Release Notes: v5.140 (July 10th, 2017)

Mid-Summer 2017 update

Errata time!

This time around, I applied the errata published by Paizo with the release of the 2nd printing of the Ultimate Equipment book! As always, please report any problems in the Gremlins! [Bugs, Issues and Typos] section of the forum - Thanks!


  • Applied the errata of the Ultimate Equipment book to match the second printing publication
  • Fixed the custom Hex table (for the Shaman) which was broken
  • The Dragon Resistances (Ex) ability of Sorcerer with both a Draconic bloodline and the Dragon Disciple prestige class were showing incorrect values at higher levels for both natural armor and resistances

Release Notes: v5.139 (May 5th, 2017)

Spring 2017 update

Domain Cleanup time!

This time around, I revisited the Pathfinder domain to implement a new effect for the Theologian Cleric Archetype. While doing so, I notice many abilities tagged as (Su) were actually (Sp) in Pathfinder! So these were updated, as well as other minor issues reported by you guys - if you do find an issue in the sheet, please report it in the Gremlins! [Bugs, Issues and Typos] section of the forum - Thanks!

New Content:

  • The conditional CMB granted by magic weapons will now be automatically shown (both on the back sheet and in the Conditional CMB box on the Front sheet) when a weapon is defined with an Attack effect
  • Added a new effect to better support the Theologian Cleric Archetype from Ultimate Magic: DomainName (P) Level (Effects)


  • The Hex Strike feat from UC was not allowing you to choose hex selected for a Hexcrafter (P) character
  • Monk's Unarmed Strike damage was incorrect at Epic levels
  • The Wrist Sheath was giving a conditional stealth bonus instead of a Sleight of Hand bonus
  • The Sensei's Mystic Wisdom (Su) ability was using incorrect levels
  • The Monk weapons from the UE were missing the effects to enable Flurry of Blows
  • The Deep Drinker feat has an error in its prerequisites
  • Removed the 'Extra FoB for 1 ki point' text from these classes, as they do not gain Flurry of Blows: Maneuver Master (P), Master of Many Styles (P), Sensei (P) and Tetori (P)
  • The number of Stunning Fists per day for the Sohei (P) archetype was incorrect
  • Fixed typo in the description of the Fickle Attack (Ex) Mythic ability
  • The Halfling (P)/Monk (P) favored class text description on the Back sheet was incorrect
  • The Nunchaku, Ranseur and Sai weapons were still using the D&D3.5 rules when in Pathfinder mode
  • The Double Chicken Saber, Jutte, Shang Gou, Sansetsukon, Seven-Branched Sword were missing their conditional CMB when used to disarm an enemy
  • Improved the text for: Allegro (spell), Greater Grapple (feat), Sensei's Advice (Ex) (ability)
  • The Theologian and Undead Lord classes were missing their domain levels
  • The Spelunking Kit was missing its effect (from the Climbing's kit it includes)

Release Notes: v5.137 (February 9st, 2017)

Winter 2017 update

Artifacts Baby!!

A whole lots of Artifacts have been added to the Sheet. These are mainly from the Ultimate Equipment book, but others from various Adventure Paths. While descriptions for these Artifacts have been added, these descriptions are not meant to replace the rather large description of the Artifact. Please refer to the books for full details on these Artifacts.


  • Some of these Artifacts are not meant to be transported. If you add them to your gear on the BACK worksheet, make sure to add a location to indicate that the item is not really on your character! Check the How to list Gear that you are not carrying Wiki entry for more details on locations.
  • Some of the Artifacts are not using their original names; These names are the intellectual property of Paizo.
  • The Artifacts added in this update are from the d20PFSRD (as of February 2017).
  • Both the Spindle of Perfect Knowledge and Staff of the Magi have multiple effects on the character: there Artifacts should be selected in the MAGICAL ITEMS WORN section of the BACK worksheet to gain its effects. Use either in a body slot or in one of the slot-less spots to activate.

New Content:

  • Added these Wondrous Items/Minor Artifacts
    • Argental Font
    • Beacon of True Faith
    • Bell of Mercy
    • Bone House
    • Book of Infinite Spells
    • Branch of Life
    • Crown of the Iron King
    • Crown of the Simurgh
    • Cup of Forbidden Knowledge
    • Dark Grimoire
    • Deck of Harrowed Tales
    • Deck of Many Things
    • Deck of Many Things, Harrow
    • Dragon Seal
    • Elder Sign
    • Hourglass of Shadows
    • Id Portrait
    • Knucklebone of Fickle Fortune
    • Maleficus Spike
    • Monkey's Paw
    • Perfect Golden Lute
    • Philosopher's Stone
    • Phylactery of the Failed
    • Revelation Quill
    • Runescarred Dragonship
    • Runeslave Cauldron
    • Runewell Amulet
    • Runewell, Minor
    • Sphere of Annihilation
    • Spindle of Perfect Knowledge
    • Staff of the Magi
    • Talisman of Pure Good
    • Talisman of Reluctant Wishes
    • Talisman of the Sphere
    • Talisman of Ultimate Evil
    • Unending Tome
    • Vernal Key
    • Visionary Lens
    • Warding Box
    • Weird Queen's Magpie
  • Added these Wondrous Items/Major Artifacts
    • Anathema Archive
    • Book of the Damned (Original)
    • Book of the Damned: Daemonic
    • Book of the Damned: Demonic
    • Bottle of the Bound
    • Brazen Egg
    • Celestial Lens
    • Chronicle of the Righteous
    • Cloud Castle of the Storm King
    • Codex of the Infinite Planes
    • Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga
    • Flame of Guidance
    • Gem of Dreams
    • Jar of Dragon's Teeth
    • Moaning Diamond
    • Orb of Dragonkind (10x versions)
    • Orb of Dragon Mastery
    • Orb of Dragonkin (11x versions)
    • Orb of Dragonshape (10x versions)
    • Perfection's Key
    • Ring of Nine Facets
    • Runewell of Greed
    • Shadowstaff
    • Skull of the Viper God
    • Skullsoul
    • Song of Extinction (Music Box)
    • The Jewel of Everlasting Gold
    • Thorncrown of Blasting
  • Added these Weapons/Minor Artifacts:
    • Dragon Slayer
    • Enemy of All Enemies
    • Hammer of Thunderbolts
    • Mantis Blade
    • Raven’s Head
    • Reprisal
  • Added these Weapons/Major Artifacts:
    • Axe of the Dwarvish Lords
    • Blackaxe
    • Fork of the Forgotten One
    • Saint Cuthbert's Mace
    • Scepter of Ages
    • Sword of Greed
    • The Briar Blade
  • Added this Armor/Major Artifact:
    • Demon Prince Armor
  • Added these Shields/Major Artifacts:
    • Shield of the Sun
    • Shield of the Winged Eye
  • Added wands (so that the wands from CL5 to CL10 are listed) for the following wands:
    • Wand of Call Lightning
    • Wand of Fireball
    • Wand of Lightning Bold


  • Added a Tooltip to display a breakdown of the total number of feats on the BACK worksheet
  • Added the Smite Good vs Outsidr/Drg/Cleric effect for Antipaladins
  • Added the b_IsDwarf named cell, which is true if the character is dwarvish


  • Reviewed the class prerequisites of many classes to fold them into a single formula (i.e. uncluttered the class table)


  • The Hex Strike feat from UC was not allowing you to choose hex selected for a Hexcrafter (P) character
  • Clearing a custom race from the Race worksheet would also remove the race selection on the Front worksheet even if it was a different race
  • The specific weapons from the UE were not 'selectable' using the QuickPicks lists
  • The dual-curse Oracle using Haunted as his second curse was missing the Ghost Sound and Mage Hand spell from his spell list
  • The Smite Good ability on the Laptop worksheet had not been updated to support Pathfinder RPG
  • The Braggart (Ex) ability of the Order of the Cockatrice was not adding +1 to the feat counter
  • The Dispelling Strike (Su) Magus Arcana was missing its prerequisites
  • Made the Blessing of Fervor spell friendlier when the Haste spell is also used on the Laptop worksheet
  • The ammo of the second Weapon Group was listing the ammo of the first weapon group
  • Some spells from the Advanced Player's Guide were referred to as AGP instead of APG
  • The area of effect of the Reverse Gravity spell was incorrect in Pathfinder
  • The Torc of Lionheart Fury item was not correctly showing the bonus ability for 12th+ level barbarians
  • The energy resistance box on the laptop worksheet was showing an extra comma at the end of the string

View Release notes for 2016 here.


Mid-Summer 2017 update: Applied the Errata to Ultimate Equipment a few bug fixes!

Check out the Release Notes for more details!

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