Loot Divider v1.80 - RELEASE NOTES

The Loot Divider allows you to track treasure for your group; You can split treasure amongst players and even see who is holding which magical items. You can also quickly determine the price of magical weapons, armors and shields by using the Item Builder!

This section of the forum is for users of the Loot Divider!
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Loot Divider v1.80 - RELEASE NOTES

Post by admin » Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:17 am

Quick Picks for Macs and 64 bits PC Excel!
I updated the Loot Divider to allow Macintosh Excel users access to the Quick Picks feature! This is also true for those who use the 64 bits version of Excel on PC. So from now on, all versions of Excel 2007+ will have access to this feature!

EPIC (enhancement bonus) to Weapons, Armors and Shields added!
The Loot Divider can now handle the Epic (enhancement) bonus for weapons, armors and shields. To use that, use a bonus from +6 to +10. Do not forget the + sign, the Loot Divider needs it! For example, you can enter this: Longsword [+7] and you will get the (Epic!) value for such a longsword!

Changes in this Release:
  • Added support for Quick Picks for the Macintosh
  • Added the ability to define Epic weapons, armors and shields (i.e. +6 to +10 enhancement bonus)
  • Added these new types for custom gear:
    • art
    • gem
    • jewelry
    • misc
  • Improved the Treasure report when the sell rate is 0%
  • The animal & poison type were not available to customize gear
Happy Looting!

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