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This DEMO is a DEMONSTRATION version for both TOS 2nd CORE edition and TOS 2nd PRO edition. It allows you to create any CRB character up to a maximum level of 3. This will give you an idea on how this powerful tool runs on your system.

Are TOS 2nd CORE & PRO editions limited to the Core Rulebook?

Absolutely NOT! Both the TOS 2nd CORE and PRO editions have many areas to create custom Classes, Races, Feats, Spells etc... Furthermore, users on the Community Forum are creating and sharing additional content that Subscribers apply to TOS 2nd CORE and PRO editions. Alas, this feature is not available for the DEMO version.


  • On PC: Microsoft Excel1 2007 (SP3)and more recent versions
  • TOS 2nd CORE edition does not function on Mac Excel or other spreadsheet applications

1 TOS 2nd does not function with older versions of Excel!

Get the TOS 2nd CORE edition DEMO below!

Released on November 6th, 2019!

Updated November 12th 2020!

Get TOS 2nd CORE edition DEMO

[The DEMO was sent times!]


Adds the ability to apply Themes!

Check the Release Notes for all the details


A MAJOR update which adds an 8th book: Support for the Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide has been added!

NEW YouTube video!

The Pathfinder Society: Automation and Support has been published!

CORE v1.4 Released

Paizo released an second errata for the CRB. This update applies it.

Check the Release Notes for all the details

Beginner's Guide video!

A Beginner's Guide has been published on YouTube. Check it out!


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Check the Download page to grab the DEMO version of TOS 2nd CORE edition to try it out on your system!

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