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Amnesia's a bitch!
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PbP: Chosen

Post by Benji » Sun Feb 08, 2009 7:03 pm


Title: Chosen

Brief description: Amnesia really sucks doesn't it? Unfortunately, that is currently the sole story of this game. Everyone has forgotten everything and has no idea why they're here.

Rule System: DnD 3.5

Validation Frequency: Battles: As soon as everyone has posted an action. Out of battle: As soon as there's something for me to respond to, then I will.

Min/Max Number of Players: Currently 8 which is also the maximum.

Source Books Allowed: Core and Complete. Others at my discretion. NO PSIONICS.

Classes and Races Allowed: Core mostly. Others at my discretion.

Starting Level of PCs: 1st but with a promise of relatively quick growth.

Starting Equipment/Wealth: One special weapon and one special suit of armour.

Background Information: None! That's pretty much the whole point. At certain key moments, I may ask people to create a small anecdote of their characters life, but otherwise it's all blank.

End Conditions: The current objective is to get their memory back. Once that happens... Who knows?

About ME: I have been playing DnD for about 13 years now. I have a good understanding of 3.5 and believe I am a fair DM. For my tabletop group, I am the main DM, but I like to take my turn as a player as well.

MY Subscription End Time Dec 2010

Notes: Chosen is my first foray into a completely home-brewed campaign. Before this I have either been using written modules or official campaign settings.

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