Release Notes: v5.130 (December 1st, 2015)

Mythic Improvements, part II

In this big update, I added over 400 Mythic spells from the Mythic Adventures book! The bulk of these are augmented versions of existing spells. I have integrated these as much as I could, but in some cases they are too complex to fit on a single line of text. I added a new option on the Control sheet to allow Mythic casters to access the new Mythic spells. This option can also be toggled by using the "Mythic" button found on the three spell planners. Note that Mythic version of existing spells have an ending (M) appended, while augmented versions of these are tagged as (MA) (for Mythic Augmented). While a Mythic spell costs one Mythic Power (MP), augmented versions costs 2x MPs, unless otherwise noted in the description. Note that by default, Mythic spells are *not* shown/activated!


  • Added over 400 Mythic spells and augmented Mythic spells
  • Integrated the Monstrous Physique family of spells
  • Integrated the Animal Aspect and Animal Aspect (Greater) spells (note: If you wish to use the greater version that grants two aspects, select Animal Aspect and Animal Aspect (2nd) on the LapTop worksheet!)
  • Added the ability to define custom feats starting with Extra Path Ability..., which will count as extra path abilities for Mythic characters


  • Cleaned-up the text for Witch hexes (improved formatting and text width usage in the Info section of the BACK sheet)
  • Modified the Familiar worksheet to support a familiar of the Construct type


  • The Unarmed Style bonus feat of the Unarmed Fighter was not ignoring feat prerequisites
  • The Master of Many Styles class was getting non-style feats to choose as bonus feats
  • The effect for the Solid Fog spell was incorrect
  • The Keen Scent feat was checking the incorrect prerequisites
  • The Klar was defined as both a weapon and a shield, causing errors
  • The Earth Breaker was not using the correct weapon family/li>
  • The Error detected on the Mythic Sheet: Ability not found! error was incorrectly displayed
  • The Improved Natural Attack feat was checking the weapon name, instead of the weapon family
  • The In or Out of the Saddle (Ex) ability of the Emissary archetype was incorrectly reducing speed when wearing medium armor
  • The effects of any Path Ability granted by the Extra Path Ability feat were not being applied on the character

Release Notes: v5.123 (August 28th, 2015)

Mythic Improvements!

I added all the Mythic feats from Mythic Adventures! This should be a big help to Mythic characters.

My DM told me about some confusion in the use of the Completed Trials table, found on the Mythic worksheet. Indeed, that table was a bit awkward to use and not entirely correct. I have revisited it to make it more user friendly, and I added additional error checking and highlights to help use it. This update clarifies its use. Do note that the tSel_MythicTrial0 named cell was removed (so if you had anything there, it will be lost)


  • 17x new Mythic Feats from Mythic Adventures
  • 154x Mythic version of existing feats (which are enhancements to existing feats) from Mythic Adventures
  • The Twin Blades (Ex) ability of the Two-Weapon Warrior (Fighter archetype) can now be activate don the LapTop sheet
  • Added integration for the Power of Faith ability of the Warrior of the Holy Light (Paladin archetype) with:
  • Power of Faith (4th level)
  • Power of Faith (12th level)
  • Power of Faith (20th level)
  • Added integration for the Arcane Shield APG feat
  • Added the ability to select the 'extra' favored enemy on the Laptop worksheet
  • Added a Razortusk Bite weapon to the weapon table to support the Razortusk feat


  • Improved the Completed Trials table on the Mythic sheet to be more user friendly
  • Action points modified to Hero points when in Pathfinder mode


  • Fixed an a problem with the combination of Sorcerer (Draconic) and the Dragon Disciple prestige class
  • The Beast Totem (Su) rage power was not giving the correct AC bonus
  • The text for the Defensive Flurry (Ex) ability of the Two-Weapon Warrior was incorrect at higher levels
  • Fixed the Touch of Corruption for the antipaladin taking the extra lay on hands feat
  • The favored class option for the Human Summoner was granting bonuses to both hit points and skill points
  • The text for the Strength Surge ability (Strength Domain) was incorrect
  • The text for the Stalwart feat prerequisite was incorrect
  • The Pathfinder version of Inspire Courage was still using 'morale' bonus instead of 'competence' bonus on the back sheet
  • The Inspired Defense Mythic ability of the Marshal was using competence bonus instead of morale bonus for saves
  • Natural damage (like Bite) for Diminutive was incorrect because of a typo
  • The feat prerequisite for Improved Vital Strike were incorrect
  • Fixed various typos on the Stats worksheet
  • Removed the use of 'Epic' when using the Sheet with the Pathfinder Ruleset

Release Notes: v5.121 (May 11th, 2015)

I have clarified the options found in the XP worksheet ... many reported that they are not working, but they work fine; The thing is, these options are used when you wish to completely automate your hit point progression. The new layout should make this clear!


  • Added 3 entries in the Mythic sheet to allow space for extra path for when the Extra Path Ability feat is defined in the Feat table
  • Integrated the Precision (Ex) mythic ability for those using the Champion path
  • Added a new option on the Front sheet to allow Character to follow the Pathfinder Society experience progression


  • Modified the layout of the options in the XP worksheet and clarified their functionality
  • Modifier the Front sheet to hide the Epic levels when in the Pathfinder mode
  • Removed the level 20 restrictions for Pathfinder characters


  • The natural armor bonuses from Dragon Disciple and Sorcerer Draconic Bloodline were not being added to armor
  • The All (attack_type) Special Damage group of effects was not working properly
  • The Pit Fighter ability of the Brutal Pugilist (P) was checking for the level 15 and 18 maneuvers before those levels were reached
  • The text for the Pit Fighter ability of the Brutal Pugilist (P) was incorrect
  • Fixed typo in the Paired Opportunists feat name
  • The Inquisitor (P) and its Archetypes were getting a request to set the level 12 teamwork feat, while still at level 9, 10 or 11
  • The Celestial Spirit in Wpn selectable laptop ability was not working correctly for Paladin archetypes. The bonus type was changed to unnamed so it stacks with existing enhancement bonuses
  • The Sanctify Armor spell was not applying the DR 5/Evil when a Judgement was in use on the LapTop sheet

Release Notes: v5.119 (March 26th, 2015)

More Skillz, more fixes!

My group is currently playing a Caravan-based campaign (and using TOS Caravan!) so I decided to add a few of the skills related to that profession! While at it, I also added a few pathfinder version of Psionic skills for those who play the Psionic game :)


  • Added Pathfinder skills used in a Caravan game
    • Profession: Baker-p
    • Profession: Engineer-p
    • Profession: Gardener-p
    • Profession: Merchant-p
    • Profession: Wainwright-p
  • Added psionic skills for those Pathfinder players who use psionic stuff
    • Autohypnosis-p
    • Psicraft-p
    • Use Psionic Device-p
  • Added new named cells to facilitate prerequisite determination:
    • res_MaxSpellLevel
    • res_MaxArcaneSpellLevel
    • res_MaxDivineSpellLevel


  • Modified the Monk (P) and Monk (P) archetypes to use the generic monk level, as opposed to their specified levels. This was necessary to increase support the the Legendary Monk class from Little Red Goblins Games
  • Reduced the length of the text with some Mythic abilities, to better fit the restricted space


  • Fixed the ability scores of the APG familiars
  • The Favored Class Bonus for a human/druid was miscalculated
  • The diehard feat was mistyped as die hard for the Unbreakable (P) fighter archetype and the Fast Healer feat
  • The distance to target activatable ability of the LapTop sheet was not being disabled when turned OFF
  • The 'All Movement Speed' effect was giving a bonus to Fly speed, when it should not have
  • Added the Level Bard (linked to the PE_LevelBard named cell) effect, and updated all bardic class to define it
  • Added the missing 'Hide' button on the Mythic worksheet
  • For the 12th level teamwork feat for the Inquisitor (P); the customize worksheet was requesting it at 11th level instead of 12th
  • A custom Arcane School with effects would see the effect applied twice
  • The Shaping Focus feat was not applying the correct bonus
  • The Paired Opportunists feat had a typo in the feat table

Release Notes: v5.117 (February 25th, 2015)

Let There be MYTHIC!

A new Mythic worksheet has been added to increase support for the awesome (and free!) Mythic rules from Paizo! You can use it to select your Mythic path, set your Mythic Tier, as well as track your surge ability, Legendary Item (if you are lucky enough to have one!) and select your Mythic Abilities. As always, please report any issues/typos/problems in the Gremlin section of the forum.


  • Added a Mythic worksheet to support these Mythic Paths:
    • Archmage
    • Champion
    • Guardian
    • Heirophant
    • Marshal
    • Trickster
  • Added the Wpn Special Ability: Masterwork to the list of weapon abilities, to quickly make a weapon Masterwork on the laptop worksheet


  • The ToolTip for the Touch AC was not displaying the Conditional bonuses to touch armor class
  • The prerequisite for the Minor and Major Spell Expertise feats were incorrect

Release Notes: v5.115 (January 20th, 2015)

Smarter 'Load Data' button

The Load Data button which is used to load .tosdata file will no longer overwrite existing spells and feats. It will now attempt to add these to the tables, if there is sufficient space. This will facilitate the trading of custom feats/spells between TOS+ users!

Dynamic adjustments

Some times, you need to adjust your ability scores, your AC or even your saving throws because of a situation or source not listed in the standard books. Sure, you can use the various Adj box on the Front sheet to adjust many of those, but in this latest update, you can also do this on the LapTop worksheet! These Dynamic adjustments can be found in the All Combat/Conditions section.

Load picture problems

Thanks to an unfriendly Excel update in December 2014, you may have issues loading a picture in TOS+. If so, check the solution presented here!


  • Added a Dynamic Adjustment sub-section (in the All Combat/Conditions section) which allows adjustment of:
    • The ability scores (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma)
    • The various Armor Class
    • The saving throws
    • The Initiative
    • The Base Attack Modifier
  • Added the Wpn Special Ability: +5 to Wpn Special Ability: +10 for use on the LapTop worksheet
  • Integrated the following Pathfinder feats:
    • Vital Strike
    • Improved Vital Strike
    • Greater Vital Strike
    • Devastating Strike
  • Added the Lycanthrope Size Adj. Laptop effect, for use with Lycanthropes


  • The Reach Spell feat description was incorrect in Pathfinder
  • Fixed the description of the Improved Overrun feat
  • Fixed the effect for the Magic Fang (Greater) spell
  • The minimum requirements for the Eidolon's Flight (magical) and Large evolutions were missing
  • Fixed the Improved Natural Attack feat, which was misbehaving

View Release notes from 2014 here.


This update adds bold to the BACK worksheet to improve readability!

Check out the Release Notes for all the details!

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