Release Notes: v5.151 (April 5th, 2018)

Sprint 2018 update!

In this update, I added a few Profession skills to the Pathfinder skill list, and expanded the space for the number of Revelation an Oracle Mystery can hold. And bug fixes! My group were drained by a specter, and we noticed that the effective caster level was now being adjusted on the Spell Planners, even though the effect Energy Drained was active on the Laptop worksheet! Fixed that one too. As always, please report any bugs/issues if you find any, thanks and as always, Happy Gaming!


  • Increased the number of custom Mystery Revelations from 10 to 20
  • Renamed Profession: Fisher-p to Profession: Fisherman-p
  • Cleaned up the feat prereq formulas to make them faster/shorter


  • Added the ability to define a custom Ranger Style
  • Added an Energy Type selection on the Customize worksheet for non-class/race custom abilities
  • Added named cells for each of the Class data tables (first column) - these can be used as options list source for your custom class
  • Added these skills in the skill table:
    • Profession: Architect-p
    • Profession: Barrister-p
    • Profession: Butcher-p
    • Profession: Clerk-p
    • Profession: Courtesan-p
    • Profession: Engineer-p
    • Profession: Gambler-p
    • Profession: Librarian-p
    • Profession: Shepherd-p
    • Profession: Trapper-p


  • The All Effective Caster Level effect was not being implemented (for use with the Energy Drained condition)
  • The Heroic Fortune spell was missing from the Oracle spell list
  • The level of a custom Oracle was not being applied to level-dependent Curse abilities. Thus, the effect Oracle's Curse Level was not working
  • Some rankp_skillname named cell were missing
  • A fly maneuverability was shown even if the character had no fly speed

  • Release Notes: v5.150 (February 26th, 2018)

    TOS+ v5.150 - A Dragon-sized update!

    I was hired by user Trio0 to add a fully automated implementation of the Green Dragon (Pathfinder) to TOS+... from Wyrmling to Great Wyrm, plus three more sizes *after* Great Wyrm! To support these 15 Dragon Age categories, I had to modify TOS+ in several key area - thus this update! Once you have this new update to TOS+, you can download the marvelous implementation of the Green Dragon on the forum


    • Added a Custom Data table for Custom Race creation
    • Added the ability to define a Custom Size (in the Tables worksheet)


    • Increase the number of options for the Racial lists from 12 to 16 entries each
    • Increased the number of Racial class skills from 20 to 30 entries


    • For a low-Int human character, the minimum number of skill ranks per level was 1 instead of 2 as per the FAQ

    Release Notes: v5.145 (February 14th, 2018)

    Valentine 2018 update!

    Spell users rejoice!

    In this new update, each of the three spell planners were expanded to hold two [printable] pages worth of spells, which more than doubles their capacities. A big THANKS to users Duniagdra, kendall_penn and Williaac for sponsoring this work!


    • Added the ability to create custom Favored Class options for an existing class
    • Added the Flight Maneuverability Modif effect, that allows the tweaking of flight maneuverability
    • Added these named cells to represent fractions: F_ONE_HALF, F_ONE_THIRD and F_ONE_FOURTH


    • Increased the capacity of the Spell Planners from 55 to 116 spells each
    • Modified how the effect of Barbarian rage is handled, to allow custom class to access it more easily


    • The Sprint ability for the Small cats (leopard/cheetah) animal companions was not set correctly for the 4th level Druid advancement
    • The Fly Speed effect was not allowing penalties to an existing fly speed
    • In D&D3.5 mode, half-giants were set as Humanoid instead of the Giant type
    • The Armorer Hulk class was missing some effects from some Rage Powers
    • The Snake Viper, Huge was incorrectly named, causing errors. Renamed to Snake (Huge Viper)
    • The Pathfinder's Barbarian rage was still using the D&D3.5 unnamed type, as opposed to PF's Morale type for both STR and CON
    • The Channeled Shield Wall feat was granting an unnamed bonus, instead of a deflection bonus to Armor Class
    • When used on the Laptop worksheet, the Protection from Energy ((sonic)) spell was using an extra pair of parenthesis

    View Release notes for 2017 here.


Ability to define custom Ranger Styles, more space for Mysteries and more!

Check out the Release Notes for more details!

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