People, Places and Notes

The old gods are long forgotten and are things of memory and legend. Dragons are legends, never truly existing. Rumors of Armies gathering in the North are beginning to spread through Krynn. Strange robed clerics are going through Krynn looking for strange things. Now is the time for heroes to rise and bring about the end of the Age of Despair
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People, Places and Notes

Post by klakxor » Mon Jun 22, 2009 12:35 pm

I was thinking it would be good to have aplace where you can keep track of who you have met and places that you have been. Also any other character notes you might want to review later on could be thrown in here.

  • Tarsis
    • Red Dragon Inn
    • R&J Antiques
  • Jermain - Large human met in bar at Red Dragon Inn in Tarsis.
  • Reggie - Smaller human met in bar at Red Dragon Inn in Tarsis with Jermain. Helped you escape out of the Inn.
  • Keslic - Kender met in room at Red Dragon Inn in Tarsis.

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