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The LapTop Worksheet is easily the most useful worksheet ever created for LapTop users. This worksheet essentially presents the user with a comprehensive résumé of his character, viewed on a single screen page. But unlike the Stats page, the LapTop worksheet is designed for dynamic play.

Dynamic Play?

During a D&D session, certain effects will come into play: the Cleric will cast a Prayer, the Bard will inspire courage, the Sorcerer will casts a Haste or your character might become Fatigued. In the Pen & Paper version, you need to keep track of all these effects on your character. This can become quite tedious when your Character is affected by many such effects.

With the LapTop worksheet, you can simply tell the Sheet which effects your Character currently has on him and the Sheet will keep track of all of them! Not only that, but you can also specify the duration of these effects, which will allow you to easily manage rounds after rounds of combat. Simply click on the "Rnd" button to go to the next rounds: Any effects that have expired will be automatically removed from your character!

Automated Stacking Rules

One of the most difficult aspect of the game, is knowing which effects actually stacks which what. You can read this nice article by Skip Williams explaining the stacking rules. But suffice to say that TOS+ is engineered to automatically take the stacking rules into account, so you do not have to worry about them!

So any effects you applied while creating your character, and any effects you add dynamically through the LapTop worksheet, will be verified to comply to the stacking rules

Show Me!

Certainly! A small video was created to demonstrate the most important aspect of the LapTop worksheet. Check it out!