Release Notes: V3.703 (August 31st, 2012)

The Broodmaster, aka 'The One Man Army'

The Ultimate Magic book suggests that this new Archetype could be usable for 'solo' adventuring by one player. With its ability to have multiple summoned creatures at the same time, it does appear that this archetype is a one-man army!! In any case, it is not realistic to 'add' multiple Eidolon sheets just to satisfy this [to say the least] original class. So if you need this class, you will have to use multiple instance of the Sheet to create the various Eidolons you want. This means you will need to make use of the Adj. boxes that are available on the Eidolon worksheet, to make the proper adjustments to your own Eidolon armies!

Ultimate Magic Additions

  • Added the new Eidolon 'Aquatic' base form
  • Added the new Evolutions
  • Added the new Summoner Archetypes:
    • Broodmaster
    • Evolutionist
    • Master Summoner
    • Synthesist
      • Added the Fused Eidolon LapTop ability


  • Added the Bite natural weapon from the Animal Fury Barbarian rage power
  • Added the Show the Negative HPs before death option on the FRONT worksheet, which will show how many negative HPs the PC has before death


  • The Greater Mercy feat was complaining about the missing Mercy ability (which was not missing)
  • Both the Purity Judgment and the Resiliency Judgment would not appear in the Laptop list if the Protection Judgment has been selected
  • Changed the TOS Orc theme font from Sherwood to Calibri
  • The Gloves of Dueling were not adding the bonus from the Weapon Training ability
  • The Masterwork Backpack was having an effect on Lift and Drag weights
  • The Fight Defensively condition was not working properly when using the Crane Style/Crane Riposte feats
  • The Life Conduit (Greater) and Life Conduit (Improved) were not at the correct [Summoner] spell level
  • The Minor Magic Rogue (P) ability was allowing for casting 2 times per day instead of 3 times per day
  • The Rogue (P) with the minor magic ability could not select spells on the Spell Planners
  • The Shield Ally (Ex) ability of the Summoner (P) was not being shown (at 4th to 11th level) on the Back worksheet
  • The Adjust the max nbr of characters/line by this amount (currently = 77) option was locked
  • The Shieldsplitter Lance was missing the 'keen' ability
  • The Spell Resistance of the Holy Avenger sword was not set with Pathfinder Paladins


Release Notes: V3.700 (August 2nd, 2012)


Over a year ago, a user posted a suggestion which would allow the users to 'skin' The Sheet - meaning they could change the look of The Sheet. I loved the idea, but I knew it could not be added since I was on the limit of Excel 2003 (and earlier version) capabilities. But now, with old version of Excel no longer supported, I am able to add such ideas; This update finally allow users to change the color/font scheme, to create their own personal version of the sheet!! Instructions on using Themes are available on the wiki, Here. I also added a "Themes" Forum Section if you wish to share any of your custom theme creations!

I would like to thank Mr. Andrew C. for his excellent suggestion, which he supported with sample code to show me the way to Skinning The Sheet!


The INFO section on the BACK worksheet will now handle long line of text without requiring the usual line feeds previously required. This was made necessary because of themes: It is possible to assign a NEW font type and size to that section. If this font is larger then the initial font used, then the wrapping would be completely off.

Custom class SHOULD NOT use the 'CRT', CRTs, CRTss named cells to insert manual line feeds due to length (unless you really need these in your formulas). If you use a long line of text within a formula, simply add a "&" to concatenate long lines that exceeds 255 characters. You can add as many "&" as required to beak down a long line of text within a formula.

="Shield Ally (Ex): If within your Eidolonís reach, gain +2 shield bonus to"&CRT&" Armor Class and a +2 circumstance bonus on saves"&CRB&"These bonus does not apply if the Eidolon is grappled, helpless,"&CRTs&"paralyzed, stunned, or unconscious"

Shield Ally (Ex): If within your Eidolonís reach, gain +2 shield bonus to your AC and a +2 circumstance bonus on saves. These bonus do not apply if the Eidolon is grappled, helpless, paralyzed, stunned, or unconscious

Note that lines of text using the Bullets (CRB) or the Empty Bullets (CRTeB) will be indented automatically do be aligned with these!


Jeffrey (Jeffk88 on the forum) has created a function that can take one existing (stock) class and copy it into one of the custom class slots! This will make creating archetypes much easier for everyone! He also shared his home brewed functions, which I added in TOS+. The documentation for these is available in the Advanced User Guide. Thanks for sharing this Jeffrey!!


  • Added 2 new Worksheets
    • Themes (allows users to change the current theme)
    • ThemeData (contains the colors/fonts/sizes to apply)
  • Added pre-defined Color Schemes:
    • Default
    • Black & White (to save Ink when printing)
    • Cold Blue
    • TOS Orc (based on The Sheet's own logo colors)
    • Andrew's Idea (in honor of the user who proposed Themes)
  • Added the ability to create a custom Theme and buttons to:
    • Load a Theme from file
    • Save a Theme to file
    • Clear the custom Theme
  • Added the "Themes" button on the Control worksheet to access Themes
  • Added a 'Theme' page in the Documentation to explain Themes
  • Added a new option on the BACK sheet: (Adjust the max nbr of characters per line)
  • Added a "DMG" button on the laptop sheet to apply damage or non-lethal damage
  • Added a new option on the Control worksheet: 'Hide duplicate spell names. Ex: Resist Energy (cold)': allows you to hide the spells that are duplicate of existing spells. This is most useful when you are creating or printing a spell list, and need just the 'base' spell, and not all of its variations
  • Added the ability to 'fetch' an existing class into one of the first three custom class slots
  • Added the Flail weapon, which is identical to the Light Flail


  • The character used to display the 'empty bullet' has been replaced by something more usable (a small bullet)
  • Modified the LapTop worksheet to use more screen width
  • Removed the 'Display additional debug information' option on the Control sheet
  • Moved the Light Flail's weapon family to Flail instead of 'Light Flail'
  • Extended the named ranges of the Power Data tables to encompass the new area for custom powers
  • Removed the tSel_BackLang2 and tSel_BackLang3 named cells: The sheet will handle language wrapping (use a white space with or without commas to delimit your language list)


  • Fixed the natural attack broken in v3.667 (it was using Dex instead of Str)
  • The D&D3.5 Belt, Monkís was allowed in Pathfinder; it will be allowed only if you allow 3.5 items in your Pathfinder game (note that it was replaced to the Robe, Monk's in Pathfinder
  • The Clear Class button was not clearing the Archetype Base Class box
  • The Nodachi weapon had an incorrect description
  • Added the named range for the new Spell Slot adjustment in Spell Planner #1
  • The fearless halfling conditional ability was missing the plus sign

Release Notes: V3.667 (June 20th, 2012)

CHANGES in REQUIREMENTS: TRY as I might, I have been unable to make this latest version of the Sheet work on the Excel 2003 versions because of its limitations regarding the number of cell formats it supports. I am coming to the conclusion that the sheet has surpassed the limitations of Excel 2003 (and older) as those ancient versions are not equipped with the necessary power to handle TOS+. So starting with this update, the minimum requirements for TOS+ will be Excel 2007 or newer versions.

Design Notes:

In this big update, the new Magus archetypes from both Ultimate books have been added, as well as the new Oracle Mysteries from Ultimate Magic. The missing equipment from Ultimate Combat is now accounted for!
Happy Gaming!


Ultimate Combat Additions

  • Added the following Ultimate Combat equipment:
    • Bronze Age weapons
    • Eastern Weapons
    • Stone Age weapons
    • Specific Firearm Ammunition
    • Wondrous Items
  • Added the Magus Archetypes:
    • Kensai
    • Myrmidarch
    • Skirnir
    • Soul Forger
    • Added these LapTop enabled abilities for the Magus Archetypes
      • Canny Defense (Kensai)

Ultimate Magic Additions

  • Added the new Oracle Mysteries: Ancestor, Dark Tapestry, Metal, Time and Wood
  • Added the Magus Archetypes:
    • Bladebound
      • Added the Black Blade as a selectable weapon (only for Bladebound)
    • Hexcrafter
      • Added the Hex Arcana Magus Arcana to allow the Hexcrafter to use replace his magus arcana by a Hex
      • Assumed that the 'Bestow Curse' spell is at level 3 for the Hexcrafter (this was not specified in the rules at writing time)
    • Spellblade
      • Added these Spellblade specific weapons:
        • Force Athame +1
        • Force Athame +2
        • Force Athame +3
        • Force Athame +4
        • Force Athame +5
    • Staff Magus
    • Added these LapTop enabled abilities for the Magus Archetypes
      • Black Blade Strike (Bladebound)
      • Quarterstaff Defense (Staff Magus)


  • Added the Level for Hex effect
  • Added the Number of Witch Hex effect
  • Added the Blowgun to the weapon table, and the Blowgun Dart and Blowgun Dart (Mwk) to the Ammunition table


  • Doubled the table size for Custom Powers
  • Modified the Attack table to support the 'Sword and Pistol' feat: Allow two-weapon fighting with a melee weapon and a ranged weapon
  • The Witch Hex selection list on the customize worksheet will not display any 'gaps' between Hex names; the names have been moved to a dynamic table
  • Expanded the description of Arcane Bond (when bonded with an object) for the Wizard


  • Fixed the level at which an Oracle gains his bonus spell (which was incorrect for some bonus spells)
  • Tweaked these types for pathfinder changes from D&D3.5: Aberration, Construct, Monstrous Humanoid, Ooze, Outsider
  • The Shared Wrath spell was showing an Excel error in the description
  • The Reduce the Armor Check penalty by XX text in the Info section for classes with the Armor Training (Ex) ability was showing the wrong value at some levels (although the correct value was used in the Armor check penalty computations)
  • Dagger weapons were not displaying/giving the conditional Sleight of Hand bonus to hide a dagger on oneself
  • On the LapTop sheet in Pathfinder mode, Death was reported at -10 HPs (D&D3.5), instead of Pathfinder's 'minus Con score' HPs
  • The bonus damage from the Gun Training (Ex) class ability of the Gunslinger was not being applied to the selected firearms
  • The Way of the Bow (Ex) ability for a 6th+ level Zen Archer was not showing the check in the Feat table to show that the Weapon Specialization feat met the prerequisites
  • Some APG Monk Archetypes were giving levels for Stunning Fist even though that bonus feat was replaced for these classes
  • The Improved Monster Lore or Exploit Lore were unable to detect when a class had the Monster Lore ability (Inquisitor class) for their feat prerequisites

Release Notes: V3.664 (May 17th, 2012)

Design Notes:

User TrashCanMan posted a nice suggestion and backed it up with a AWESOME donation pledge! Since I couldn't refuse such an offer, I went did some remodeling of the LapTop worksheet: As per his request, I added a HEAL button which can be used to apply healing to a wounded character.

I designed it so that if you are using a formula to track your damage (like =4+2+7), then the HEAL will continue your formula to apply the healing amount (i.e. if you gain 3 HPs healing, your formula will become =4+2+7-3). If you do not use a formula and do the Math yourself, then the Damage will be reduced by the healing amount. Non-lethal damage will be healed at the same rate as normal damage.

This update features the Ranger Archetypes of the Ultimate Combat book. Once again, I stumbled upon more Errors in the Ultimate Combat book, specifically with the Wild Stalker (Ranger Archetype). Although reported on Paizo's forum, these errors were not subject to an errata at design time, so I may need to review this if one [errata] comes out for the class.

As always, please report any problems in the Gremlins! [TOS+ Issues] section of the community forum - Enjoy!


Ultimate Combat Additions

  • Added the Ranger Archetypes:
    • Battle Scout
    • Deep Walker
    • Falconer
    • Trophy Hunter
    • Warden
    • Wild Stalker
    • Added these LapTop enabled abilities for the Ranger Archetypes
      • Adv Terrain (Battle Scout)


  • Added a smart HEAL button on the LapTop worksheet


  • The Rogue Talents names have been moved to a dynamic table that will display only valid talents, and no 'empty' talent name


  • Favored Terrains were not being displayed for APG Ranger Archetypes
  • Using the longbow and the composite longbow with the Weapon Training ability (with Bows) would cause a doubling of the bonus
  • The 'Ablative Barrier' pathfinder spell was missing its spell components
  • Updated the Tetori Monk progression feats as per Paizo's Errata
  • The 'Barbarian Rage Powers' quick link on the Customize worksheet was not being highlighted for Barbarian Archetypes
  • The Class name for Spell Book #6 (in the SpellBooks2 worksheet) was not being saved with the character
  • The 'Dragon's Breath' spell was using 'acid' for all versions of the spell
  • The "All Movement Speed" effect was causing issues with the Fly maneuverability
  • The 11th level Paladin (P) Mount was not gaining the Magical Beast type
  • The penalty for an improper weapon (size wise) was not being applied correctly for weapons defined in the Single attack mode

Release Notes: V3.661 (April 25th, 2012)

This update features the new Samurai base class, and the Monk Archetypes

Design Notes:

  1. The Mystic Wisdom (Su) ability of the Sensei monk archetype says that it replaces the bonus feats at level 6th, 12th and 18th. Yet, Monks get bonus feats at 6th, 10th, 14th and 18th level instead. This was included in the UC errata thread on Paizo's Forum, yet they have not fixed this bug. I will be assuming that this ability replaces ALL the feats from 6th level and higher. I will have to re-visit this once Paizo has officially fixed it.
  2. The Mystic Wisdom (Su) ability of the Sensei monk archetype can grant to allies abilities (like evasion, fast movement) that the Sensei does not even have himself...!
  3. The Tetori monk archetype is supposed to gain the Crushing Embrace feat at 2nd level, the Twin Lock at 10th level, and the Backbreaker feat at 18th level. Unfortunately, none of these feats are defined anywhere...!! I used <unknown> until the Errata comes out

Ultimate Combat Additions

  • Added the Samurai base class
  • Added the Monk Archetypes:
    • Flowing Monk
    • Maneuver Master
    • Martial Artist
    • Master of Many Styles
    • Sensei
    • Sohei
    • Tetori
    • Added these LapTop enabled abilities for the Monk Archetypes
      • Flowing Dodge (Flowing Monk)
      • Exploit Weakness (weak point) (Martial Artist)
      • Exploit Weakness (mvt) (Martial Artist)
      • Ki Weapon (Sohei)


  • Added a progress bar for Spell List creation
  • Added error-checking in Spell list code
  • Added the Order Level effect, which is used to keep track of the level used for Cavalier/Samurai Order


  • In the gear, the "Smoked goggles" were misspelled as "Smoked googles"
  • The Perfect Self ability of Pathfinder Monks now uses DR10/Chaotic instead of D&3.5's DR10/Magic
  • The 'Quivering Palm (Su)' ability of the Pathfinder Monk was using 1/week (as in D&D3.5) instead of the updated 1/day for Pathfinder
  • The weapon 'Longsword, Cold Iron Masterwork' was not getting its masterwork bonus to attacks

Release Notes: V3.655 (April  11th, 2012)

This update features the new Bard Archetypes and Fighter Archetypes presented in the Ultimate Combat book. I also added an option in the Control worksheet to allow Pathfinder players to 'remove' the D&D3.5 items that did not make it in the official Core Rulebook (like the Gauntlets of Ogre power). I made this into an option as my own gaming group allows the 3.5 items in our Pathfinder campaign - but if yours don't, then you now have a way to turn them 'off'.

Design Notes:

  • Should the Dervish Dancer (Archetype) gain the Inspire Competence (Su) ability? I feel he should not, but this is not clearly stated in the rules... I left it in, until an errata fixes this.
  • The Battle Insight (Ex) ability of the Tactician Fighter Archetype does not list a replacement ability - I assume this is an errata and it should replace Armor Training 4, like the other 15th level abilities

Ultimate Combat Additions

  • Added these Bard Archetypes:
    • Archaeologist
    • Daredevil
    • Dervish Dancer
    • Added these LapTop enabled abilities for the Bard Archetypes
      • Archaeologist's Luck
      • Derring-do (Daredevil)
      • Leaf on the Wind (Derv Dncr)
  • Added these Fighter Archetypes:
    • Armor Master
    • Brawler
    • Cad
    • Dragoon
    • Gladiator
    • Tactician
    • Thunderstriker
    • Tower Shield Specialist
    • Unarmed Fighter
    • Unbreakable
    • Added these LapTop enabled abilities for the Fighter Archetypes
      • Payback (Cad)
      • Battle Insight (Tactician)


  • Added the "Allow the items of D&D3.5 in Pathfinder mode" option in the Control worksheet; when turned OFF, the D&D3.5 items will not show up in Pathfinder mode
  • Added the Max Dex from Shield effect


  • The Battle Rage ability of the Pathfinder Blood Subdomain was showing an extra 'false'
  • When changing the rule set to D&D3.5, the back feat list was not set correctly
  • The Pathfinder 'Belt of Giant Strength +2' was still showing in D&D3.5 mode.
  • The Superstition (Ex) rage power was adding a permanent bonus instead of a conditional bonus
  • The class skills for the Gunslinger (P) class were not set correctly
  • The 'Stand Still' feat was defined as both a D&D3.5 Psionic Feat, and a Pathfinder core rule book feat
  • Rogue Talent entry in the Customize worksheet was not highlighted for APG Rogue Archetypes


Release Notes: V3.650 (March  28th, 2012)

Another update with more Ultimate stuff - mostly Ultimate Combat, with the addition of a new base class: The Gunsligner! The firearms are also in, so you can start using your grit!
Note that since the Ultimate Combat book does not specify a weight for a
dose of Black Powder, nor for any of the Cartridges. I assigned best guess for those.

Ultimate Combat Additions

  • Added the Gunslinger base class
    • Added a Grit Points Tracker to track Grit usage on the Laptop sheet
    • Added 'Deed: Gunslinger Initiative' as a selectable effect for Dynamic Play
  • Added the Eastern Armors
  • Added the Advanced Firearms
  • Added the Early Firearms
  • Added the Firearms Ammunition
  • Added the Firearm Gear
  • Added the Gladiator Weapons

Ultimate Magic Additions

  • Added the Monk Vows as 'traits' that can be selected in the Feat table


  • Added the 'Channel Energy Class' effect to denote (count) a class with the Channel Energy feature
  • Added the 'b_MultiClassChannel' boolean to denote if a Character has more then one source for the Channel Energy feature


  • As per Paizo's FAQ clarification (ref #1, ref #2), the Channel Energy class feature will no longer stack together when granted by more then one class


  • The Pathfinder archetype Zen Archer was missing a feat in the feat count.
  • The Pathfinder version of the Dismissal spell was still showing the special save for D&D3.5

Release Notes: V3.640 (March  16th, 2012)

All right!

With this update, all the feats of both Ultimate books are in the sheet!! I also did a nice cleanup of the feat table, which will greatly facilitate the selection of feats from specific sections (i.e. like Metamagic, grit, item creation, teamwork etc..). I also separated the feats from D&D3.5 from those in Pathfinder, to avoid any cross overs. Finally, another batch of reported bugs were squashed! Enjoy.

Ultimate Magic Additions

  • Added 110 feats from the Ultimate Magic book


  • Added the spell slot cost for all Metamagic feats
  • Added the ability to modify the standard progression for multiple attacks gained from higher Base Attack
  • Added the ability to manually adjust the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Base Attacks
  • Added the Dragon Disciple Bite weapon for the Dragon Disciple class


  • The Pathfinder Core Feats were split into Core, Item Creation and Metamagic
  • The APG Feats were split into Core, Metamagic and Teamwork
  • The Ultimate Combat Feats were split into Core, Grit, Performance, Combat Style and Teamwork
  • The Ultimate Magic Feats were split into Core, Metamagic and Teamwork
  • The Pathfinder traits were split into various sub-sections
  • Expanded the description of the Epic Tales (Su) ability of the Pathfinder Chronicler


  • A Buckler (in Pathfinder) is half the weight than its D&D3.5 counterpart
  • In Pathfinder mode, the Dragon Bite was not using the x1.5 Strength bonus
  • The Blight spell was missing the target
  • The Protective Ward (Su) ability of the Abjuration school was fixed to last 1 round, instead of lasting 'Int bonus' rounds
  • The Claw power of the Abyssal and Draconis Bloodlines were tagged as (Ex) instead of (Su)
  • The Shark, Snake Constrictor, and Snake Viper animal companions were missing Low-Light Vision
  • The APG's Ectoplasmic Spell (Metamagic) was missing
  • The Pathfinder weapon group of the quarterstaff was incorrect
  • The Smite Evil ability that you could activate on the Laptop sheet was missing
  • Persistent Spell was defined in both the APG and in the SRD
  • The Psionic Talent feat had an incorrect prerequisite description
  • The "Using Improvised tools" message was displayed (even if you have thieves tools) when the "hide gear" option was selected on the Stats worksheet
  • From errata: Removed the 'Must be elf or half-elf' requirement for the Arcane Archer (P)

Release Notes: V3.631 (February 14th, 2012)

Working on the Ultimate Combat book, I can't help to notice the large number of errors in the book - most of which have been reported to Paizo's forum, but has yet to be migrated to their Ultimate Combat FAQ list. This makes it even harder to implement stuff, as I stumble upon these errors and waste time trying to determine the correct rule. As I write this, I see only 7 entries in their FAQ, yet there are hundreds of Posts in the ULTIMATE COMBAT ERRATA thread. What this means it that I will most likely concentrate more on the Ultimate Magic book, which seems to have been focused on more than the Ultimate Combat. This will give time to Paizo to fix the errors in Combat. Exception to this will be the User Requests.

Style Feats: The Ultimate Combat has a new type of feat called a 'Style feat'. As a swift action, you can enter the stance employed by the fighting style, which then gives various bonuses based on the Style. To use the stance of a style feat, Laptop users can simply activate the style on the Laptop sheet to have the effects of the style applied. The list of available styles is picked up from the Feat table, so any Style Feats selected there will be 'selectable' on the Laptop worksheet.

Ultimate Combat Additions

  • Added 256 feats from the Ultimate Combat book


  • New effects added:
    • Bane Rounds per Day : For the total number of rounds available for the Bane ability
    • Grit Points: For the [maximum] number of Grit points available
    • Stunning Fist Effects Level Adj: Increases the level only for the additional effects that can be applied to Stunning Fists
  • New named cells added:
    • b_StyleName: Boolean indicating if a particular Style is active [on the Laptop worksheet] or not. 'Name' is one of: Boar, Crane, Djinni, Dragon, Earth Child, Efreeti, Janni, Kirin, Mantis, Marid, Monkey, Panther, Shaitan, Snake, Snapping Turtle, Tiger
  • Added the Craft (siege weapon) skill (Pathfinder only)


  • Disabling the zoom feature will re-enable the scroll bars


  • The Spell Resistance of the Paladin't Mount (D&D3.5) was displayed prematurely
  • The Command creatures of its kind ability of the Paladinís Mount was given 1 level too early
  • The Improved speed of The Paladinís Mount (D&D3.5) was given 1 level too early
  • The Natural Armor Adj. entry in the Paladin's Mount (D&D3.5) was incorrect (this had no impact on the Mount's total AC)
  • The Dragon Age Category for Dragons was using the character level, instead of just using the number of racial HD
  • The Bonus feat at 9th level was not counted correctly for the Wolf Shaman (P)
  • The "All Gear" selection in the Quick Pick button on the Laptop sheet was not listing the gear
  • The Sidestep Secret revelation was not adjusting the Flat-foot AC properly
  • Added a missing link for the Antipaladin Fiendish Boon in the Customize worksheet
  • The Sort feature on Laptop worksheet was not sorting the number column properly
  • The Feather Fall spell was mis-tagged as a free action instead of an immediate action
  • Oracles with the Deaf curse were showing the conditional bonus to Perception at 1st level instead of 5th level
  • Oracles with the Battle Mystery were not being shown the bonus feats at 8th and 12th levels granted by Weapon Mastery (Ex)
  • The Natural combat style of the Ranger (from the APG) was listing 'Eldritch Fangs' as a bonus feat - which does not [currently] exists in the rules. Changed to 'Eldritch Claws instead.
  • The new Quick Pick (TreeView) control was allowing users to 'edit' the text
  • The Pole Fighting (Ex) ability was not reducing the penalty for higher levels in Polearm Master (P) on the Back worksheet. The 'Pole Fighting' Laptop effect was also missing this reduction

Release Notes: V3.620 (January 12th, 2012)

All right!

I have started work on adding the content of the 'ultimate' books. In this update, you will find the Spells for both these books added. As a bonus, I also added the new Magus base class while I was at it: I figured a lot of people want to play that Class. And of course the obligatory bug fixes.

As always, please report bugs on the Forum, in the Gremlin section.



Ultimate Combat Additions

  • Added the 147x Spells
  • Added the 19x new Magus Arcana

Ultimate Magic Additions

  • Added the 230x Spells
  • Added the Magus (P) base class
    • including the 20x Magus Arcana


  • Added the 'Character Level Adjustment' effect to adjust the Character Level
  • Added the 'Level Fighter Feats Req' effect to tally total fighter levels used to determine Feats requirements


  • Improved the description of the Two-Weapon Rend feat


  • The Roughrider (P) archetype was not tallying the correct number of feats
  • The Favored enemy of the Shapeshifter (P) archetype was not set correctly
  • Zen Archers were still showing the 'purity of body' ability
  • The Inquisitor justice, protection, purity and resiliency judgements were using a 3 level progression instead of a 5 level one
  • Spells from the APG were not being assigned to the Oracle class
  • When either resetting the character or changing the rule set, the Skill list was using the old list name, thus not showing the skill in the drop-down
  • Fixed typos in the Drow and Svirfneblin description for resistance
  • Fixed a typo in the description of the Step Up pathfinder feat
  • The Flare Burst APG spell was missing level data and school
  • Archetype Rangers (P) were not showing all the available Combat Style feats
  • Custom Ammo was displayed instead of Custom Potions for the gear Quick Pick, potion section
  • Custom Gear was missing from the gear Quick Pick, gear section
  • Fixed a typo in the description for the Bomb (Frost) weapon


Release Notes: V3.610 (December 9th, 2011)

This is your Holiday Update of TOS+!!

As per the Poll results, I have significantly increased the usage of the Quick Pick buttons, one of which made its debut on the LapTop worksheet in version 3.603. These will now be available to facilitates entering many of the critical information on both the Front and the Back worksheets. Two area called "Quick Pick" have appeared in the off-print section of these worksheets. Since space was available on the Back worksheet, these buttons have also been made available near the area they affect. Unfortunately, users of the 64 bits version of Excel 2010 will not be able to use these as explained here, yet the sheet will still function correctly for everything else.

TOS+ Users are invited to participate in the TOS+ 2011 HOLIDAY DRAW !!

Happy Holidays!


  • Added Quick Pick buttons on the Front worksheet that allows to quickly pick:  
    • Class
    • Race
    • Skills
    • Weapons
  • Added Quick Pick buttons on the Back worksheet that allows to quickly pick:  
    • Armor
    • Feats
    • Gear
    • Magical Items Worn
    • Shield
  • Added the Witch (P) patrons from the Ultimate Magic book
  • Added the ability to define a custom Witch (P) patron
  • Added the ErrStart and ErrEnd named cells to denote the solid triangle used to frame the text used to report errors
  • Now displaying the complete list of Patron spells for the Witch (P) in the Info section on the back worksheet


  • Sub-Entries found in the Quick Pick on the LapTop sheet will be shown in alphabetical order
  • Increased the number of Custom ability slots from 6 to 20


  • The selected Witch(P) patron was not appearing on the Info section on the Back worksheet
  • The Crossbow Combat style for Rangers (P) was offering the Rapid Reload feat, instead of the more specific Rapid Reload: Hand/Heavy/Light Crossbow feats
  • The Bolt of Fire and Fire Lash weapons were being allowed to adjust their damage when their size changed
  • The Shapeshifter Ranger archetype was not showing the correct amount of bonus feats
  • For a Zen Archer, the Rapid Shot feat was not working when using FoB with a bow
  • SpellLists were sometimes adding blank lines in the listings (fixed by JeffK88)
  • The Breaker Barbarian archetype was missing its "Improved Uncanny Dodge" ability at level 4
  • Ranged weapons used in Flurry of Blows were not granting the damage bonus when using the Point Blank Shot feat
  • The Quicken Spell feat was using 'free' in the description, instead of 'swift'


Release Notes: V3.603 (Nov. 9th, 2011)

This new update uses the TreeView control to give a second method to select entries in the LapTop table - making this selection much faster than using the current Lists. Unfortunately, this new feature will not be accessible to users of 64-bits versions of Office, as Microsoft choose not to include those controls in 64-bits Excel (details)


  • Added the Treeview/Quick Pick button on the Laptop sheet to quickly find desired Laptop effects


  • Inactive effects on the Laptop worksheet will be tagged grey
  • Replaced the Effect Table buttons by Icons
  • Selecting the same active effect twice on the Laptop sheet will display both of them in red


  • The Pathfinder archetype Savage Warrior was missing its bonus on damage from Natural attacks
  • Weapon Familiarity was listed twice in the Half-Orc (P) race on the Back worksheet
  • Type in the description of the 'Locate Object' spell
  • The description for the 'Goggles of Minute Seeing' in D&D3.5 mode was incorrect

Release Notes: V3.602 (October 27th, 2011)


  • Integrated the Pathfinder version of the Divine Power spell
  • Added a button on the Spell Planners to 'search' online for the details of a particular spell
  • Added the Dhampir (P) race
  • Added more checking to avoid problems when loading non-English .tos files


  • Choosing a primary favored class other than the first class was not assigning the bonus skill points correctly
  • The Spiked Chain lost its status as a reach weapon in Pathfinder
  • The Natural [Pathfinder] weapons group was missing
  • Added the [Pathfinder] Natural weapon groups to unarmed Strike
  • Fire Bolt was tagged as (Su) instead of (Sp)
  • Broken by v3.600, the weapon size adjustment for slot #1 was fixed
  • In Pathfinder, the skeleton template was using the D&D3.5 base attack progression
  • A warning was missing when a Pathfinder Sorcerer did not select Eschew Materials as a bonus feat in the Feat Table
  • The Headband of Intellect was mistakenly disable in the 3.5 ruleset
  • It was possible to hide the Energy Resistances section even if the Character had one or more resistances
  • The Thunderstaff (Sp) ability from the Stormborn Sorcerer bloodline was not alloying for the minimum of 1 round
  • A conditional "+8 to Acrobatics" Pathfinder bonus for high base speed was shows in the Info section while using D&D3.5 mode

Release Notes: V3.601 (September 6th, 2011)


  • Added check marks to the Summoner's Bond sense and Twin Eidolon abilities
  • Integrated the Divine Transfer APG spell
  • Integrated the Hunter's Eye APG spell
  • Integrated the Hunter's Howl APG spell
  • Integrated the Nature's Exile APG spell
  • Integrated the Ward the Faithful APG spell
  • Integrated the Wrathful Mantle APG spell
  • Added a warning when a Pathfinder Loremaster still has secrets to choose
  • Added a warning when the Animal Companion is missing a feat due to advancement
  • Added the ExtractElement() function to facilitate sub-string extraction for Class/race creators


  • Upgraded the "Change Rule Set" window to use cool graphics
  • Replaced the TRUE/FALSE selections to check marks boxes
  • Reduced flickering when Hiding worksheets
  • Wondrous items exclusive to Pathfinder will not appear when the Sheet is set to D&D3.5 rule set
  • Since you can use the Laptop Sheet to track the duration of spells without effects, the 'No useful integration possible' text was replaced by the spell's short descriptions


  • The Paladin Archetypes (spell casters) were not being attributed the Paladin spell list
  • Inquisitor Judgement (Su) was using switf instead of swift in the description
  • Trapsense for 3.5 Rogues was broken by changes in the previous update
  • Weapon slot #1 was broken by changes in the previous update when used for Monk's Flurry of Blows
  • The "fire" ammunition button on the Laptop sheet were not being hidden when not in use (caused by the changes in the previous update)
  • The Weapon name for the weapon slots were not showing errors in usage (in red) because of changes in the previous update
  • Added the missing range increment effect for the Bomber's Eye extract
  • Fixed typo in the 'target' text for the 'Inflict Serious Wounds (Mass)' spell
  • The Veil of Positive Energy spell was missing its LapTop advice
  • The APG spell Marks of Forbiddance was misspelled as Mask of Forbiddance
  • The APG spell Thunderous Drums was misspelled as Thundering Drums
  • The APG spell Ward the Faithful was misspelled as Ward of the Faithful
  • The requirement for 3rd level divine spells was incorrect for the pathfinder Loremaster
  • Oracles with the Haunted curse were getting the Mage Armor spell instead of the Mage Hand spell
  • Some weapons with two types of damage were using an "&" instead of an "or"
  • Bomb Ammunition was not showing the 'FIRE" button on the Laptop worksheet

Release Notes: V3.600 (July 26th, 2011)


After almost a year of work, I am happy to present to you the latest 'official' release of the Sheet, with almost all the Advanced Player's Guide (APG) content!! Not only that, but also a ton of new stuff were added and fixed. Most noticeably, you will see that I modified the Weapon Slot layout on the Front worksheet, to better integrate ammunition for ranged weapons. Remember to use the conversion tool if you load a character made in TOS+ v3.421 or older, as columns were added to several tables.


Advanced Player's Guide SPECIFIC
  • Added the 66 clerical sub-domains
  • Added the 4 new Elemental Arcane Schools: Air, Earth, Fire and Water
    • LapTop selectable elemental ability: Earth Supremacy
  • Added the 16 new Focused Arcane Schools: Admixture, Banishment, Controller, Counterspell, Creation, Enhancement, Foresight, Generation, Life, Manipulator, Phantasm, Scryer, Shadow, Shapechange, Teleportation and Undead Schools
    • LapTop selectable school related ability: Augment (Enhancement School), Foretell (Foresight School), Perfection of Self (Enhancement School)
  • Added the ability to define Custom:
    • Alchemist: Discovery
    • Oracle: Curse, Mystery, Revelation
    • Witch: Hex, Major Hex and Grand Hex
    • Wizard: Arcane Schools
  • Added the 30 new Rogue Talents
  • Added the 12 new Advanced Rogue Talents
    • LapTop selectable talent: Offensive Defense
  • Applied the APG Errata Update 1.0 ó Release Date: 12/01/10
  • Added the New Combat Styles options for Ranger (P)
  • Added the Antipaladin (Alternate Class)
  • Added the 8x Prestige Classes: Battle Herald, Holy Vindicator, Horizon Walker, Master Chymist, Master Spy, Nature Warden, Rage Prophet, Stalwart Defender
    • LapTop selectable abilities for the Battle Herald: Inspire Hardiness, Keep Your Heads, Pincer Maneuver, Sound the Charge, Stand Firm, Teamwork, Tuck and Roll
    • LapTop selectable abilities for the Holy Vindicator: Stigmata, Vindicator's Shield
    • LapTop selectable abilities for the Horizon Walker: Horizon Walker vs Cold Crts, Horizon Walker vs Fire Crts, Horizon Walker vs Outsider
    • LapTop selectable abilities for the Master Chymist: Furious Mutagen, Growth Mutagen
    • LapTop selectable abilities for the Rage Prophet: Ragecaster
  • Added the Favored Class options for these races: Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-elf, Half-orc, Halfling and Human
  • Added these traits: Campaign Traits, Race Traits, Regional Traits, Religion Traits
    • Trait related LapTop selectable abilities Divine Warrior Trait, Undead Slayer Trait
  • Added the Racial Traits for Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-elf, Half-orc, Halfling
    • LapTop selectable abilities: Elf vs Dwarf/Orc, Gnome vs Aberrations, Gnome vs Ooze, Gnome vs Vermin
    • Added the Half-orc Toothy Bite natural weapon
  • Added the Alchemist class
    • Natural weapons for Alchemists with the Feral Mutagen ability: Alchemist Bite, Alchemist Claws
    • Weapons for Alchemists: Bomb, Bomb (Acid), Bomb (Concussive), Bomb (Fire), Bomb (Force), Bomb (Frost), Bomb (Shock)
    • LapTop selectable abilities: Feral Mutagen, Grand Mutagen, Greater Mutagen, Infuse Mutagen, Mutagen,True Mutagen
    • Note: According to the rules, many of the Alchemist abilities are based on the Intelligence modifier instead of the Intelligence bonus. This does not take into account negative Intelligence (like from the Touch of Idiocy spell). To avoid negative bonuses, a minimum of 1 has been assumed in cases where a negative result is illogical
  • Added the Cavalier class
    • LapTop selectable abilities from the Cavalier class: Banner (Cavalier)
    • LapTop selectable abilities for various Orders Act as One, Aid Allies, Braggart, Challenge, Calling, Challenge, For the Faith, For the King, Knight's Challenge, Lion's Call, Shield of the Liege,Retribution, Strategy
  • Added the Inquisitor class
    • The [updated, see notes below] Slayer ability can be applied for any of the Judgments on the Laptop sheet
    • LapTop selectable Judgments: Destruction, Healing, Justice, Piercing, Protection, Purity, Resiliency, Resistance (acid,cold,elect.,fire,sonic), Smiting
      • All the Inquisitor's Judgments can selected on the Laptop Sheet even if some of these do not have any integrate effects; this is to allow you to easily track which Judgments your Inquisitor is currently applying when you play Dynamically!
      • The Slayer ability of the Inquisitor is incorrect and was corrected by the lead designed of Pathfinder in this post. The sheet uses this updated fix.
  • Added the Oracle class
    • LapTop selectable Revelations: Air Barrier, Armor of Bones, Battlecry, Coat of Many Stars, Ice Armor, Wings of Air, Revelation: Wings of Fire
    • Note: For the Tongues Curse, select your bonus language(s) in the Language section on the Back sheet
  • Added the Summoner class
    • Created a new Sheet to support the Summoner: the Eidolon sheet
    • LapTop selectable abilities: Greater Shield Ally, Shield Ally
  • Added the Witch class
    • Added the Ward Hex (Witch) LapTop selectable ability
    • Added the 6 new Familiars: Centipede, Fox, Greensting Scorpion, King Crab, Octopus, Scarlet Spider
  • Added these Archetypes
    • BARD-based: Arcane Duelist, Archivist, Court Bard, Detective, Magician, Sandman, Savage Skald, Sea Singer, and Street Performer
    • BARBARIAN-based: Breaker, Brutal Pugilist, Drunken Brute, Elemental Kin, Hurler, Invulnerable Rager, Mounted Fury, Savage Barbarian, Superstitious, Totem Warrior
      • LapTop selectable APG Rage Powers Reckless Abandon, Witch Hunter
      • Added the 48 new Rage Powers
    • DRUID-based: Aquatic Druid, Arctic Druid, Blight Druid, Cave Druid, Desert Druid, Jungle Druid, Mountain Druid, Plains Druid, Swamp Druid, and Urban Druid. And these animal shamans: Bear Shaman, Eagle Shaman, Lion Shaman, Serpent Shaman, or Wolf Shaman
      • The Arctic Native (Ex) ability of the Arctic Druid (P) has been tied to the Cold terrain of the Laptop Sheet
      • The Desert Native (Ex) ability of the Desert Druid (P) has been tied to the Desert terrain of the Laptop Sheet
      • The Jungle Guardian (Ex) ability of the Jungle Druid (P) has been tied to the Jungle terrain of the Laptop Sheet
      • The Mountaineer (Ex) ability of the Mountain Druid (P) has been tied to the Mountain terrain of the Laptop Sheet
      • The Plains Traveler (Ex) ability of the Plains Druid (P) has been tied to the Plains terrain of the Laptop Sheet
      • The Marshwight (Ex) ability of the Swamp Druid (P) has been tied to the Swamp terrain of the Laptop Sheet
      • LapTop selectable abilities for the Animal Shaman (Druid) Archetypes: Totem Transformation for: Bear, Eagle, Lion, Serpent and Wolf
      • LapTop selectable abilities for the Wild Shape ability of the Animal Shaman (Druid) Archetypes: Wild Shape: Form of a Bear, Wild Shape: Form of a Canine, Wild Shape: Form of a Eagle, Wild Shape: Form of a Feline, Wild Shape: Form of a Snake
    • MONK-based: Drunken Master, Hungry Ghost Monk, Ki Mystic, Monk of the Empty Hand, Monk of the Four Winds, Monk of the Healing Hand, Monk of the Lotus, Monk of the Sacred Mountain, Weapon Adept, Zen Archer
      • LapTop selectable abilities for Monk Archetypes: Iron Limb Defense, Vow of Silence (Broken)
      • Note: Vow of Silence (Broken) allows you to actively 'disable' the bonus granted by that ability, if your Monk has a big mouth!
    • FIGHTER-based: Archer, Crossbowman, Free Hand Fighter, Mobility Fighter, Phalanx Fighter, Polearm Master,Roughrider, Shielded Fighter, Two Hand Fighter, Two-Weapon Warrior, Weapon Master
      • LapTop selectable abilities for Fighter Archetypes: Active Defense, Greater Power Attack, Improved Balance, Leaping Attack, Mounted Mettle, Overhand Chop, Perfect Balance, Pole Fighting, Polearm Training, Ready Pike, Savage Charge, Singleton, Steadfast Pike
      • Note: The Roughrider archetype has 2 abilities that replace the 'same' Fighter ability...I am not sure if this is intended or not and posted about it here on Paizo's site.
    • PALADIN-based: Divine Defender, Hospitaler, Sacred Servant, Shining Knight, Undead Scourge, and Warrior of the Holy Light
      • LapTop selectable abilities for Paladin Archetypes: Shared Defense (Divine Defender), Nimbus of Light (WotHL)
      • RANGER-based: Beast Master, Guide, Horse Lord, Infiltrator, Shapeshifter, Skirmisher, Spirit Ranger,Urban Ranger
        • LapTop selectable abilities for Ranger Archetypes: 45x Adaptations for the Infiltrator, 4x Favored Community, 6x Forms of the Shapeshifter, Ranger's Focus
      • ROGUE-based: Acrobat, Burglar, Cutpurse, Investigator, Poisoner, Rake, Scout, Sniper, Spy, Swashbuckler, Thug, and Trapsmith
      • SORCERER Bloodlines: Aquatic, Boreal, Deepearth, Dreamspun, Protean, Serpentine, Shadow, Starsoul, Stormborn, and Verdant Bloodlines
        • Note: The Den of Vipers (Sp) ability of the Serpentine bloodline does not (at writing time) defines how many times it can be used per day. I have set it to be usable 1/day, until Paizo fixes this bug, which I reported here.
    • Added the 164 new Feats
      • These feats can be activated on the LapTop Sheet: Bloody Assault, Coordinated Defense, Coordinated Maneuvers, Dazing Assault, Fight On, Focused Shot, Outflank, Shield of Swings, Shield Wall, Shielded Caster, Sociable (and the Sociable (from Ally) ability for the others), Stunning Assault
    • Added the 4 new specific ammunitions 
    • Added the new Armor/Gear/Weapon of the APG
      • Notes: The Flight Arrow will automatically adjust the weapon's size category one size lower, to take into account the reduction of damage these arrows do. As such, the weapon on the Front sheet will show as one category smaller then its actual size
    • Added the 17 new specific armors and integrated the 'Folding Plate' armor on the Laptop sheet 
    • Added the 7 new Magical Rings
    • Added the 14 new Rods
    • Added the 2 new specific shields 
    • Added the 255 new Spells
      • Fiery Body: This spell says you are immune to Electricity, then go on to say you take half damage from Electricity. In TOS+, I went for the half damage instead of the electricity immunity
    • Added the 17 new Staffs
    • Added the 11 new specific weapons 
    • Added the 56 new Wondrous Items
      • Boots of Friendly Terrain: The 11 variety of these boots are available and integrated with the Favored Terrain ability of the Ranger
      • Knight's Pennon: The 3 variety of these pennons can be activated on the Laptop Sheet
      • Lord's Banner (Victory): This specific banner can be activated on the Laptop Sheet
      • Mask of Giants (Lesser): The 5 variety of this mask can be activated on the Laptop Sheet
      • Moon Circlet: The 4 variety of this circlet can be activated on the Laptop Sheet depending on the phase of the Moon.


    • Added the Level for Mercy effect to support Paladin archetypes without the Mercy class feature
    • Integrated the Boots of Friendly Terrain with the Environment box on the Laptop sheet


    • Changed how the Boots of Friendly Terrain works: You can now select the plane/terrain in the customize sheet

NON-Advanced Player's Guide SPECIFIC


  • Added the Inspire Greatness (Bard) activatable ability on the Laptop sheet
  • Added the ability to define five custom Rogue talents
  • Added the Temporary Hit Points special condition, used to add Temp. HPs on the spot
  • Added the weaponname Special Damage effect, to assign special damage on a custom weapon
  • Added the Cold terrain as a selectable terrain on the Laptop Sheet
  • Added the Jungle terrain as a selectable terrain on the Laptop Sheet
  • Added the Swamp terrain as a selectable terrain on the Laptop Sheet
  • Added the ClassName Spell List effect, to assign an existing spell list to a custom class
  • Added the weaponname Damage Die Adj effect
  • Integrated the Throw Anything feat to apply that +1 bonus to Bombs and Flasks
  • Added the Conditional Initiative effect
  • Added the aligned planes and the elemental planes as choices for the Ranger (P)'s favored terrain ability
  • Added a Conditional CMB bonus from the Weapon Finesse feat when using a finesse weapon
  • Added the Aided by Another (Skill) Laptop condition
  • Added the Profession: Soldier-p skill
  • Integrated the Combat Casting feat for Pathfinder
  • Added the Concentration Check pathfinder tracker, used to display the concentration checks for all casting classes on the Laptop sheet
  • Added the Ability Score Increase effect which allows control ever the standard progression of Ability Score Increases
  • Added the Darkvision60 racial ability, to grant Darkvision (Ex) 60' to a race
  • Added the Low Light Vision racial ability, to grant Low-light vision (Ex) to a race
  • Added the PE_LevelMonk named cell, linked to the Level Monk effect, which tallied levels in the Monk Class
  • Added the Damage Type string effect
  • Added the Range Increment effect
  • Added the Cover, Improved Cover and Partial Cover combat conditions
  • Added the Number of Wpn Training Group effect to better support Fighter Archetypes
  • Added the PE_LevelFighter named cell, linked to the Level Fighter effect, which tallied levels in the Fighter Class (useful for Feat Prerequisites 'reserved' for Fighters)
  • Added an option to turn ON/OFF the content of the APG
  • Added a new display option on the Back Sheet: SHOW the Concentration check for Casters
  • Added a new display option on the Back Sheet: SHOW the Racial Traits even if already integrated
  • Added the All Arcane Caster Level (Spell Effects) effect
  • Added the All Divine Caster Level (Spell Effects) effect
  • Added the All Mental Ability Scores effect to modify all mental attributes (INT/WIS/CHA)
  • Added the All Physical Ability Scores effect to modify all physical attributes (STR/DEX/CON)
  • Added the Bloodline Level effect to track the Sorcerer's level for Bloodline powers
  • Added the Features (Misc) effect to add misc. features to a Character
  • Added the Extra Bombs effect to allow an Alchemist to throw more bombs!
  • Added the Extra Discoveries effect to allow an Alchemist to throw more bombs!
  • Added the Extra Hexes effect to allow a Witch to have more Hexes
  • Added the Extra Rage Powers effect to allow Barbarians more rage powers
  • Added the Extra Revelations effect to allow an Oracle to have more Revelations
  • Added the Extra Rogue Talents effect to allow a Rogue to gain more talents
  • Added the Fly Speed (Perfect/Good/Average/Poor/Clumsy) effects to handle flight in a single effect
  • Added the Lifesense (Su) effect to allow for creatures with this type of sense
  • Added the Not Slowed by Armor effect to avoid being slowed by wearing any armor
  • Added the Size Override effect which overrides the Racial Size
  • Added the STR,DEX,CON string effect which allows you to set (within a single effect) the 3 physical abilities with different values
  • Added the INT,WIS,CHA string effect which allows you to set (within a single effect) the 3 mental abilities with different values
  • Added the Type Override LapTop selectable ability that can be used to override the Type and Sub-type
  • Added the Trained Skill effect which, using the string type, allows you to define a skill as Trained
  • Added the new b_IsQuadruped named cell which indicates if the Character is Quadruped or not
  • Added the new CRT, CRTs, CRTss, CRTeB named cells to help in formatting
  • Added the new eBULLET named cell to represent an empty bullet

MODIFICATION that affects ALL existing .tos files
If you are loading an older .tos file, with content described below, make sure to run the TOS+ Conversion Tool! TOS+ v3.421 --> TOS+ v3.5+!
Also make sure to review the 'weight' of custom items, discussed in the same thread!
  • Several columns were added to the SPELL table: All custom spell data will have to be shifted to the right to take these new columns into consideration!
  • A Description column was added in the Rings table; Existing custom Rings will have to be adjusted accordingly
  • A Description column was added in the Rods table; Existing custom Rods will have to be adjusted accordingly
  • A Description column was added in the Staffs table; Existing custom Staffs will have to be adjusted accordingly
  • Ranger (P) with the 'Giant' Favored Enemy should re-select them as Humanoid (giant)
  • Ranger (P) with the 'Elemental' Favored Enemy should re-select them as they changed to Outsiders in Pathfinder
  • Class/Race Creators who were using the t_WeaponDmgAdjAll table to adjust Weapon Damage vs Size should read this modification
  • A New skill was added to the Skill table (Profession: Soldier) to support the AGP; existing Custom skills should be revised/fixed accordingly!


  • Modified the weapon Slots of the FRONT sheet to have the ammunition below the weapon, instead of on the sidelines 
  • Removed the Number of Rage Powers effect
  • Cleaned up the Manyshot feat to use a better description
  • Improved the Boots of Speed description
  • The Control Sheet was upgraded to use 'gray' buttons to indicate hidden (inactive) sheets, instead of checkmarks
  • Added support for the TOS+ Battle Companion
  • The Aided by Another (Attck), Aided by Another (AC) Laptop conditions will now allow you to define more than one ally helping you
  • Increased the selectable number of extra Barbarian (P) Rage Powers from 4 to 12
  • Increased the selectable number of extra Rogue (P) talents from 4 to 12
  • Folded the Trap Sense (Barbarian) and Trap Sense (Rogue) abilities into Trap Sense
  • Improved the description of the Heroes' Feast spell
  • Changed the <> symbols used to highlight User Required Input in the Info section of the Back sheet to ►◄
  • The Sword of the Planes will automatically update its bonus relative to the current Plane (as selected on the Laptop sheet)
  • The Stability (P) ability was renamed to Stability (Dwarf)
  • The Dwarf (P) race ability was removed
  • The Elf (P) race ability was removed
  • The Gnome (P) race ability was removed
  • The Half-elf (P) race ability was removed
  • The Half-orc race and Half-orc (P) race abilities were removed
  • The Halfling (P) race abilities were removed
  • The Equipment/Gear table has been re-formatted into the same sections used in the SRD/CRB/APG
  • Doubled the space to define Custom Items
  • Weapons that have an 'empty' Critical threat range entry in the Weapon table, will show a dash (-) for both the Threat & Range weapon sections
  • The Quick-links on both the Gear and Item sheet will now go directly to their respective custom area
  • Added a second page to the Back sheet, and extended the INFO section to use all its height, making the info section more than twice as big as before!
  • The Alignment restrictions on Spells for D&D3.5 & Pathfinder Clerics will now be enforced for core spells
  • When the Advanced User of the Sheet option on the Control Sheet is set to TRUE, it will also disable the Auto-zoom feature on both the Laptop and Control worksheets
  • The INFO section on the Back sheet can display the description of each Magical Items Worn
  • The Control sheet will now automatically zoom to optimize viewing
  • The Vulnerability to Energy effect will now use the percentage value of the vulnerability as opposed to being fixed at 50%
  • Integrated the non-epic Rings of Wizardry for the 6 base arcane casters (Assassin, Bard, Sorcerer, Summoner, Witch and Wizard)
  • Refined the text advice for these two laptop selectable abilities: Inspire Courage and Smite Evil
  • Integrated the 4 Elemental Body spells to be activated on the Laptop Sheet
  • Specialized Wizards will now show their bonus spell in the Spell section of the Back sheet
  • The Feat selection list on the Back Sheet will turn red if an invalid list is currently selected
  • The weapon size category adj. will now apply the cumulative penalty to attacks


  • The Improved Channel feat was mistyped
  • Gestalt Pathfinder Monks were showing an incorrect error in the Status section
  • Some of the magical Belts granting Constitution bonuses were not granting the correct additional Rage rounds
  • The D&D3.5 specialist wizard variant was not loosing his bonus spell per day when selecting the last variant ability
  • The Hustle power had a manifesting time of 1 action instead of 1 swift action
  • The Improved Natural Attack was not correctly integrated
  • The Paladin (P)'s Channel Energy was saying that Undead would flee (ŗ la D&D3.5's Turn Undead)
  • The 'Dexterous Will' & 'Dexterous Fortitude' feats were missing part of their prerequisites
  • The 'Power Attack' feat was not allowed to work with Natural weapons
  • Review and fixed all the ability scores of the 3.5 Dragon races
  • The Bardic Knowledge bonus of the Bard (P) was shown incorrectly in the Info section of the Back sheet
  • The Dragon Age Category for Dragons was incorrectly adding the class levels, instead of just using the racial HD
  • The Undead type in pathfinder mode was using 3.5's d12 instead of d8
  • The Iron Pot changed weight in Pathfinder
  • Fixed a problem with the INT,WIS,CHA effect
  • The Monk (P) was not showing 3 basic Ki Pool abilities if it was less than level 16
  • When a Rogue (P) selected Bonus Feat or Skill Mastery as an Extra talent in slot 2,3 and 4, the selection was not saved in the .tos file
  • The Protective Ward (Su) ability of the Wizard (P) had an issue in the description
  • The text description for the Breath of Life spell was saying 1hr instead of 1 round
  • The conditional bonus/penalty on Acrobatics checks for higher/lower base speeds made to jump was missing
  • The Sword of the Planes could not be properly selected on the Laptop Sheet (caused an error)
  • Removed left-over (from Beta) Universal Wizard (P) ability at 20th level which gave +2 DC to all spells
  • The Laptop advice for the Jump spell was incorrect
  • The Power over Undead ability for a Wizard (P) specializing in Necromancy had an incorrect DC for the Turn/Command Undead
  • The Thundering Rage Epic feat was displaying an incorrect DC
  • The Gnome (P) Spell-Like Abilities were using CL1 (D&D3.5) instead of a CL equal to the level of the Gnome
  • Wizard (P)'s extra spell slot was missing for those specializing in Conjuration, Evocation or Illusion
  • Luck bonus to AC were not automatically added to CMD
  • The Masterwork Silver ammo were not applying the -1 damage penalty
  • The Spell Planners were not showing domain spells for the 5th and 6th Domains
  • The Elven Curve Blade was missing its description and Effect
  • The Stability (P) ability was giving a conditional bonus to CMB instead of CMD
  • The text for the Inspire Courage (Bard) ability was referring to morale bonus instead of competence bonus for att/dmg in PFRPG
  • The Pearls of Power were incorrectly fixed in the previous update
  • The Rage Power: Surprise Accuracy was appearing in the 'Class/Race Abilities' list on the Laptop sheet, even for a non Barbarian
  • The Text for the Acrobatics feat was referring to Climb instead of Fly
  • Low level clerics with the luck Domain had a 'False' showing up in the Info section on the Back sheet
  • The Claws damage from the Sorcerer with Draconic bloodline was incorrect for small races
  • The Seeker Arrow ability of the Arcane Arched (P) was stuck at 1/day
  • The Phase Arrow ability of the Arcane Arched (P) was stuck at 1/day
  • The Arrow of Death ability of the Arcane Arched (P) was missing the CHA modifier for the Fortitude DC
  • The Child of the Streets pathfinder Trait was referring to Diplomacy instead of Sleight of Hand
  • Pathfinder Paladin & Rangers were using D&D3.5's caster level rules
  • The Helpless Condition was not lowering Dex to 0
  • The Bardic Knowledge was giving Bard level bonus for knowledge checks, instead of half that
  • The link to the Custom Damage Reduction was missing on the Customize sheet
  • The Skill points from the Favored Class was not being added in the total skill points for that class

Release Notes: V3.420 (July 21st, 2010), V3.421 (September 19th, 2010)

TOS+ v3.42 adds a new button on the Control Sheet which allows users to load data directly in their Character. This has multiple applications; you could use this to receive custom data (spells/feats/gear) from your DM, or you could create custom data files for your own characters. A wiki entry has been added to explain how this works and includes an example.

Another requested feature that is included in this update is the ability to Sort the skill list of the Character. Indeed, this can be quite useful, specially if you add many craft, knowledge, performance and profession skills to your character! You could even take out skill that you are not planning to use, to save space for the skills that you need. This should help make Characters more orderly!

Here are the complete release notes for this new version:

  • v3.421: Added the "Skill Ranks per Level" effect which helps to adjusts Ranks gained from Int increases that don't actually give new Ranks
  • Increased the size of the 10 Spell Books to 100 slots each
  • Added a button in the Control Sheet to load data directly in a Character
  • Added the ability to sort the Skills on the Front sheet
  • Added the effects for the Pearls of Power
  • Added a Dimensional Steps Tracker for Pathfinder Wizards (Conjurers)
  • Added a Lay on Hands Tracker for the Pathfinder Paladin
  • Added an option on the XP Sheet that will keep fractions when using the fixed-Hit Points system

  • Defaulted the Effects List selector to Custom Weapons as opposed to All Effects
  • Reduced the 'flickering' seen when switching between worksheets in Excel 2007

  • v3.421: Fixed Intelligence increased vs Skill Ranks in Pathfinder
  • Fixed the price of the Perl of Power for Pathfinder (which is half the price of D&D3.5)
  • Pathfinder Dragon Disciples were not gaining their Breath Weapon (Su) ability at the proper level
  • Pathfinder Dragon Disciples were missing their Blindsense (Ex) ability at 5th level
  • Pathfinder Dragon Disciples were missing their Dragon Bite (Ex) ability
  • Fixed the Sacred Conduit Trait which was using the old version of the trait
  • The Giant Type has become a subtype in Pathfinder
  • The Elemental Type has become a subtype in Pathfinder
  • Fixed the Armor Training Trait to remove the circular reference
  • In Pathfinder, the Inspire Courage ability uses a competence bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls instead of a morale bonus in D&D3.5

Release Notes: V3.410 (June 21st, 2010)

Just in time for a Summer Update! Enjoy this latest update which adds more interesting effects and fixes reported gremlins. As always, please report any issues encountered.

Happy Summer Gaming!!

  • Added the String special type, which can be used to create custom effects based on string results
  • New effects added: Acid Vulnerability (Ex), Cold Vulnerability (Ex), Fire Vulnerability (Ex), Electricity Vulnerability (Ex), Sonic Vulnerability (Ex)
  • New effects added: Conditional Armor Class, Conditional Flat-Footed AC, Conditional Touch AC
  • Skill inaccessible while Raging are now tagged as "n/a" while the rage is active on the Laptop sheet
  • Added a large Custom Data table, which saves with the Character and can be used for additional customization

  • The check marks for the Action Points section now uses the '2' and '5' check marks
  • Removed the Trap Sense ability from the selectable abilities on the Laptop Sheet: No need to select it anymore
  • For a multi-class character, Trap Sense will now sum up the bonuses, as opposed to the levels
  • The Rage spell was upgraded to support the skill penalties when raging
  • Sorcerers (P) will list (on the Back sheet) only the bonus spell known available to them as opposed to all of these bonus spells
  • Maneuver Training was renamed to Maneuver Training (MonkP)

  • Fixed a display glitch for Conditional Skill Penalties in the Stats Page
  • Added the Acid Immunity to the Angel subtype
  • Added the Electricity Immunity to the Archon subtype
  • Added the Immunities and Vulnerabilities generated by the Cold/Fire subtypes
  • The progression for the bonus spell known of the Pathfinder Sorcerer was incorrect
  • The Oathbow was in the incorrect weapon family (Composite Longbow instead of just Longbow)
  • Removed the 'Free Perception check to spot a secret or concealed door' for Pathfinder Elves
  • Added the free Perception check for Pathfinder Dwarfs passing close to unusual stonework
  • The Jann race was missing its Improved Initiative bonus feat
  • The Maneuver Training ability for the Pathfinder Monk was not taking multiclassing into consideration
  • The Combat Expertise feat was not being applied to Natural Attacks
  • The pathfinder Catch Off-Guard feat was using prerequisites
  • The bottom half of the custom feat table was not accessible
  • Dromite had +6 to natural armor instead of +3
  • A natural (primary) weapon defined with a STR multiplier will now correctly apply that STR multiplier

Release Notes: V3.400 (May 10th, 2010)

Here is the latest version of TOS+. In this release, the 'trait' type was added to allow Traits to be defined properly. As most types, this type is a non-stackable type, meaning that only the 'largest' value is used if more then one value is defined using that type. Many little bugs were taken care of. Note that if you used the Pathetic Flaw, you will need to re-select it on the BACK worksheet as I have simplified its use.


  • The Trait type has been added
  • Added the Conditional Spells Known Effect for casters



  • The Entangled and Exhausted conditions were forcing Single actions on the Laptop worksheet
  • The Canny Defense of the Duelist (P) was changed to allow Light armors compared to the 3.5 Duelist.
  • The Acid Arrow spell had an incorrect duration
  • Spell Critical (Su) was missing from the 10th level Eldritch Knight
  • Pathfinder Prestige Classes were using 3.5 progressions for Saves instead of the new pathfinder progression
  • The skill list pull down for Effects was using Knowledge: Dungeoneering-p instead of Knowledge: Dungeon-p
  • The effects for the Pathfinder Suspicious trait was being intercepted by the SRD version of the same trait
  • First level Pathfinder Clerics with the Animal domain were not seeing the Domain description on the BACK worksheet
  • The verification of the Endurance feat for Pathfinder Rangers was missing
  • The verification of the Combat Style for Pathfinder Rangers was missing
  • The Pathfinder Universalist Wizard was requiring the user to enter the prohibited schools, which is not necessary
  • The Misc column in the skill list on the Animal Companion, Familiar and Mount sheets were not being added to the total skill
  • The Metamagic Mastery (Su) ability of the Pathfinder Universal Wizard was being granted at 1st level, instead of 8th level
  • The Armor Training (Ex) ability of the Pathfinder Fighter was giving the Load Class reduction for armor at 1st level instead of 3rd level
  • The effect for the Silver Dagger, Masterwork was incorrect
  • The Elven Curve Blade was incorrectly priced at 24gp instead of 80gp

Release Notes: V3.302 (Feb 16th, 2010)

Allright folks! The first update of 2010!!

In this update, I concentrated on 3 things: Fixing the bugs reported, adding those 60+ Animals/Beasts for Pathfinder players (selectable on the Mount worksheet) and, last but not least, making the Sheet friendlier to New Users.

What do I mean by friendlier to New Users you ask? Well, I noticed that one of my friends had not set one of the options for his Ranger on the Customize Worksheet - And he had not noticed the line of text in the Info section (on the Back worksheet) asking him to 'select' the required information!!!

Then at about the same time, I noticed a message on another Forum, made by a recent TOS+ subscriber; he was giving high marks for a home made Pathfinder workbook that some guy had been putting together in the last few weeks!! I was astounded - I can certainly understand comparing TOS+ (that is the result of thousands of hours of work) with the other big guns in the Character Sheet arena, but versus this small Sheet? Woah!!

So I promptly contacted this Subscriber to find out how TOS+ had derailed for him. Thanks to his help, I was able to get a new perspective on the Sheet, from a new user's point of view.

So here is what I did to help out those New to TOS+: In Pathfinder mode (this has not been implemented at this time for 3.5, as it requires a LOT of work on my part), when the Sheet requires that you 'select' or 'choose' something for your character, the INFO section on the BACK worksheet will actually TELL you you need to visit the Customize worksheet. Furthermore, when you open the Customize worksheet, any 'features' that you need to visit will be HIGHLIGHTED for you so you can see them immediately!! So you just need to click on the highlighted option, to jump to it, and fill out the required field!

That should make selecting options much easier for everyone. Of course, an Advanced User can elect not to use this system and use the Option in the Control worksheet to disable the warning in the INFO section.

On a similar note, Duniagdra is working on creating a suit of small videos for new users, which will also be of tremendous help to get them started using TOS+! (Thanks James!!)

I hope this new system, plus Duniagdra's videos will make your experience with TOS+ a satisfactory one!


P.S. Oh! Before I forget! You will notice a new Image on the Welcome worksheet - this is the Logo (and link) the the new tool I am working on (the Loot Divider) - That homepage is in the works. I'll be sure to make an official announcement once this great new tool becomes available to all!!!


  • Locating missing options on the Customize worksheet has been simplified for Pathfinder Users; Missing options are now highlighted
  • For Pathfinder - Added these Animals (selectable on the Mount worksheet):
    Ape, Badger, Bear (Brown), Bison, Boar, Cheetah, Crocodile, Dog, Dog (Riding), Eagle, Elephant, Hawk, Horse, Hyena, Leopard, Lion, Lizard, Lizard (Monitor), Monkey, Octopus, Octopus (Giant), Owl, Pony, Rat, Raven, Rhinoceros, Shark, Snake (Constrictor), Snake (Venomous), Snake (Tiny Viper), Squid, Squid (Giant), Tiger, Toad, Weasel, Whale (Orca), Wolf, Wolverine
  • For Pathfinder - Added these Dire Animals (selectable on the Mount worksheet): Dire Ape, Dire Badger, Dire Bat, Dire Bear, Dire Boar, Dire Lion, Dire Rat, Dire Shark, Dire Tiger, Dire Wolf, Dire Wolverine
  • For Pathfinder - Added these Dinosaur (selectable on the Mount worksheet): Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Deinonychus, Elasmosaurus, Pteranodon, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus
  • For Pathfinder - Added these Magical Beasts/Outsider (selectable on the Mount worksheet): Giant Eagle, Griffon, Pegasus ,Nightmare
  • Added some support for non-English languages, specifically for the True/False conditions
  • Added an Option to denote the use of the Sheet by advanced users (less error checking)
  • Added the Headband Bonus Skills effect, to track the number of bonus skills given by a (Pathfinder) headband
  • Added the Flat-Footed AC effect
  • Integrated the "Toughness" feat for Animal Companions and Mounts
  • Integrated the "Improved Critical: Bite" feat for Animal Companions, Familiars and Mounts
  • Added a "Clear" button on the notes worksheet for Twiglet


  • Renamed the Touch Armor Class effect to Touch AC effect
  • Expanded the Animal Data table to support an additional 5 feats
  • The Bonus Feat selection list for the Monk (P) class (customize worksheet) now shows only the feats permitted as opposed to all the feats


  • The Version requirement field of Custom class was not being cleared when loading a custom Class
  • The Mounted Combat feat prerequisite message was not adding the ride ranks from the Pathfinder skill version
  • The Base attack for the third custom class was not permitting formulas
  • Fixed mis-aligned arrows for the third custom class slot on the Class worksheet
  • The Barbarian (P) Barbarian Greater/Mighty Rage effect advice (LapTop) were showing incorrect increases in Hit Points
  • The Raging Swimmer (Ex) Power description was using climb instead of the swim skill
  • Fixed an error in the Fly skill on the Mount worksheet, for creatures that were not Medium sized
  • The conditional effects applied to custom skills was missing
  • Fixed the Category Selector for Custom Skills
  • The Paladin (P) was using the will save of the 3.5 Paladin (poor instead of good)
  • The Barbarian Greater/Mighty Rage rage LapTop effects were giving an incorrect penalty to Armor Class
  • The Deadly Stroke feat had one invalid prerequisite
  • The feats selection list for the Animal Companion was using an incorrect table
  • The Hunter's Bond (Pathfinder Ranger) was using the half the Ranger's level for Animal Companion (D&D3.5), instead of his level minus 3 (Pathfinder)
  • The Pathfinder spellcraft and fly skills were incorrectly tagged as usable untrained
  • The Belt of Giant Strength +2, introduced in Pathfinder, was missing from the Wondrous Items
  • The Lycanthrope template was giving +2 to CHA instead of WIS
  • Custom abilities that were 'activatable' were not displayed in the selection list on the LapTop worksheet
  • The Headband of Mental Prowess CHA/INT was missing the skill bonus
  • The Lore ability of the Pathfinder Loremaster was still using the Beta version
  • The Pathfinder Drow had a left over ability from 3.5 (automatic search for hidden doors)
  • Pathfinder Shadowdancers were getting too many Rogue Talents
  • Pathfinder Shadowdancers with the "Combat Trick" talent was displaying an error
  • Pathfinder Rogues/Shadowdancers were not adding to the total feats when "Bonus Feat" or "Combat Trick" was selected as a Rogue Talent
  • The Master Craftsman feat was missing its Link in the Customize Worksheet
  • The Channel Energy Tracker was not appearing in the list of Trackers on the Laptop worksheet
  • The Deinonychus had an incorrect Space listed

Release Notes: V3.200 (Dec 20th, 2009)

This update of the Sheet will sure make the life of Class creators easier!! I have revisited the Class options, and more than tripled the amount of options that can be defined for a Custom Class (from 3 to 10 per Custom Class). I also got to think: How would one be able to create a class like the Pathfinder Rogue, which has a ton of talents to choose from? Such a class requires a table to contain all the Data for talents (in TOS+, that table is called t_ClassTalentsAll)

The solution that came to me was to design a large Data Table for each Custom Class! This Data Table is 12 columns by 20 rows, which should be large enough to support most option-crazy Classes. Furthermore, I have sub-divided each of these Data Tables to be able to access sub-section of the table! So in effect, if you need only 2 columns for a VLOOKUP(), the Data Table will be able to work as 6 separate tables of 20 rows each!! Plenty to go around, I would hope!

I also added a field which will eventually become very useful: Version of TOS+ Required. Class creators can place the minimum version of TOS+ which is required to actually be able to 'run' the Class. Then, the creator can add a test in the Class Status field to check if the current version of TOS+ meets the requirements to be able to support the Class he is building! (the Version Number named cell contains the version of TOS+ in use).

As always, please report Bugs in the Gremlin section!


  • Added a Channel Energy Tracker (in v3.203)
  • Added a Data Table for Custom Classes, that can be filled with Custom Data for a specific class
  • Added a 'Version Required' field for Custom Classes


  • Increased the number of possible selections from 13 to 30 for a single option (in v3.201)
  • Increased the number of options for a Custom Class from 3 to 10 options per Class


  • The Pathfinder Wizard was missing its Arcane Bond ability (in v3.203)
  • Fixed the Adept Familiar which was not working properly (in v3.203)
  • Fixed the Mathematical Prodigy Trait in Pathfinder (in v3.203)
  • Fixed some named cells that were at incorrect coordinates for custom class #2 and #3 (in v3.203)
  • Fixed some errors in the AbilityData worksheet (in v3.203)
  • Fixed the Named cells that were too short to handle all options (in v3.202)
  • Classes with no cantrips/orison (like Rangers) were showing a 'false' in the Spell table on the back worksheet (in v3.201)
  • The Pathfinder Rogue had access to Advanced Talents it shouldn't have access to


Release Notes: V3.114 (Nov 24th, 2009)

Lots of bugs squashed in this release! Do report any (bugs) you find - thanks!

  • The Commonly used Spells list can be selected on the LapTop worksheet to quickly locate common spells to activate
  • Added the All Combat Maneuvers effect, which can be used to modify both CMB and CMD at the same time
  • Added in v3.113: The ClassName Cond SpellPerDayLvlX effect to support conditional spells per day
  • Added in v3.113: The Pathfinder Aura of Protection (Protection Domain) as a selectable ability on the LapTop worksheet
  • Added in v3.114: Added the ability to define up to 52 custom skills (instead of 18)


  • The Pathfinder Trickery domain was missing the effect to grant Bluff, Disguise and Stealth as class skills for the Cleric
  • The Pathfinder Glory domain was missing its +2 bonus to the DC of the Channel Energy ability
  • The Pathfinder Animal domain was missing its Knowledge Nature class skill
  • Fatigued was mis-spelled for the Pathfinder Paladin Exhausted Mercy
  • The Pathfinder domain Knowledge Domain (P) was not applying its effect granting all knowledge as class skills
  • The Heavy shield (and heavy spiked shield) were listed as light weapons, instead of one-handed weapons when used to bash
  • The Armor proficiency feats were missing for Pathfinder
  • The Armor Training ability was missing the bonus to the Maximum Dex allowed when using armor
  • The Power Attack feat was revised (in Pathfinder) to add the penalty to Combat Maneuvers (when activated on the LapTop worksheet)
  • Produce Flame and Fireball were not showing up for the Cleric with the Fire domain
  • Fixed the Expert (P) class to use d8 instead of d6
  • Fixed misaligned weapon quick fills in the Gear Worksheet
  • The Paladin (P) without a Charisma bonus showed "False" in the Info section on the Back
  • The Pathfinder Wizard was not displaying its bonus spell from school
  • The Mount and Familiar worksheet had a display glitch for the Swim/Climb skills
  • The Integration table had an incorrect index, causing some effects to be doubled
  • The Pathfinder Rogue was missing the Advanced talent Dispelling Attack
  • Fixed in v3.114: The Pathfinder Nimble Moves feat was missing from the Feat table

Release Notes: V3.107 (Oct 27th, 2009)

There we go! Another update, which includes new races from the Bestiary, and more animal companions! See below for more details! And, as always, please report issues in the Gremlin section - Enjoy!!


  • Added the 12 playable race from the Pathfinder Bestiary: Aasimar, Drow, Drow Noble, Duergar, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Merfolk, Orc, Svirfneblin, Tengu, Tiefling
  • Added 25 Animal Companions from the Pathfinder Bestiary: Ankylosaurus, Aurochs, Bison, Brachiosaurus, Dire Bat, Dire Rat, Dolphin, Elasmosaurus, Electric Eel, Elephant, Giant Frog, Giant Moray Eel, Goblin Dog, Hyena, Mastodon, Monitor Lizard, Octopus, Orca, Pteranodon, Rhinoceros, Roc, Squid, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus
  • Added the Racial modifiers for the CRB Animal Companions, listed in the Pathfinder Bestiary
  • You can now define the gear transported by your Animal Companion
  • You can now define some barding for your Animal Companion
  • Integrated the Enlarge Spell feat
  • Added the Speed adjustments for a Familiar
  • Added the Touch AC, Flat-Foot AC, Grapple/CMB and CMD adjustments for the Animal Companion, Familiar and Mount


  • When Resetting the Sheet, the Rule System will remain the same. Use the Change Rule System button to change it.


  • Fixed a superimposition issue caused by the Excel security patch KB973593
  • The 3.5 Eagle was missing the Alertness feat
  • The Halfling Sling Staff (Pathfinder) was missing in the weapons table
  • The link for the Pathetic Flaw was missing on the Customize worksheet
  • In 3.5, the Improved Trip feat was missing its conditional text
  • The Pathfinder Wizard had an incorrect formula for his bonus feat progression
  • The Pathfinder Wizard with the Universalist school had an incorrect number of Metamagic Mystery per day
  • The Awesome Blow was missing the prerequisites
  • The Energy Drained condition had incorrect formulas for Caster level losses and ability Check penalties
  • The last three Items with Charges on the Back worksheet were referring to incorrect rows
  • The Tower Shield was missing its attack penalty (hey nobody uses those!? wow!!))

Release Notes: V3.01 (Oct 22nd, 2009)


  • Conditional bonuses are tagged with a * to denote that you need to check WHICH of the included bonuses you can apply!!
  • Renamed Knowledge: Dungeoneering-p to Knowledge: Dungeon-p
  • Renamed PF RPG to Pathfinder RPG



  • High level Paladin with a mount will see it gain the Celestial template benefits
  • Added the ability to Track the Hit Points for your Familiar/Animal Companion/Mount/Psicrystal on the LapTop worksheet
  • Added the ability to manually adjust the Animal Companion's HD
  • Added the ability to manually adjust the Familiar's HD
  • Added the ability to define which skill is granted by a Headband with an INT bonus
  • Added the ability to define up to 3 custom sorcerer BloodLines for Pathfinder Sorcerers
  • Added the ability to track the usage of a Healer's Kit
  • Added the ability to define a custom sense

  • The Bardic Knowledge of the Pathfinder Bard was giving an extra skill point (left over from Beta)
  • In some circumstances, Unholy Blight was tagged at an incorrect level
  • v3.011: Some Pathfinder RPG classes were still using the old knowledge-Dungeon nomenclature
  • v3.011: Excel 2000 generated an Error on open due to checking of the Auto-save timer
  • v3.011: Taking extra feats did not generate any error/warnings


Release Notes: V3.00 (Oct 2nd, 2009)

Defaulting to PFRPG:
From now on, TOS+ defaults to PFRPG when you 'reset' it. Since Pathfinder is an evolution of D&D3.5, it only makes sense that the Sheet evolves as well. You can still switch to D&D3.5 should you still play it, via the Control worksheet, as demonstrated in this video. Please remember that you need the Core Rule Book of Pathfinder to make good use of TOS+.


  • Added the Rage Rounds per Day effect for the Barbarian (P)
  • Added the Number of Favored Class effect to adjust the number of favored classes
  • Added the CMD and Conditional CMD effects (Combat Maneuver Defense), and added CMD sections on the Front, Laptop and Stats worksheets
  • Added the Pinned effect (condition), with the b_Pinned boolean, which is TRUE when the Character is Pinned, as defined on the Laptop worksheet
  • Added the b_Blind boolean, which is TRUE when the Character is Blinded, as defined on the Laptop worksheet
  • Added the b_Cower boolean, which is TRUE when the Character is Cowering, as defined on the Laptop worksheet
  • Added the b_FlatFoot boolean, which is TRUE when the Character is Flat Foot, as defined on the Laptop worksheet
  • Added the b_Stunned boolean, which is TRUE when the Character is Stunned, as defined on the Laptop worksheet
  • Added an effect to remove the armor check penalty for the swim skill when wearing a Plate Armor of the Deep
  • Added the Longsword, Cold Iron Masterwork and the Silver Dagger, Masterwork (different way to spell)


  • Converted the 7 Core Races to PFRPG instead of the BETA rules
  • Modified the Spells to support PFRPG
  • Favored Class(es) are now automatically set for the 1st (and 2nd) class selected - This can be changed in the Off-Print area of the Front worksheet
  • For D&D3.5, made the disguise bonus conditional for the Shapechange spell


  • Fixed a whole bunch of small errors in the SpellData worksheet
  • Alter self, Disguise Self and Seeming spells were not adding the disguise check bonus or PFRPG
  • Glibness was not adding the conditional bonuses on Bluff for PFRPG
  • Jump spell was not adding the Acrobatics check bonus for PFRPG
  • Lullaby was not adding penalties to the Perception skill for PFRPG
  • Ring of Chameleon Power was not adding the conditional bonuses for PFRPG
  • Ring of Climbing and improved were not adding the Climb check bonus for PFRPG
  • Ring of Jumping and improved were not adding the Acrobatics check bonus for PFRPG
  • Ring of Swimming and improved were not adding the Swim check bonus for PFRPG
  • Spider Climb was not adding the Climb check bonus for PFRPG
  • Tower Shield spell failure % was incorrect



  • Removed the Rage Points effect as the Barbarian (P) does not use it anymore

Release Notes: V2.500 (2009/05/11)

  • Is it now possible to load an existing Race (from the Race Table) directly in the Custom race section, to customize/edit it.
  • Templates added in the Sheet:
  • Added the ability to define Custom Templates which can be Loaded/Saved
  • Added the ability to define up to 3 Template options for Custom Templates
  • Added the Damage Reduction Bludgeoning & Magic effect
  • Added the Damage Reduction Silver & Magic effect
  • Added the No Skills effect, supported by the PE_NoSkills named cell
  • Added the No Ranged Attacks effect, supported by the PE_NoRangedAttack named cell
  • Added the wind conditions, selectable on the Laptop worksheet: Light winds,Moderate winds, Strong winds, Severe winds, Windstorm, Hurricane, Tornado
  • Added the ability to manually adjust the Animal Companion's speed
  • Added a "Toggle Comments" button which turns ON/OFF the Red comment indicators in the workbook
  • Added the effects of a no magic zone to the Epic/Rod/Staff weapons
  • Added the Energy Resistances to the Info section of the Back worksheet, and in the Stats worksheet
  • Added the Damage Reduction to the Info section of the Back worksheet, and in the Stats worksheet
  • Added the Racial HD Adj effect, linked to the PE_RacialHDAdj named cell
  • Added the casting_class Score Adj for Bonus Spells effect, used to increase the primary ability score of a caster to determine BONUS Spells!
  • Added the manifesting_class Score Adj for Bonus PP effect, used to increase the primary ability score of a manifester to determine BONUS Power Points!
  • Added the Keep 1 Racial HD effect, linked to the b_Keep1RacialHD named cell

  • Renamed the Figurines of Wondrous Power to use a shorter name
  • Removed the tSel_Front_Allow1HDRace option and added the tSel_Front_HumanoidsLoose1HD option
  • Added the Vision & Senses to the Laptop worksheet and merged with Damage Reduction
  • Split the Salamander race into the Salamander, Flamebrother and the Salamander, Average

  • The error message when you have under- or over-spent skill points for your animal companion was missing
  • The All Weapon Size Category Adj effect was not working for natural weapons.
  • The formula used in the effect of the Improved Natural Armor monster feat was incorrect
  • The Laptop worksheet was displaying the 'disabled' condition instead of the 'staggered' condition at exactly 50% HP
  • The PF Monk Bonus Feats were showing as missing prerequisites
  • One of the effects of the Everwhirling Chain weapon was incorrect
  • The feature section of the Animal worksheet was displaying an incorrect Natural Armor adj. for higher level animals
  • The Class Skill effect was not functioning for Gestalt classes
  • The Grapple modifier was not computed correctly for the Animal Companion of higher level Druids
  • Gestalt classes were not displaying the errors from its component classes
  • The Improved Turning feat was missing some integration
  • Wild Empathy (Ex) was not considering penalties to Charisma
  • The Invisibility Purge spell has wrong entries for Saves and SR
  • A glitch in turn/rebuke undead stacking
  • The PF RPG Transmuter ability score bonus shown on the Customize worksheet was incorrect
  • The Suggestion (Mass) spell had an incorrect target


ADMIN out of Town!!

Admin will be out of town, without Net access. Back on the 24th of August to process any pending purchases!


All Advanced Class Guide (playtest) classes now supported and shared on the forum, and more bugs fixed!

View the Release Notes for details!

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