What is TOS FIVE?

TOS FIVE is a very powerful Character creation and maintenance workbook for the newest version of Dungeons & Dragons (5th edition) TOS FIVE is:

Easy to use: TOS FIVE presents printable sheets that are easy to navigate, so that you quickly input your Character's information. It also allows you to create a multi-class Character

customizable: Many aspect of a Character can be customized. And with the power of Excel behind it, TOS FIVE can handle special Characters as well!

Dynamic playTOS FIVE has a DashBoard that can be used during a game session to apply effects on your character as you play.

Beyond the SRD

While TOS FIVE is based on the 5th edition SRD (System Reference Document), it is built to allow users to create & share content! Here is a breakdown of what users have been sharing on the community forum:

56 custom Races

66 custom Classes and Class options

49 custom Feats

161 custom Spells

12 custom Backgrounds

NOTE: These numbers are as of JUNE 2018
Contact admin for queries regarding content availability on the Forum

Do you want to know more?

  • Download the DEMO version available in the Download section!
  • View a list of features: click here.


A DEMO version of TOS FIVE is available inthe Download section! While limited (it IS a demo after all), it will allow you to see how this awesome tool performs - Be sure to check out the cool DashBoard!


The new update to TOS FIVE is now available! Check out the Release Notes for more details!

SEE it in action!

TOS FIVE Tutorial

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