What is the Loot Divider?

The Loot Divider is a workbook that will facilitate Loot Sharing/Tracking for players of Pathfinder RPG or 3.5. It is compatible with Excel, and Open Office

Presenting the main Worksheets:

The Treasure! worksheet is used to sell items (magical or otherwise) and split the loot equally.

The Players' Loot worksheet lets you track which players took which items, so that everyone can have a fair share.

The Tracker worksheet is an alternative to the Players' Loot sheet, but with less automation.

The Group worksheet will hold any items considered to be owned by the Group

The Item Builder worksheet assists you in using the proper syntax for Arms & Armor with magical properties.

And more!

The Reporting worksheet can be used to generate automated reports of your Loot, that you can email or even share on a bbcode compatible Forum.

The Data worksheet contains all the equipment, items, weapons, armor, shields etc from Pathfinder AND 3.5. It can also be used to add hundreds of new items!

STARFINDER version released!

The Loot Diviver - Science Fantasy edition has been released for Starfinder RPG!

Version 1.92 released!

The Loot Divider v1.92 has been released!

Read the Release Notes for all the details.
Happy Looting!

Introduction video!

An Introductory video was created to give you an idea of the usefulness of the Loot Divider!
Check it out. (1357 views)