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The Community Forum hosts many Play-by-Post games of both D&D3.5 and PF RPG games. This section is used to access the Wiki areas for those PbP that are using the Wiki to hold Player-known information. Players in a PbP can edit these area to update their content. NPC, Maps, Locations and such can all be tracked and edited by the players of the PbP

List of Active PbP

  • Arena of Ages: Moderator: Duniagdra; Players: All are welcomed!
  • Council of Thieves : DM is Duniagdra; Players: Gondonlin1, Twiglet, Phoenik, LinusMundane, PowerRongeur, Nydders
  • Duni's World Bazaar: DM is Duniagdra; Players: Apwhite, Benji, BusyCowboy, DrizztFan24, Marine7312000 Tdsprouse
  • Rise of the Runelords: DM is Duniagdra; Players: Admin, Benji, BusyCowboy, Klakxor, Marine7312000, Patransom and Shai-Hulud
  • The Shackled City: DM is Apwhite; Players: Benji, Cave_Lion, Duni, Jennaver, Patransom and Phoenik

List of Ended PbP:

  • (ENDED) The World's Largest Dungeon: DM is Cave Lion; Players: TWLD Team A - Klakxor, Jennaver, Mr_man, Patransom, Duniagdra, LinusMundane, Kabkal -- TWLD Team B - greg_BSCIS, Arpat, Scarymike23, Esselmonster, Marine7312000, Shai-hulud, Benji