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The Class Skill type is used to transform into class skills, skills that would otherwise be cross-class. Unlike most other types, the modifier of an effect of the Class Skill type is a string instead of a number. Skill effects can be applied to either Classes or Races. To better illustrate the use of this type, we will look at a simple example.

We want to create this new feat:


Wizard class


The Wizard class adds Move Silently and Open Lock to his/her list of class skills.

Here is how the effect for this would be achieved:

Table: The three parts of the TRICKY WIZARD feat
Effect Target Effect Type Effect Modifier
Class Skill (Wizard) Class Skill Move Silently,Open Lock

As you can see, the Modifier is a comma delimited string with all the names of the skills to be added to the class-skills for the specified class. You have to use the exact same name for the Skill, as listed in the Skill worksheet and you do not need to add spaces between each skill name. The type is, as expected, simply Class Skill.

The Effect Target, which is Class Skill (Wizard) in our example, is important: The Sheet needs to know which of the 6 possible classes will get these new skills as class-skills. The Effect Target must specify that class and use the same syntax as shown - evidently, you may use a formula which returns a selected class name.

Class skills for Races

If you wish to assign class skills for a race, simply use the Class Skill (racename) effect to achieve this.

Class skills for ALL classes

If you want these skills to be class skills for all classes the character has, simply use the All Class Skill effect

Effect to assign two skills to all classes
Effect Target Effect Type Effect Modifier
All Class Skill Class Skill Move Silently,Open Lock