Who has rings or made them

The Rings of Change and Power are needed once more.
The rings were made 1000 years ago to stop a great evil and were lost for ever in time. Only to be called upon when needed again should this evil come to power. Now demonic powers have found out about these rings and are in search for them.
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Who has rings or made them

Post by rednetra » Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:47 am

Mordin - Earth Bad Guys
Fharlaugh - Ororo/Brent - Travel Beth
Corellon Larthion - Good
Nerull - Death Bad guys
Bahamut asked Bob - Air Bad Guys
Pelor - asked Apallo - Life Beth
Obad-Hai - Water Rice
Hextor - Evil unsure if he made it or rumor has it Loki made it
Ehlonna - Master Fire Elemental - FIre Meph
Baccob - Magic Agod

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