❗❗❗ New version of Excel causing issues in TOS products! ❗❗❗

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❗❗❗ New version of Excel causing issues in TOS products! ❗❗❗

Post by admin » Mon Jan 13, 2020 11:35 pm


Microsoft decided to Upgraded the Formula Language in their latest update of Excel 365.

ExcelAddingATOperator.png (6.67 KiB) Viewed 34597 times
While they claim this has no effect, lo and behold, it does!
But you're not surprised... nor am I. *humph* !

When used with ParseEffect()'s String type, this causes problems when no valid string are found!
So I will be releasing updates for all my character sheets to correct this issue.

THANKS to user Aetas for lending me his MS Excel for Office 365 (16.0.12325.20280) to check on this issue - I develop my tools on the old version of Excel (2007) to make sure that all my products runs on all versions of PC Excel!

I will be working on updates to get this resolved... but I do have many products affected! Of course, you won't be affected if you stick with a previous version of Excel :)

UPDATED for this new issue:
:valid: TOS+ (v6.1.24)

:valid: TOS FIVE (v1.51.43)
:valid: TOS Five DEMO (v1.20.2)

:valid: TOS 2nd CORE edition (v1.3.170)
:valid: TOS 2nd PRO edition (v4.2.17)

:invalid: TOS 2nd DEMO
:invalid: TOS CORE (demo of TOS+)

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