Info you shuold know

The Rings of Change and Power are needed once more.
The rings were made 1000 years ago to stop a great evil and were lost for ever in time. Only to be called upon when needed again should this evil come to power. Now demonic powers have found out about these rings and are in search for them.
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Info you shuold know

Post by rednetra » Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:05 pm


There is Just magic to communicate over great distances.
there is a postal serve that does cost a Copper Peace to send a letter.
The Sending Desk. it is a Magic Desk paper and ink. most towns have a "post office" run by Gnomes. The Charge a Gold piece to use this means. you write a letter on spical paper and ink and quail. you address it to who you want it too go to and it magically just goes to that person. If you chooses to send it to another plan they charge 10 gold pieces, it will just appear next to you. You do have a sending desk in the tower. it is not also uncommon for the wealthy to have them in there castles or homes.

there is all the normal travel that you know about but there is also 4 forms of air travel

Air Ships - these are a Ship that Fly's and is not made to go into the water. it normally will have Sails or a ring of Fire around it. It Fly
The Zeppelin - just like in our real world.
there is the Whale Ship - Is is much like a Zeppelin but instead of a hot Air balloon is a Whale that fly

The only new form is the Lightning Rail this is also Run by a Clan of Gnomes. It is a train and rides on The small Squares you have seen. It is not advised to touch one if you wish too live

Sea -
Normal Sailing Ships.
there are Auto Ships - they are ships that your not sure but will propel themselves.
It is Rumored that the Gnomes have Submarines.\

Dragon Council - They rule over Dragon Island. It is on its very own plan and can only be gotten to by way of the elven shores. The Dragon Council is the Highest Mortal Ruling body in the Realm. They try not too get involved into the Mortals lives and most Other Kingdoms seek advise from them. They are more then willing to give advice. at all times there is 10 seats one for each color dragons. The two Epic Dragons THe Prismatic Dragon and Force Dragon as the Peace Keepers and Advisers for the dragons. The Islans is set up into 11 Main citys but small towns all over it. the 10 Main Citys are the City were each ruling dragon has his Castel or what ever he chooses for himself. the 11 in the Capital of the Island and has a HUGE Castle Floating in the Sky above the city also with 11 Towers 10 of them for each Dragon color and the tallese and open to the Air is the grand Council Chamber. It is Said that to get an invitation to the Dragon council is never been refused. There are at all times 10 dragons sitting on the council. 5 Metallic and 5 Cormatic.

The Fay Council - Also Stays away from the Mortal WOrld as much as it can. will invite humans in but rarely allows people too just show up. The Fay Court is on an Island and is said to Move about at the Wim of the King and Queen. How they do not get involved in mortals wars they do know that it affects them and might send aid. They are also the Keepers of Many Secrets Magic places on there island. ONe SUch thins is the Pool Of Revling. Another is the Rainbow of Envocation, the Tree of Life, Pool of Blood and more. THe Fay are very Sexual Creatures and to them sex is sex and a bonding and sex is blind to gender. The Fey are also not Modiest or Proods. they are not ashamed of the body or the actions that might befall with it but they also know there is a time and place.

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