Release Notes: v6.1.95 (March 6th, 2021)

New Theme added!

Used Phe0n1x shared a new theme he created, and it was added permanently in TOS+! The Quick Picks on the Laptop sheet can now fetch entries from the available Tracker


  • Added a new Theme created and shared by user Phe0n1x (v6.1.85)


  • Added more checking for International Users (error detection)
  • Added "Trackers" to the list of items that can be selected on the Laptop's Quick Picks
  • Improved the Caster level check vs SR Laptop tracker to display the total caster level for a single caster level character


  • Fixed an issue with Themes (v6.1.74)
  • Fixed some cells that were missing Theme styles(v6.1.85)
  • Fixed Metamagic feats used on the Spell Planner(v6.1.91)
  • Updated the Links used with the "Online" button on the Spell planner - over the years, the search sites changed for both PF1 and 3.5!

View Release notes for 2020 here.

TOS+ v6.1.95 RELEASED!

Button changes & bug fixes

Check out the Release Notes for all the details!


A new Discord Server has been opened for the Community! Check it out in the menu bar!

TOS Video Channel

A Dynamic Play video has been posted!
* Dynamic Play
* Loot Divider Intro.
* TOS+ Introduction
* Dynamic Trackers tutorial
* The ToolTips feature

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