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Created by Patransom, the Dungeon Master Sheet (also known as 'DM Sheet') is a tool for groups of people where all players, including the Dungeon Master have subscribed to the Sheet. It allow players to send their character (the .tos file) to the DM, who can then use the DM Sheet to handle many aspects of his group of players!

Where to Download

You can download the DM Sheet in the TOOL: DMSheet section of the community forum. This requires an active subscription to TOS+.

How to use

  1. Open up your copy of The Only Sheet.
  2. Open up your copy of the TOS DM Sheet.
  3. Go to the page entitled "RawData" in the TOS DM Sheet.
  4. Click one of the LOAD buttons (LOAD ALL to load multiple characters at once).
  5. Make sure the filename of The Only Sheet is correct (if you have only this sheet and The Only Sheet open, it should be) and click "continue."
  6. A box will appear showing the name of the character about to be loaded. If this is the character you want, click "Yes." (If it isn't the character you want, click "No." You will be taken to The Only Sheet's load character dialog to select the correct character.)
  7. You now have a character loaded in the TOS DM Sheet. (If you clicked "LOAD ALL," you will be given the option to load another character.)