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TOS first came about when the author wanted an automated character sheet for his new character. An exhaustive search of the Web turned up many character sheets, but all were either colorful implementation with little content, or too complex for the average Joe. So the author decided, in December 2003, to create his own Excel Workbook to fulfill that void.

April 2004:

The Dual-Class Character Sheet became available. Those who wanted to use it were asked to donate to the author to help support further development. People started to respond to the surprise of the author. This prompted further work on the Sheet and more features were added. The name reflected the fact that you could create a character with 2 classes.

August 2004:

A new version of the Sheet came out, with many new features - including support for 3 classes. This prompted a name change, and the Sheet was renamed "Multiclass Character Sheet".

January 2005:

A Mailing Group was created for the community of the Sheet. People could post messages and exchange information using it. Another big change came with v6.49, which implemented the Personal Key, which is used to unlock the Sheet. So users could now get new versions of The Sheet themselves by downloading it directly from the Homepage, and applying their Personal Key. Mass emails were sent to ALL the previous users of the Sheet, giving them one year to request their own Personal Key.

May 2005:

The Community forum opened. The Mailing Group becomes an outlet for Sheet news, where no users can submit messages. Ideal for those wanting only Sheet News.

September 2005:

A new era began for The Sheet, when version 7 became available. That was the first version to use Visual Basic to add even more powerful functions to the Sheet: Users could now Load and Save their Characters thus enabling the exchange of small files between users!!

December 2005:

Work starts on TOS+: a heavy modification of TOS, which would implement the stacking rules and many other powerfull features, like the ability to play dynamically with a Laptop!

March 2006

After 15 months of work, TOS+ becomes available to the public. One of the most customizable and powerful Character Sheet is now available to D&D3.5 Players.

June 2008

Integration of the PF RPG rules from Paizo starts with their Alpha III release.

August 2008

With the release of the PF RPG Beta rules, work shifts to support that new Version.