TOS 2nd CORE/PRO edition Requirements:

  • On PC: Microsoft Excel 2007 (SP3), Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 and Excel 365
  • On Mac: NOT compatible on the MAC versions of Excel
  • Other Spreadsheets: TOS 2nd does NOT function on Excel clones

Subscription details

These are the advantages of a Subscription:

  • FREE UPDATES: Download updates as soon as they are posted on the forum
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT: You can get technical support through the [TOS 2nd] Help Desk section of the community forum or view previously visited topics
  • CONTENT: Gain access to user created content like:
    • New Ancestries
    • New Classes
    • Add-ons
    • and other resources like Spells, Animal Companions, PCs and NPCs etc
  • GAMING:Access to Play-by-post games. Host a PbP or join one seeking players.

TOS 2nd PRO edition
(with Subscription)

(Includes all the benefits of the Subscription)
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 •  $40.00 for 2 years Subscription
(BEST value!)

 •  $25.00 for 1 year Subscription

TOS 2nd CORE edition
(no Subscription)

The Stand Alone version does not include
free updates, Tech support, nor access to shared content.
It can be aquired on these Online Stores

 •  $12.50 (no Subscription)

OGS Paizo

Content Comparison table



 •  Core Rulebook:
     •  6x Ancestries, 35x Backgrounds
     •  92x Ancestry, 84x Archetype Feats
     •  12x Classes
     •  570x Class Feats, 17x General feats, 99x Skill Feats
     •  All Equipment
     •  557x Spells & Focus Spells
     •  Support stuff (Domains, Familiars, Runes etc)
 •  Advanced Player's Guide:
     •  4x New Classes: Investigator, Oracle, Swashbuckler, Witch
     •  5x Ancestries and 5 Heritages for any Ancestry
     •  40x New Archetypes, including for the New Classes
     •  New class options for all twelve classe from the CRB
     •  New Weapons, Gear and Magic items... etc
 •  Lost Omens: Character Guide:
     •  3x Ancestries
     •  127x Ancestry Feats
     •  71x Archetype Feats
     •  23x Heritages
     •  All faction equipment
 •  Lost Omens: Gods & Magic:
     •  lots of Gods & Entities
     •  19x Divine Domains
     •  66x Spells & Focus Spells
     •  15x Feats
     •  All Items & Weapons
 •  Lost Omens: World Guide:
     •  73x Backgrounds
     •  54x Feats
     •  9x Spells & Focus Spells
     •  Equipment and Items
 •  Other Features:
     •  Button to customize an existing Ancetry
     •  Area to add Extra Features to the PC

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Note: All prices are in USD and are subject to change without any prior notice.

Beginner's Guide video!

A Beginner's Guide has been published on YouTube. Check it out!


Content from a 5th sourcebook has been added to the PRO edition: The Advanced Player's Guide!

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CORE v1.3.199 Released

Adds the Raging condition for Barbarians plus many bug fixes!

Check the Release Notes for all the details


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