What is TOS Caravan?

TOS Caravan is a workbook that will help you manage a Caravan, as per the Caravan rules introduced in the Adventure Path #49 from Paizo Publishing.

Main features of TOS Caravan:

  • No macros, so it works in these spreadsheet applications:
    • Microsoft Excel 2007+
    • Macintosh Excel 2011+
    • Open Office 4.1.1+
  • Includes content of Trade Routes: Expanded Caravan Rules Sourcebook by Louis Porter Jr. Design (purchase this great PDF for all the details!)
  • Can be used dynamically, or you can print out the Caravan sheets
  • It handles the maths, so you can focus on playing
  • It lists all the conditional bonuses so you can determine which one to apply
  • Has many adjustment boxes to let you tweak your Caravan
  • Allows the creation of custom wagons, travellers, caravan feats and equipment!

TOS Caravan Available!

TOS Caravan is now Available! A preview section was also added - Check it out!

Happy Trading!