Release Notes: v5.145 (February 14th, 2018)

Valentine 2018 update!

Spell users rejoice!

In this new update, each of the three spell planners were expanded to hold two [printable] pages worth of spells, which more than doubles their capacities. A big THANKS to users Duniagdra, kendall_penn and Williaac for sponsoring this work!


  • Added the ability to create custom Favored Class options for an existing class
  • Added the Flight Maneuverability Modif effect, that allows the tweaking of flight maneuverability
  • Added these named cells to represent fractions: F_ONE_HALF, F_ONE_THIRD and F_ONE_FOURTH


  • Increased the capacity of the Spell Planners from 55 to 116 spells each
  • Modified how the effect of Barbarian rage is handled, to allow custom class to access it more easily


  • The Sprint ability for the Small cats (leopard/cheetah) animal companions was not set correctly for the 4th level Druid advancement
  • The Fly Speed effect was not allowing penalties to an existing fly speed
  • In D&D3.5 mode, half-giants were set as Humanoid instead of the Giant type
  • The Armorer Hulk class was missing some effects from some Rage Powers
  • The Snake Viper, Huge was incorrectly named, causing errors. Renamed to Snake (Huge Viper)
  • The Pathfinder's Barbarian rage was still using the D&D3.5 unnamed type, as opposed to PF's Morale type for both STR and CON
  • The Channeled Shield Wall feat was granting an unnamed bonus, instead of a deflection bonus to Armor Class
  • When used on the Laptop worksheet, the Protection from Energy ((sonic)) spell was using an extra pair of parenthesis

View Release notes for 2017 here.


Valentine 2018 update: Spell users will have more space with this new update!

Check out the Release Notes for more details!

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