What are TOS 2nd CORE edition and TOS 2nd PRO editions?

TOS 2nd CORE edition and TOS 2nd PRO edition are two very powerful Character creation and maintenance workbooks. They will help you create and maintain Pathfinder 2nd edition Characters, by automating almost everything.

Easy to use:

Both editions presents clean worksheets that are easy to navigate, so that you can quickly input your Character's information. They have elegant layouts similar to the pen & paper Character Sheets. Highlights will help you navigate to where your input is needed.


Both editions uses the same engine as TOS+/TOS FIVE to enable a complete implementation of the Stacking Rules. They manage as much of the number crunching as possible, so you you don't have to focus on adding numbers. For instance, all the Ranks and Proficiencies are computed automatically!

Dynamic play

Both editions have a DashBoard sheet that shows a résumé of your character. This allows you to apply effects like Spells and Conditions on the fly as you play, so you can focus on playing and not managing numbers. The DashBoard sheet is practically identical to the DashBoard found in TOS FIVE. Hence you can check out the TOS FIVE Video Tutorial for a good idea of what the DashBoard can do!

Covers your Needs:

Both editions have many printable Sheets to handle your Character. Primary Sheets include the Front, Back, XP, Coins and Notes worksheets. Secondary Sheets provide support for Characters with special abilities. These include the Animal Companion, Spell Planner, Formula Book and Spell Books Sheets. Other Sheets provide or holds the data (like abilities and spells) required to flesh out the Character.


Many aspect of a Character can be customized should you wish to apply changes directly to it. Adjustment boxes are available to modify the value or even the Proficiency Rank of skills and weapons. You can create Custom Weapons, Shields and Armor using the very powerful ParseEffect() capability.

Differences between the CORE and the PRO editions:

The difference between the tools is their contant. While the CORE edition features content only from the CORE rulebook, the PRO edition features content from multiple books (❼x sourcebooks as of November 2020). See the Purchase section for a table comparing the two products. Only the PRO version is offered here. The CORE version can be purchased from other Online stores.


Adds the ability to apply Themes!

Check the Release Notes for all the details


A MAJOR update which adds an 8th book: Support for the Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide has been added!

NEW YouTube video!

The Pathfinder Society: Automation and Support has been published!

CORE v1.4 Released

Paizo released an second errata for the CRB. This update applies it.

Check the Release Notes for all the details

Beginner's Guide video!

A Beginner's Guide has been published on YouTube. Check it out!


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Check the Download page to grab the DEMO version of TOS 2nd CORE edition to try it out on your system!

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