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The Manifester type is used to specify that a Race/Class gives the ability to manifest powers, as specified by the modifier. Lets look at an example.

How the Unbodied gain Psionic Powers
Effect Target Effect Type Effect Modifier
Unbodied Manifesting Race Manifester Psion

This effect will tell the Sheet that the Unbodied race can manifest powers as a Psion.

But you also NEED to tell the sheet how many levels to give!! To do this, you add a second effect:

Assign 4 Psion levels to our Unbodied Race
Effect Target Effect Type Effect Modifier
Psion Manifester Level (All Aspects) Unnamed 4

The Unbodied race can manifest level like a 4th level Psion!


It is possible to assign the Manifester effect to anything desired - not only Races and classes! So you could create a weapon, a potion, a shield or even a feat that would, once equipped, give the ability to manifest powers

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