Over the years, many people have share their thoughts on The Only Sheet! Here are some of these comments! Your comments are welcomed!!

  • "I would like to say I love this character sheet. Nothing elsewhere even begins to approach the level of sophistication of this program." - Nicholas L.
  • "I like your work - it has allowed us to play without having to do worry whether we picked things correctly or added stuff right. We can get more into the stories. Thanks!" - Scott S.
  • "Totally worth it. I couldn't game without this sheet! Thank you!" - Mike B.
  • "Thank you for such a great program!" - Scott G.
  • "Thanks so much man, this is a phenomenal resource!" - Shervin R.
  • "By the way, I have to tell you that TOS FREE and TOS+ are, without a doubt, the greatest D&D 3.5 character sheets that I've ever had the privilege of seeing, never mind actually using.  What an amazing job you did!  I only wish I had discovered them a few years ago; using them would have saved me thousands of hours of D&D work, allowing me to concentrate on other D&D tasks" - Daniel L. B.
  • "A BIG thanks for all your hard work.  For those of us gamers that have busy family lives it certainly is a time saver and makes for a very useful tool during my gaming." - Steven L.
  • "Thanks for a wonderful product!" - Aaron L.
  • "I love your product. Totally streamlined gaming so I can concentrate on role-playing and not math!" - Alan B.
  • "Thanks for the time and effort you have put into The Only Sheet and The Only Sheet PLUS.  I know it has saved me a lot of frustration." - Todd S.
  • "Thanks for all your help. I'm all set! And best of all my 13 and 15 year old are having no problems using this. thanks!" - Shannon R.
  • "I found your site via a Google search on DnD character sheet.  I downloaded the demo, I have quite a bit of experience with Excel, VBA and lookup functions, but I was blown away, outstanding work.  Now I don't need to page through the Players Handbook 20 times a night, I can drink my beer and roll some dice!" - Mike D.
  • "Congratulations on a great product that is not only accurate, but easy to use. Everything is easy to find and the upgrading weekly goes quickly. I'd recommend your product for anyone who is already in the game with character sheets from other vendors and are looking for an easier way to keep characters up-to-date. And especially for new players who are just getting started and need a lot of help creating and maintaining a character sheet. It's nice to find a product that will do the work for you and leave the details of the game to playing the character. I'm using your character sheets in several games a week and updating used to take an inordinate amount of time. Now it's just a few minutes and I'm set for the next session" - David J J.
  • "I just want to compliment you on all the wonderful changes and updates you have made to the sheet over the past year or so - you are really doing an awesome job! Your character sheet makes life a LOT easier for  people like me who usually have a disorganized pile of papers with loose pages falling out everywhere" - Michelle J.
  • "Even though I've never used it before, 2 hours in and the Only Sheet has saved me roughly 4 hours of scribbling - nice work!" - Kim F.
  • "After trying HeroForge and absolutely loving PCGen, I tried the demo of your sheet and find it even better" - Rob I.
  • "You've done an awesome job with this character sheet. It's amazing how much is automated while still being so customizable" - Mortarion 
  • "Hey there, thanks for creating such an amazing tool for D&D players!!" - Sherv
  • "And for the record, the spread sheet is brilliant. Best tool I have seen produced thus far, and that includes anything Wizards has produced". - Kurt
  • "I wanted to say, personally, thank you very much for all of your hard work. In the time that I've been using the sheet, I have made quite a collection of characters with it (give or take 70 saved and 100 or so made), and recommended it to dozens of people. This is, by far, the best character sheet out there. I won't even bother adding 'Excel' to it, because this (by far in my eyes) even beats out some of the wonderful programs out there, such as DM Genie, E-Tools, PCGen, and the like. Clean, easy to use, very easy to add new content to, and above all it has a wonderful admin behind it, willing to work with the people of the sheet to get things the way they want it, with as little fuss as possible" - MultiRP
  • "I want to say that your sheet is amazing. I've used many and this is one of 2 I've paid for - and I was sorry about my first purchase" - Phil
  • "Very few things come along that both can make things easier and more enjoyable, and you've managed to do both with the only sheet". - Leslie
  • "OH MY GOD what an awesome sheet ....The features are almost...dare I say...breathtaking. This is going to be such a huge help with my new gaming group (Starting tonight) all 4 are newbies to gaming. Thank you" - Lobo
  • "FANTASTIC product" - Vartian
  • "I registered your nicely made spread sheet. Very impressive. I commend your work. I have been RPGing since 1976 (kind of tells you I am an older fart =\ ). I have been through every revision and upgrade of AD&D as well as just about every other RPG. Your form is amazing. The best I have seen." - Daniel G.
  • "Thanks again. As always, yours is still the best out there. I've looked at several other excel based sheets, and none match yours. Wonderful work." - Ceroill
  • "I just wanted to commend you for a wonderful job creating this sheet. " - Jeffrey S.
  • "Thanks for the excellent product it has saved me a lot of time and energy keeping track of all my characters!" - John A. G.
  • "p.s. Your sheet is soooo much nicer than HeroForge (faster and smaller too!)" - R.G.
  • "You have the best character generator out there bar none. I wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work. I forget what the cost was but it was worth every penny and then some. My gaming group has been turned on to this and they have purchased your sheet as well." - Duane F.
  • "First let me start by writing that I am vastly impressed by your character sheet and it boggles my mind to think of the volume of work that it took to create it." - Al D.
  • "I have made 15 characters so far, and I must say I am impressed. The "Stats" tab is especially great for NPC's!" - Brian H.
  • "Overall I must admit I love the flexibility of the program [character sheet]. I'm not a excel guru to know the magic you do for calculations. But it is a nice program overall. keep up the good work on it. - Chris
  • "I think the spreadsheet is the best I have seen in 20 years of game play." - RC.
  • "Thanks for making a sheet that minimizes the work of finding all the synergy bonuses and countless hours of character creation." - RF.
  • "Let me note how impressed I am with the sheet. You've done an great job with it, and I'm greatly enjoying playing with it." - AO.
  • "Overall, you have an outstanding product. It is the kind of spreadsheet every D&D player has fantasized about making. In all of the decades I have played, only you, sir, have had the patience and perseverance to generate a sheet that perfectly accounts for every aspect of a character." - NL.
  • "You've got a very good sheet going there. :)" - Joshua N.
  • "I was delighted with the character sheet! You are to be commended for doing an excellent, very thorough job in your design, and your ongoing dedication to continued upgrades and support is very much appreciated. Thank you so very much for all your effort and hard work!" - ZF.
  • "Outstanding service to go with a great product! <grin> Thanks for getting back to me lightning quick, on Christmas Eve!" - MS.
  • "Your sheet is great. Thanks for all your hard work it really shows." - DF.
  • "BTW this is the easiest comprehensive character sheet on the internet that I have seen. I have seen more comprehensive ones, but none that are nearly as easy to use as yours. " - MB.
  • "I can't wait to see it. The demo is already on such a grand scale of greatness that there is nothing else that compares to it so far"
    "It is, by far, the closest to 'masterwork' as a sheet can be..."- DF.
  • "First of all let me say that the product is great. You've obviously put quite a bit of work into this and I think that is wonderful. After playing around with the spreadsheet for just a few hours I can really begin to appreciate just how powerful Excel is." - J.D.
  • "Great Sheet!" - J.C.
  • "The sheet kicks arse, my brother! It calculates everything out for me, even applying my feats to my attack bonuses and stuff. Awesome!" NL.
  • "Oh and by the way great work; your character sheet is by far the best I've seen" - M.U.
  • "Great sheet. Love the open ended epic (what I've been waiting for)" - Z.C.
  • "I will tell everyone I know about the time and effort you have put into this endevor and how kick ass the spread sheet is. Again Thank you for your time and effort!" - G.F.
  • "I have to admit that your sheet looks really good." - FT.
  • "I would like to say that you have a magnificent product. As a player I really appreciate the time and effort you have taken to make my life 100% easier. So thank you." - CM.
  • "Yours is the best sheet I have found so far. Thank You." - KS.
  • "Wow, this is great! I absolutely love the new layout with Psionics." - JS.
  • "This is by far the most advanced character sheet I've seen." - DC
  • "I tried this sheet and was amazed at how well it was done. It is well worth my money!" - JS.
  • "GAK! I'd a swore I'd never pay for something like this online, but I've been using your program for 6 weeks and finally figured you were due " - GL.
  • "I'm very happy with the sheet, it works great and makes it easy to operate within the rules of the game without having to skid through the books all the time. Great job you've done thus far." - JS.
  • "Great work on the character sheet, I only found out about it via a bittorrent site, but I always believe in good shareware." - SS
  • "This is the best character sheet aid I have ever seen in Excel. " - JK.
  • "More than happy to donate for this project! Thanks for your efforts to gaming!" - VB.
  • "Hi. Your character excel worksheet is EXCELLENT. It fully deserves the 15 dollars." - RM.
  • "Greetings from Houston, TX! Thanks for all the hard work putting this sheet together. I really like it, and I look forward to using it! " - RL.
  • "I'm writing you to express my thanks for the Excel Character Sheet for Dual Classed PCs. I have searched around for many moons to find a spreadsheet that would do what you have accomplished, and I am extremely impressed. Thank you." - TA.
  • "Your spreadsheet is very impressive, and exactly what I've been looking for, for a long time. I look forward to future updates, particularly incorporating magic items. Keep up the good work." - CD.
  • "I have had a chance to look through the character sheet in more detail and I have to say I am very impressed! You have done a wonderful job on it :-) Thank you!" - GR

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