TOS CORE is a FREE version of TOS+, which allows you to create and maintain core characters for both 3.5 OGL and Pathfinder RPG. If you like TOS CORE and would like access to more content and more customization, simply purchase TOS+! (comparison between TOS CORE to TOS+)

TOS CORE Requirements:

  • On PC: Microsoft Excel1 2007 (SP3), Excel 2010 and Excel 2013
  • On Mac: MAC Excel is NOT SUPPORTED
  • TOS CORE does not function with other spreadsheet applications
1 TOS+ does not function with older versions of Excel

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TOS+ v6.1.100 RELEASED!

Improvements & bug fixes

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A Dynamic Play video has been posted!
* Dynamic Play
* Loot Divider Intro.
* TOS+ Introduction
* Dynamic Trackers tutorial
* The ToolTips feature

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