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Over the years, The Only Sheet plus [referred here as TOS+ or 'The Sheet'] has become one of the best (if not the best) Character Sheet for players and Game Masters of both Pathfinder RPG and Dungeons Dungeons & Dragons v3.5!! Much work has been done to create a sheet that could handle the complexity of the Stacking Rules.

This Wiki is dedicated to TOS+. Because TOS+ is constantly evolving, a Wiki allows all users of the Sheet to share their knowledge. This will help create a comprehensive source of information that anyone can access!


There are many people who have contributed one way or the other, to make this Sheet what it is today. Each time a bug was found, an idea voiced or a proposal sent, that action brought the Sheet closer to perfection - which is a goal by itself. Here I would like to Thank all those wonderful people who have contributed to this project, in one way or the other. One special hug goes to my friend Tammy, who was the first one to encourage me in this. I have to bow to Patransom wisdom, whose initial suggestions and idea led to the creation of TOS+! LordVorp for is great coding skills and constant vigil over the IRC Chat channel, shai-hulud for for his dedication to the project and CGM3 for holding the title as the most creative voice!!

So to all of you, and to those I do not name here, I say:



The Only Sheet+ is a Microsoft Excel¹ workbook which has been designed² to automate many aspects of character maintenance for players of the Dungeons & Dragons version 3.5 game published by Wizards of the Coast. This whole project started in November 2003, when I was preparing a character for a new campaign. After searching on the Web for all available sheets, I realized that the sheets available were of poor quality - they were ugly in almost all cases, and very complex to use. I then decided to do my own self-calculating Excel character Sheet while keeping in mind two important aspects: It had to be easy to use and it had to be great looking!

The Only Sheet is entirely based on the System Reference Document, which is part of the Open Game License.

¹ TOS+ requires Excel 2007 or more recent. It is not compatible non-Microsoft spreadsheets.

² Designed with the Newbie in mind - you do not have to be an Excel Expert to use The Sheet!

Demo Version

TOS CORE stands in as a fully working DEMO version for TOS+. It contains ONLY the CORE stuff (from both D&D3.5 and Pathfinder) can be downloaded from the Homepage. You can also check out the Video section to see how dynamic play is handled.

Target Audience

Results of the Age Poll as of June 25th 2006

Who is this character sheet for?

This character Sheet is intended for people who wish to save time creating and maintaining their D&D Characters or NPCs (time which is better spent playing!!) - people who have a high standard in quality, ease of use and professional output.

As seen in the results of the Age Poll, over 75% of registered users are 30+!


When you subscribe to TOS+, you receive, by email, your Personal Key (which should be protected like any other PIN). Make sure you read that email for further instructions!

Subscription means:

  • Access to all features of the Sheet
  • Free updates for the duration of your subscription (provided through the Community Forum)
  • Technical Support (provided through the Community Forum)
  • You can download Classes and Races (at last count, there are over 400+ shares classes/races!)
  • You can request new Classes and Races that have yet to be created by the community
  • Access to all new Play-by-Post games featured on the Forum
  • Ability to contribute to this Wiki, if desired.

If you do NOT request access to the Community Forum, then you will not be able to download the latest update of TOS+.


You can check the History of TOS if you are curious about its development!!

The Logos

Many thanks for the generous artists who have given me authorization to use their work to represent the Sheet!

The Logo for TOS+ is based on the image "Uruk Chieftan of Barad Dur", created by Martin McKeown.

The Logo for the older TOS is based on the image "Here Comes Trouble", created by Erik Hilliker.


You can view the OGL License here.