Designer's Notes

The Loot Divider allows you to track treasure for your group; You can split treasure amongst players and even see who is holding which magical items. You can also quickly determine the price of magical weapons, armors and shields by using the Item Builder!

This section of the forum is for users of the Loot Divider!
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Designer's Notes

Post by admin » Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:42 am

This is a repository of notes about the design of the Loot Divider.

Macros/VBA: I have attempted to use as little Macros/VBA as possible in the LD. Currently, macros are used in 3 areas: The 'Clear' button on some of the sheets, and the 'Copy this Item to the Treasure!' button on the item Builder sheet. Since these are only optional things, you can very well work the LD while macros are disabled! The Players' Loot sheet is the third place where Macros are used: They are necessary to provide the automation required to 'fetch' the value of an item added in this sheet. If you do not have access to Macros, you can still use this sheet, or use the Item Tracker instead, which has similar functionality!

Mithral objects: Since a Mithral dagger is half a pound and would cost only 252GP if made out of Mithral (for a masterwork weapon that should be 302gp!!), I set the minimum weight of Mithral objects to 1 pound.

Darkleaf Cloth: The description for this material specifies that 'clothing' has a fixed price of 500gp, while other fear is priced at 375gp/lb. Since the Loot Divider has no concept of 'clothing', all items will be priced at 375gp/lb UNLESS the item contains either the 'vestment' word, of the 'outfit' word!


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