Loot Divider v1.51 - RELEASE NOTES

The Loot Divider allows you to track treasure for your group; You can split treasure amongst players and even see who is holding which magical items. You can also quickly determine the price of magical weapons, armors and shields by using the Item Builder!

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Loot Divider v1.51 - RELEASE NOTES

Post by admin » Thu May 19, 2011 10:27 am

NEW Feature added!
While playing one of my Play-by-Post Pathfinder games, our group came across a new magical ring, useful to melee type characters (we have 3 in our group). I realized that I did not know which character would best make use of it, as I had no idea what magical items they were already wearing! So it dawned on me that it would be nice to have a visual representation of what a Character is wearing (specially magic wise). The Item Tracker sheet now features a humanoid image with location arrows; items entered in that sheet will be shown near the location you defined for them. This feature can be used in conjunction with the treasure found (and listed in the Treasure! sheet) or by itself

  • Added the ability to display a character's items on a humanoid shaped figure in the Item Tracker
  • Added a location column to the Item Tracker worksheet
  • Added an All Item check box in the Item Tracker worksheet which allows items to be picked up from ALL the items available, instead of just the items defined in the Treasure! sheet
  • Added an 'auto-hide' feature to the Item Tracker worksheet which will hide columns where no characters are defined (Excel only)
  • Added an "unhide" button to restore hidden columns of the Item Tracker worksheet (Excel only)
ADDED from the Ultimate Combat
  • Bronze Age weapons
  • Eastern Armor and Weapons
  • Firearms, Firearms gear, Firearms ammunition and the Specific Firearm Ammunition
  • Firearm Special Abilities
  • Gladiator Weapons
  • Stone Age weapons
  • Wondrous Items
  • Player names cannot be typed in the Item Tracker worksheet; they are now automatically picked up from the Options worksheet

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