[closed] Organizing a NEW 5e paid Campaign Online!

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[closed] Organizing a NEW 5e paid Campaign Online!

Post by admin » Wed Mar 17, 2021 8:08 pm


I am looking to start organizing LIVE games with interested players in PAID games (i.e. with a hired DM). As the manager for these, my task will be to match Players with a selected Game Master and manage fee collection. I will be focusing on getting experienced Game Masters for groups of players for various adventures with various game systems (from D&D3.5 to 5th and Pathfinder 1st and 2nd)!
Interested? Read on!

If you would like to apply as a Game Master, send me a Private Message - or better yet, contact me on Discord!
:new: D&D 5e Campaign available:
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Under raging storm clouds, Count Strahd von Zarovich stands silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. Rumbling thunder echoes against the walls of the ancient keep. The winds howling picks up as he turns his gaze to the village of Barovia.

Far below, still in range of his keen eyesight, a new group of adventurers has entered his domain. Strahd's mouth curls in a slight smile, as his dark plan begins to unfold. He knew they were arriving, and he knows why they have come – all part of his plan.

A lightning flash rips across the sky, but Strahd is nowhere to be seen. Only the howling wind remains in the air. The Master of Ravenloft is expecting guests for dinner, and you are invited.

CAMPAIGN: Curse of Strahd
WHEN: Weekly, Wednesdays from 19h00 to 22h00 EST
VOICE: Discord
FEE: $12.50 per game session paid through PayPal (a link will be provided for payments)
GIFT: After the first fee payment you receive TOS FIVE for free with a 6 months subscription! (or +6 months added to your TOS FIVE account if you already own this manager)

Message from Heath, the Game Master:
I have been a DM for 40 years, and I am told I bring a great energy to storytelling, mixing combat and roleplay effortlessly. I want everyone to be involved and enjoying themselves. I believe in an inclusive table, and a safe environment for EVERYONE!

A campaign running 1st to 10th levels, it is a game of growing terror, full of frights and macabre sights. But it is also filled with flashes of humor, and a variety of challenges for veteran players and beginners alike! If you have played before, I am changing the story some so it will be fresh for you, as well.

If you have any interest in this as a player on a regular basis, please send me a private Message and let me know!


Here, I will try to answer common questions. If you have more questions, send me a private message!

Q: Do I need to use TOS FIVE?
A: NO you do not. But as stated above, upon your first payment, you will receive TOS FIVE with a 6 months subscription for free! Note that this is the SAME fee as the normal purchase of TOS FIVE; So don't buy it through here if you are not serious about being a player in this campaign!

Q: My subscription to TOS FIVE expired: DO I need to renew it to play?
A: No you do not, but you can do so if you wish to support its maker!

Q: Do I need to buy the VTT to play?
A: No, the DM handles that part and provides the links to connect.

Q: Do I need to create my character in Roll20?
A: Yes, this will allow for faster play.

Q: Do I have to use Discord for Voice?
A: Yes - and the Desktop version of Discord is preferable.

Q: How long will sessions be?
A: The sessions will be around 3 hours long. This may vary slightly to accommodate the game and/or people

Q: Do I need a Camera/video to play?
A: No, only your Voice (in Discord!).

Q: What happens if I can't play a specific Wednesday?
A: Let the Game Master know as soon as you know you can't make it!

Q: What happens if a player drops OUT of the game?
A: If someone drops, we will try to find another player, or a suitable NPC will come in to be a battle bot.

Q: If I already played the Adventure, can I play it again with you?
A: Yes, see DM comment above.

Q: Are we getting a Session #0?
A: Yes, to discuss character ideas as a group, plus get to know the DM and the other players. Bring all the questions you can think of - the more, the merrier! (No charge for session #0)

Q: Which BOOKS will be allowed for Character creation
A: Any published WotC non-modules, plus Curse of Strahd obviously. This can be discussed in session #0

Q: Starting Level?
A: Level ONE

Q: Attributes?
A: Standard array before lineage bonuses.

Q: Evil Character?
A: Yes you can play an evil character, but you should be able to work with a group. And actions have consequences, so run too wild, and villagers will take action...

Q: Do I need a Background for my Character?
A: Yes please.

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Re: ✅☕☕☕ Organizing a NEW 5e paid Campaign Online!☕☕☕✅

Post by admin » Wed Mar 17, 2021 10:12 pm

Opening Thread!

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Re: [closed] Organizing a NEW 5e paid Campaign Online!

Post by admin » Sun Apr 11, 2021 4:30 pm

For lack of interest, this has been closed.
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