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The great thing about effects of that they can be added to any items or abilities the character has! This means that you could create a Hat with the same effects as a Feat, or a weapon that grants you skill bonuses. For the Sheet, if an effect is available, the 'source' of that effect is irrelevant!

Effects can be added to almost everything. The easiest way to learn HOW to create effects is to learn by example. The process of adding effects is similar, whether you are adding an effect for a weapon, of for a feat.

We assume you are familiar to 'navigating' through the Sheet to get to the desired worksheet (if not, you might want to stay out of the advanced User Guide!!).

Example: A Magical Armor

In this example, we will create a new suit of Armor called Zartan's Chainmail, based on a standard chainmail, but with these magical effects/properties:

  • +2 enhancement bonus to Armor Class
  • Resistance to Electricity 10
  • Slick Special Ability

Step #1 - Getting the base armor

The first thing to do is to create a 'base' armor from which our new Armor will be made. In TOS+, go to the Gear Worksheet. Click on the blue Armor quicklink in the upper left to jump to the Armor table. When you see the Armor table, you will notice another quicklink called Click HERE to add Custom Armors!. Click on it to jump to the yellow area where a custom Armor can be added.

The image on the right shows what happens when you click on the first arrow drop down of the Armor QuickFill. This is a way to 'fetch' all the data for an existing Armor, so that you do not have to start filling the information from scratch. Select Chainmail Armor from that list. After a moment, the yellow area will fill with the data from the 'basic' chainmail armor.

Now you can start filling in the information for your custom armor, replacing the data as needed. Here we will focus on adding the desired effect - and how to proceed!

Clicking on the drop down arrow in the Custom Armor section

When you create new equipment (or anything else for that matter), it is important you always use a 'unique' name - one that does NOT already exists in one of the other Tables. If you do use the same name, then the Sheet will not be able to find that item, as it will always 'see' the first it finds.

Step #2 - Basic information

After TOS+ has auto-filled the information for the 'basic' chainmail armor, you are all set to fill in the details for Zartan's Chainmail. The first thing to do would be to name the armor Zartan's Chainmail. After this, go through the rest of the column to change the desired information. Here is an example for Zartan's Chainmail: (Gray cells highlight the changed column from the base armor information)

Table: Base information for Zartan's Chainmail
Column Content
Armor (that's the name!) Zartan's Chainmail
Cost (gp) 123,456 (example value...)
Base Armor Bonus 5
Enhancement Bonus (magic) 2
Max Dex Bonus 2
AC Check Penalty -4
Arcane Spell Failure (%) 30
Medium Weight 40
Adjusted Weight (this formula should be left alone!) 40
Description (use whatever you wish) Found in the Grey Castle
Armor Category Medium
Armor Family Chainmail Armor

This covers the basic information for the Armor. Note that for Armors, the magical enhancement bonus is a column which can be directly filled in. Now the fun part; creating the effects that will make Zartan's Chainmail truly magical!

Step #3 - Adding the effects

The rest of the columns in the Armor table pertains to Effects (starting with Conditional Effects and Abilities). This is where the Effect part of the Armor is added. Note though that the armor table has a column to enter any enhancement bonus to armor! This means that you would not need to specify an effect; just enter the enhancement bonus for your magical Armor in that column.

To help enter Effects, the custom section contains a special cell called Category Selector, which contains a list of all the available groups of Effects. This is helpful if you are not sure on the syntax to use for the name of the effect you wish to use.

To enter the Resistance to Electricity 10 effect, which is an Extraordinary Ability, we start by choosing Abilities: Extraordinary (Ex) in the Category Selector cell.

The Category Selector to help locate groups of Effect
Next, we get back to our specific armor. When we click in the Effect #1: Name cell, a list of all the EX Abilities pops up, as this is what category of effect we wish to see. Scrolling down, we find the Resistance to Electricity (Ex) effect, which we now select. This is the NAME of the effect we have to use if we want to give our Armor some Electricity Resistance!

For the Type, we can choose Resistance but that may not be the best solution. Indeed, for resistances, we usually get use the 'best' bonus granted. So the type would work better if you used the special type called Max Value, which indicates that this item gives a maximum value of 10. Finally, the modifier is, as expected, 10.

The Resistance to electricity effect name is selected

Now for the Slick effect of our Armor; the rules says that it provides a +5 competence bonus on its wearer’s Escape Artist checks. First, we change the Category Selector to Skill and then for the name of the second effect, we choose the Escape Artist skill. The type for this effect is stated as competence while the modifier is 5.

The table below gives a résumé of the effects we added for our special armor!

Table: The Effect Section for Zartan's Chainmail
Column Content
Conditional Effects and Abilities Zartan's Chainmail
Permanent Effect? Yes
Effect Advise This armor is already integrated!
Effect #1 Name Resistance to Electricity (Ex)
Effect #1 Type Max Value
Effect #1 Modifier 10
Effect #2 Name Escape Artist
Effect #2 Type Competence
Effect #2 Modifier 5

The Results

Now that Zartan's Chainmail is created, we can get to the Back worksheet and simply select it. Once we do, you can see, on the Front worksheet that an electricity bonus has been applied!! You can also check your Escape Artist skill, and you will note, if you entered the effects correctly, that it increased by 5 (The Effect column in the Skill section will show 5, unless you have other effects applied on that skill)
Electricity resistance applied thanks to our special Armor!

One of the common mistakes, is forgetting to put a Yes for Effects that are permanent. If you do forget to set the permanency to Yes, it means the effects (excluding the value in the column Enhancement Bonus (Magic)) of the armor are not applied until you manually activate it, which can be done in the LapTop worksheet worksheet.

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