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Community Forum

The on-line Community Forum is amazingly friendly and helpful with everything from sheet issues to ideas for campaigns for DMs and Players alike. Additionally some people are prone to post about the latest movies or gatherings such as Gen Con. The users are from all over the world!

Accessing the Forum

Aside from the first two sections of the forum (The Town Crier and The Tavern), the other sections are reserved for subscribers of the Sheet. Once you have Subscribed to TOS+, you can find the instructions to get access here

What can be found in the Forum

  • User support
  • Sections for User created content
    • Classes
    • Monsters
    • Races
  • Online RPGs between users (currently Full)


Contributors are Users who have contributed financially to help various projects. There are many advantages to being a contributor. For TOS+ Contributors, the details can be found HERE.

Basically, Contributors have:

  • No fee for lost Personal Keys
  • A free copy of the Loot Divider product
  • A free copy of TOS Caravan product
  • A special RANK on the community forum