only to be called upon when needed again should this evil come to power. Now demonic powers have found out about these rings and are in search for them.
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Cast of 1000

Post by rednetra » Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:02 am

Undecided -
Dragon Court -
Black - Keygrodekkerrhylon
Blue - Jabidakimbatuul
Brass - Ariikdasadkuundax
Bronze - Ofkrysantemiselni
Copper - Vijaylommaxius
Gold - Shimanyo-Kocoi
Green - Giixhosiptor
Red - Durtaxsteingakila
Silver - Freilacanbarin
White - Csarivchizzik
Yes these are all Real Dragons from the D&D world.


The Fay Council
Queen - Titania
King - Oberon
Master of Arms - Puck
Mistress Of Arms - Cobweb

Neutral -
The Witch - unsure the race
Cassie - Unsure the race

Good -
Murry - Tower
Mabel - Unknown Race but lives in the Elven Capital
Headmaster - "Bob" - Dragon said too be gold
Grig - Druid - Human Hard ass no feelsind
Aoyama Masamune - Human -Samurai - Straight guy does not crack a smiley much very stoic but caring.
Miss pennywise - Half Celestial - Sorcere/ranger
PeasBlossom - Pixie - Rouge/Sorcere
Malynda - Driad - Barbarien/Druid
Witacer - Human - Cleric/Paliden - Servent of Palor
Musterdseed - Pixie - Bard/Rouge - prankster

Evil - The Bitch Dragon - Syzdothyx - Red Dragon

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