Release Notes: v5.132 (April 29th, 2016)

Summer update!

Well, at least in the northern hemisphere! Let's celebrate with a new shiny update!!

Pathfinder Rogue Talent: Combat Trick: I discovered that when taking the Combat Trick multiple times, the sheet was showing the text only for the first Combat Trick selected (thus showing only the first feat that was defined in Combat Trick). To solve this, I created multiple versions of Combat Trick: The original name (Combat Trick), plus four other instances, named: Combat Trick #2 to Combat Trick #5. If you have a Rogue that uses many instances of Combat Trick, you will have to revisit the Customize worksheet to use these new names


  • Added the Mattock of the Titans and the Maul of the Titans specific weapons
  • Added support for Undead Animal Companions, Familiars and Mounts
  • Integrated the Weapon Finesse Mythic feat
  • In Pathfinder, when an Animal Companion's rank in a skill exceeds its HD, the rank will be shown in red
  • Added the Fused Eidolon: Skills 'activatable' effect to grant your PC the Skilled (Ex) evolution of your Eidolon


  • Improved scrolling of the quickpicks on tablets (thanks to LordVorp!)
  • Pathfinder Rogues with multiple Combat trick need to use Combat Trick #2 to #5


  • The Masterpiece Spell Cost (Dirge Bard (P)) ability was missing in the Ability worksheet
  • With a creature with no classes, the racial base attack multiplier was ignored. Only the one from the type was used.
  • When selecting a second Bloodline for the Crossblooded (P), many spells were not checking on the 2nd BloodLine, but just the first
  • The arcane spell failure was incorrectly absent for the Geisha (P)
  • The Superior Summoning feat was missing its prerequisites
  • The Prerequisites for the bonus Style Feat of the Unarmed Fighter (P) class were being ignored at level 2 instead of level 1
  • The Fiendish Boon (Sp) ability of the Antipaladin (P) was highlighted on the Customize sheet when the class was below level 5
  • Draconic Bloodline sorcerers were getting an extra use of Breath Weapon at 9th+ level
  • Fixed an issue with multi-classing character who used the fixed HP variant, while not keeping fractions of hit points
  • The Prone effect in Pathfinder was not giving the penalty to CMD
  • Size modifiers was not being applied to Fly skill
  • The Natural AC for the Aquatic Eidolon was incorrect
  • The Alchemist's Lab (portable) was missing its effect on Craft: Alchemy
  • Fixed a typo in the description of the Acid Splash spell
  • Added the Dazzling Display (Braggart) feat to fix the Order of the Cockatrice Cavalier getting the braggart ability
  • The conditional bonus granted by Lens of Detection was missing in Pathfinder mode
  • The text for the prerequisites of the Greater Grapple feat had an error
  • The text for the prerequisites of the Combat Style Master feat was incorrect
  • The Boar Style feat description was incorrect
  • In D&D3.5 mode, the 'Class/Race Abilities' list of the LapTop sheet was not displaying the last entry (usually the last custom class 'activatable' effect)
  • Added the missing Merciful Healing link on the Customize worksheet for the Merciful Healer (P) class
  • A custom domain set with a permanency of "No" was not 'activatable' on the laptop sheet

View Release notes from 2015 here.


An update, just in time for Summer! Pathfinder Rogues may need to revisit their talents ...

Check out the Release Notes for more details!

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