PbP: League of Ultimate Evil

Believe in Shar, the goddess of those who have lost everything and who wish revenge. The League of Ultimate Evil will rule the land in the future. Evil is not defined as killing one, but to rule them all. This is the gift of Shar ....
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PbP: League of Ultimate Evil

Post by Dink » Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:50 pm

PbP - League of ultimate Evil
Title: League of ultimate Evil
Brief description: I am looking for 4 to 6 players for an evil D&D 3.5 campaign.
Rule System: D&D 3.5
Validation Frequency: once a week or once all players anser and I am aware of it
Min/Max Number of Players: 5-8
Start Date: asap
Source Books Allowed: All that is included in the standard TOS+
Classes and Races Allowed: All that is included in the standard TOS+
Starting Level of PCs: 1
Stats Generation: Point System: 38 points.
Or: you roll your stats at the invisile Castle and we roll additional d8 until you have a total of 78 points.

Starting Equipment/Wealth: Preset background from the GM, which gives you specific items and money
Background Information: Preset background from the GM
End Conditions: World Domination or Death of all characters in one validation
About ME: DMing games for about 15 years now. Currently I run a similar campaign at home.
What I am not looking for
To me being evil does not imply to kill half a city. World domination cannot be archived by killing everyone. It’s more subtle with really good lies and then killing half the city … (hehe)
What do I offer
I offer a story which allows staying together as a party without the urge to kill everyone in the party.
The plot so far is quite simple.
You believe in Shar (evil Goddess) and you are being hunted by Selune followers (good Goddess).
And you are alone (until now, because it’s hard to trust anyone).
I cannot post a background here, because it’s pretty much individual.
Each of you starts with an individual background (which is predefined, but up to discussion) depending on your race/class combination.
Shar is an evil goddess and hunted by Selune followers. There are a few Shar temples, but Selunies always try to shut them down. Most followers of Shar who visit a temple are secretly followed by Selunies and killed sooner or later. Usually Shar believers live in fear for their life.
I am open for all kind of races and classes, but I would prefer to start with standard TOS classes and races.
It is my own world, with forgotten realms gods.
This world comes from all kinds of ideas and sources and is still growing.
If you find material from this or that world, don’t take it as granted that it works that way.
How to start
Please send me a full character with
- Name, age, height, weight
- Class
- Race (if not from the players handbook, please support me with a link to more information)
- Points (38 point system)
- Skills
- …
Next steps
You will receive your personal history from me and off we go. Then you can create a token for your char (if you know how to do from other games, otherwise I will help).

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Re: PbP: League of Ultimate Evil

Post by Dink » Tue Sep 15, 2009 5:23 am

No. 1
Elf - Ranger

No. 2
Orc - Fighter

No. 3
Jamlaine - Cleric

No. 4

you are welcome to join.

We are currently looking for another three players.
Image Zwollex: Dwarf Cleric

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