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CORE Release Notes: v1.5.10 (October 27th, 2021)

A few bug fixes!


  • The Class DC for these classes was not scaling properly: Champion, Fighter, Monk, Ranger, Rogue
  • The Wizard Dedication feat was not granting an extra skill if the PC was already trained in Arcana
  • The text for the feat prerequisites of the Silent Spell feat was incorrect

CORE Release Notes: v1.5: FREE! (August 28th, 2021)

As of today, TOS 2nd CORE edition is FREE for everyone!! Create an unlimitted number of Core Rulebook characters with this powerful character manager - all for free!

CORE Release Notes: v1.4.25 (December 14th, 2020)

Many improvements applied, as well as bug fixes!

I expanded the Customization capability of the CORE edition! Details below.


  • Increased the number of Custom Animal Companions from 1 to 6 slots
  • Increased the number of Custom Alchemical Items from 10 to 20
  • Increased the number of Custom Armor from 3 to 10
  • Increased the number of Custom Staves from 3 to 12
  • Increased the number of Custom Weapons from 20 to 40


  • Added the effects for the Monastic Weaponry feat


  • The Spell Attack was not checking the proper effects (so Heroism were not affecting it)
  • Guidance was tagged as 2 actions instead of 1 action
  • The Stunning Fist class feat prerequisites were incorrect
  • Rogues with the Thief racket were not showing a correct weapon damage when using a finesse weapon with a negative strength modifier
  • The Monk's Path to Perfection section on the Customize sheet had issues that have been resolved
  • Magical Armors with the {Invested} trait were not being counted as an Invested item
  • The Cultural Adaptability feat was missing the extra ancestry feat effect

CORE Release Notes: v1.4.11 (November 14th, 2020)

Errata Time!

Paizo released an Errata for their CRB, and this new version of the Sheet has been updated to reflect this. A few bugs were also fixed. If you see any missing errata or any other errors, please report it!


  • Applied the November 2020 Errata of the CRB
  • Improved the Bard's Composition Spell description


  • Added a Dashboard effect for the Fleet Step spell


  • Alchemical bombs were mis-tagged as Simple weapons instead of Martial weapons
  • The Shield Block general feat was not being added for the Fighter class
  • Renamed the feat Power atk to Power Attack
  • The number of trained skill displayed on the Back sheet for a Fighter was incorrect
  • The Bardic Lore feat was missing its effect
  • Fixed many incorrect links on the Customize sheet
  • The Quickened Casting, Wizard feat was referencing Bards
  • Renamed Adapted Adept ➜ Adaptive Adept
  • Renamed Maetro's ➜ Maestro

CORE Release Notes: v1.3.219 (November 4th, 2020)

Bug fixes!

A bunch of bugs fixed and a couple of improvements - please report any issues you find! You can even do so on the Discord Server server!!


  • Improved the Bard's Composition Spell description


  • Added a Dashboard effect for the Fleet Step spell


  • Alchemical bombs were mis-tagged as Simple weapons instead of Martial weapons
  • The Shield Block general feat was not being added for the Fighter class
  • Renamed the feat Power atk to Power Attack
  • The number of trained skill displayed on the Back sheet for a Fighter was incorrect
  • The Bardic Lore feat was missing its effect
  • Fixed many incorrect links on the Customize sheet

CORE Release Notes: v1.3.214 (September 30th, 2020)

Class Ability Boost changes!

When loading an existing character in this new update, you will have to restore the Ability Boost gained from your class level. This is because I made some design changes, and also to fix a bug for level 10+ characters. Sorry for the inconveniences - you will need to do this only once per Character.

Class Kits!

The Class Kit feature that was added to the PRO edition is now included in the CORE edition! This allows you to quickly get the basic stuff for your Character! Use the button (that looks like a poutch) near the Gear table on the Front sheet (located in the black column) to access Class Kits. Class kits grant the content of the adventurer's Backpack (i.e. a backpack with many items), plus Class specific items. Some of the classes have options when adding a Class Kit! This is useful when creating new characters as this overwrites part of the gear, weapons, armor and even adds a line in the Coins sheet. Check it out!


  • The cool icons of the PRO version were added to the CORE version
  • Modified how Ability Boosts are SAVED: You will have to re-select them when loading a .tos2 file!
  • Renamed the Material component pouch to Material cpnt pouch


  • Added Infused Reagents as a gear item (used to track the weight of Infused Reagents)


  • Fixed the alignment of some cells on the Front sheet
  • The Heritage section on the customize sheet was not being accounted for in the number of options left to select
  • Arcane Thesis: Familiar Attunement was granting too many feats at higher levels
  • The Imposing Destrier Champion feat was missing its effect
  • The Greataxe weapon was misspelled
  • Fixed the effects for the Sea touch elixir
  • The upper HPs check-mark on the Front sheet was incorrect when having an odd number of HPs
  • Fixed the Dawnflower not granting the correct trained skill
  • Fixed the extra spell slot granted to Universalist Wizards because of Drain Bonded - as someone pointed out, this is not identical to getting an extra spell slot!
  • Level 10+ characters were not retaining their Ability Boosts when saved in a .tos2 file

CORE Release Notes: v1.3.198 (September 10th, 2020)

Bug Fixes and Improvements!

The Raging condition can now be activated on the Dashboard! Paizo has the bad habit of naming different things with the same name. So some feats have been renamed to reduce this confusion; be sure to update your Character if you are using one of these feats!.


  • Renamed Trap Finder to Trap Finder, Rogue
  • Renamed Evasiveness to Evasiveness, Rogue
  • Renamed Master Spotter to Master Spotter, Ranger
  • Renamed Skill Mastery 1 to Skill Mastery 1, Rogue (same for #2 to #5)
  • Renamed Mature Animal Companion to Mature Animal Companion, Ranger
  • Renamed Conceal Spell to Conceal Spell, Wizard


  • Added highlight to the Advancement section on the Animal sheet (for when new advancements become available)
  • Added the Raging condition. Activate it on the Dashboard when your Barbarian is raging


  • Fixed the level prerequisite for the Evasiveness, Rogue archetype feat
  • Any custom Animal, Bloodline or Cause, Doctrine or Tenet were not being saved with the Character
  • When Rogue Rackets scoundrel or ruffian are chosen the drop down menu for key ability choice was blank
  • The requirements for the Bard Dedication Archetype feat were incorrect
  • The number of cantrips for Bards were set to 4 instead of 5 in its spell repertoire
  • Background offering a list for the bonus skill feat were not showing the user selected feat, but the whole list on the Back sheet
  • The Highlight for Lore Skills (Misc section) on the Customize sheet was missing
  • (build #199) The Multitalented feat was missing the effect to grant an extra class feat

CORE Release Notes: v1.3.170 (April 29th, 2020)

Bug Fixes

Many bugs fixed, and a new Effect added to support the Shoony race.


  • Added the Extra Sense String effect to allow definition of custom senses (visible on the Front sheet & Dashboard)


  • The Adopted Ancestry feat was generating a 'Required Ancestry' warning
  • Fixed the description for the Aeon Stone, lav. green and the Aeon Stone, pale lav.
  • The Armor Potency rune was not using the correct bonus type (thus didn't work)
  • The Deadly Simplicity Cleric feat was not using the correct effect
  • The Aeon stones were incorrectly spelled
  • Fixed the prerequisites for the Inspire Imitation, Elf Atavism and Supernatural Charm Half-Elf feats
  • The Heritage section (Section #3 of the Ancestries sheet) had incorrect status formulas for all entries except the first one
  • The Automatic Knowledge: skillname series of feats were missing the level prerequisites check
  • Using the Delete key on a Magical Item worn was being blocked
  • Enabled (it was there but not active) the ancestry option Armor reduces speed? should a Custom Ancestry require it. If set to "no", the ancestry will NOT have its speed reduced by any armor worn

CORE Release Notes: v1.3.155 (February 11th, 2020)

Fixing broken formulas

I fixed formulas that I inadvertently broke in a previous build! Ickes, my bad! PLEASE update ASAP. Sorry for the inconveniences. Do report any issues you find!!


  • Renamed the rune Flaming, greater to Greater Flaming
  • Renamed the rune Frost, greater to Greater Frost
  • Renamed the rune Shock, greater to Greater Shock


  • Added a check to avoid adding a Custom Background that already exists


  • Broken formulas that could impact integration of many aspects

CORE Release Notes: v1.3.151 (February 3rd, 2020)

A simple update, with the latest bug fixes

This is a small update that adds a couple of features and fixes an issue with some feats!


  • Added a column in the Deity table on the Customize sheet (If you were using a custom Deity, please revisit the details to re-align them!)
  • Added the Errata applied details on the Control sheet


  • The effects of some feats were not triggering

CORE Release Notes: v1.3.140 (December 17th, 2019)

Family of Weapons

Although the rules doesn't use the family of the weapon, The Sheet does; This allows it to identify custom weapons that should be part of a family of weapon, even though the weapon name is different from any existing weapon. For example, a custom +1 Striking Dogslicer will be part of the 'Dogslicer' family: This way, any effects that grants training to a 'Dogslicer', will also apply to any custom weapon of the 'Dogslicer' family. So when creating any Custom Weapon, make sure to fill out the Family of this weapon with the proper 'base' weapon name.

Spell Book improvements

I added a Sort button on the SpellBook sheet: This will allow you to sort all the spells in your spell book, making them easier to read. Duplicated spells will appear in Red to let you know that the spell is present more than once.

Iconic Completed!

I completed the creation of all the Iconic characters (dated 11/27/2019 on paizo) - These even have their OWN section on the forum, under the [TOS 2nd] Resources section!

  • Amiri: Human Barbarian (Levels 1, 3, & 5)
  • Ezren: Human Wizard (Levels 1, 3, & 5)
  • Fumbus: Goblin Alchemist (Levels 1, 3, & 5)
  • Harsk: Dwarf Ranger (Level 1)
  • Kyra: Human Cleric (Levels 1, 3, & 5)
  • Lem: Halfling Bard (Level 1)
  • Lini: Gnome Druid (Level 1)
  • Merisiel: Elf Rogue (Levels 1, 3, & 5)
  • Sajan: Human Monk (Level 1)
  • Seelah: Human Champion (Level 1)
  • Seoni: Human Sorcerer (Level 1)
  • Valeros: Human Fighter (Levels 1, 3, & 5


  • QuickPicks will not show sections that have no items
  • Added the 'Special' column on the Animal table (Customize sheet)
  • Removed the option 'Use TOS 2nd as an expert user' from the Control sheet (this option is shown on the Back sheet only)
  • On the Dashboard, you can also double-click the Ammo quantity to reduce it by one unit
  • Changed Speed to Move(ment)
  • Duplicate Spells in a Spell Book will be tagged in Red


  • Added the ability to Sort the spells in your Spell Book
  • Set the Print Area on the Dashboard so it can be printed if needed
  • Added the DC: Perception effect
  • Added the Perception DC in the 'DCs, Senses, Resistances' section on the Front sheet
  • Added the ability to select Alchemical Weapons (Bombs) with the Weapon's Quick Pick feature
  • Duplicated Formulas in the Formula Book will be noted with a red id number
  • Added the ability to activate magical items on the Dashboard
  • Added integration for these items (which means you can activate these items on the Dashboard as needed):
    • Channel Protection Amulet
    • Cassock of Devotion
    • Cloak of Elvenkind


  • In some cases, Cleric's Divine Skill was being requested even if it was not needed (already set)
  • The description for the Additional Lore feat was showing a 'false' value
  • In the FormulaBook1 sheet, the "in formula book" section was not counting the number of formulas correctly
  • The Maestro Muse was checking for "Lingering Composition" instead of "Lingering Composition Feat"
  • Bards were getting too many Class Feats
  • On the Animal sheet, the Ability Score values (off-print) were incorrectly computed
  • On the Animal sheet, the finesse trait was not being used for attacks if more traits were present
  • The Street Urchin Lore Skill was not triggering an error when missing
  • Sorcerers were getting an extra feat at level 1
  • Fighter's Weapon Mastery was being asked at level 3 instead of level 5

CORE Release Notes: v1.3.113 (November 30th, 2019)

Feats Enabled on the Dashboard!

While feats in the Core rulebook are static (they give a bonus or they don't), some feats have started to pop up in other source material that grant bonuses in specific circumstances. Thus, I added the ability to activate these feats on the Dashboard when required!

Custom Heritage option

To further support custom Heritages, the ability to define an Heritage option has been added. This option can be from a list of values (Ex. acid;cold;fire) or can be defined as an existing table (Ex. t_SkillsN for skill names). This will allow the creation of Heritage that uses only ONE line in the Ability sheet, instead of defining Heritages for each and every possible options available!

Cantrips integrated

Since in PF2 Cantrips are always Heightened to half the Character's level rounded up, I modified these to automatically show the Heightened values in the description, getting rid of the extra Heightened text. The Sheet now does the math on your behalf!

Feats prerequisites revisited

I went through the zillions feats and made sure all feats prerequisites were being checked!

Spell Planner extended

I increased the size of the Spell Planner to 3 pages, which can hold a total of 49 spells/focus spells (up from 32) If you print your Spell Planner, remember you don't have to print empty pages - just specify which pages to print in the Print dialog window of Excel!


  • The conditional text for the Specialty Crafting skill feat were specifying Alchemical items instead of the specified items
  • Fixed many feat prerequisites

CORE Release Notes: v1.3.82 (November 21st, 2019)

Tracking Alchemical Items

Alchemist will be able to track their daily alchemical creation on the Dashboard (if playing Dynamically)! Not only that, but many of the effects of Alchemical items have been added as well. This means they can be activated/deactivated as needed!

Firing Ammunition on the DashBoard

The ability to fire ammunition on the DashBoard has been added. If you double-click the ammunition name in the weapons loadout table, you will be reducing the quantity of your ammunition by one unit.

Improvements to Custom Heritages

Creating custom Heritages for an existing ancestry can now be done in the Abilities sheet, in the Additional Heritages section. This Heritage can be made into an Add-on. The number of custom feat slots have been increased to 100.


  • Added an Additional Heritages section to the Abilities sheet to allow the creation of custom Heritages for existing ancestries that can be selected on the Customize sheet
  • Expanded the Custom Feat area from 20 feats to 100 feats
  • Added the option to use the Sheet as an expert user on the Back sheet
  • Added the Bestial Mutagen (claw & jaw) as a 'selectable' weapon
  • Added integration for a ton of Alchemical items
  • Added a new condition: Speed Penalty. This allows you to apply a speed penalty to your character (like if you suffer from Malyass root paste)


  • The source list for the Active Effects Table was not working (Quick Picks were fine)
  • Repaired the Rank for weapon slots #2 to #6 that I inadvertently broke in the previous build

CORE Release Notes: v1.3.41 (November 10th, 2019)

Fleshing out Race Creation

The first Ancestry for Pathfinder 2e was published on the community forum! This allowed the fleshing out the creation process, and a few fixed were applied to improve this process. The Hobgoblin ancestry from The Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide book is now online for Subscribers!


  • Added a check in the Character Status section for Ancestry options not selected
  • Added a Quick Pick option for the selection of Custom Ancestry feats on the Customize sheet


  • The Farmhand background was using a bad feat name
  • Added missing Highlight for Ancestry options selection
  • Fixed a bad named cell in one of the race tables

CORE Release Notes: v1.3.32 (November 5th, 2019)

Spell Lists are available!

You can now create Spell Lists for any tradition or class spell focus and specify the desired level! Spell List are useful for those using print outs; you can print out the list(s) you need for your Character. Use the Spell List section on the Control Sheet to build these. Spell List are designed to show you the WHOLE list of spell for any tradition or spellcasting class. Cleric's daily preparations should be that much easier for those playing on paper!

Core Rulebook Errata v1.0 applied

The Errata update v1.0 from Paizo has been applied

Automatic Adventurer's Pack

I added a button near the gear section to allow you to add the whole content of the Adventurer's Pack automatically! This is pretty useful when creating new characters - makes it even faster to create!

Rituals added

The 20 ritual spells that can be learned have been added to the spell data. These can now be selected on the spell planner should you ever learn one (or more) or these!


  • Spell Lists can be created for:
    • Arcane Tradition
    • Divine Tradition
    • Occult Tradition
    • Primal Tradition
    • Rituals
    • Bard Spell Focus
    • Champion Spell Focus
    • Cleric Spell Focus
    • Druid Spell Focus
    • Monk Spell Focus
    • Sorcerer Spell Focus
    • Wizard Spell Focus
  • Added the 20 Rituals to the Spell data sheet
  • Added a button on the Front sheet, near the gear section, to ADD the content of the Adventurer's Pack automagically!
  • Added the Specialty Wands
  • Added the ability to create custom Wands
  • Added more precise error checking on Feats & Class features
  • Completed the weapon's HPs, BT and Hardness for magical weapons
  • Added missing descriptions for talisman and other items
  • Added integration for the Minor Magic Rogue feat
  • Added some verification to make sure you don't select the same feat twice on the Customize sheet


  • The Skill Feat section was not displaying any skills feat description if at least one skill feat was not selected. Changed this behavior to show all selected skill feats descriptions and then display a missing skill feat error if needed
  • Added 3 more slots to select Class Feats (from 15 to 18 slots)
  • Changed the gear icon from a Shovel to a Rope


  • The Tangled Forest Stance Monk feat was missing its description
  • 19th level Fighters were not getting the effects of Versatile Legend
  • Ability Boost for level 20 were not being applied
  • For level 10th, 15th and 20th, Class Ability Boost to CON were not working correctly
  • The Craft Anything Skill feat was checking Athletics instead of Craft for its prerequisites
  • The Font Size change on the BACK sheet was not working due to a protected cell
  • The Hide All and Show All buttons on the Control worksheet were disabled
  • Sorcerers were getting two focus point instead of one
  • When loading a Character, the worksheet visibility was not restored as it was saved
  • The Barbarian: Giant Instinct resistance was being asked before level 9
  • The Weapon Notes were not being saved
  • The Elixir of life, minor was incorrectly named as Elixir of life, lesser
  • When Lay on Hands is selected on the SpellPlanner, it appeared in red
  • The Champion's Cause was not being highlighted on the Customize worksheet
  • The Divine Ally Champion ability was highlighted even if the Champion was not yet level 3

  • CORE Release Notes: v1.2.093 (October 21st, 2019)

    Language Fix and Weapon Family added!

    Seems the starting language was not correctly accounting for the Character's INT score! So this build fixes that and other gremlins!

    Also, I realized that we really NEED the weapon family entry on the weapon table (as exists in both TOS+ and TOS FIVE). The Weapon Family is the 'base' weapon onto which the current weapon is based. While most weapons are their own Family (ex. a Club is in the Club family), any weapons that are magical are based on the Family weapon. The reason I need this information is this: If you have a class (example Wizard) that has a specific training (like Staff), I need to grant training in the Staff weapon. ALAS, if you defined another weapon that wasn't exactly named "Staff", said Wizard would NOT gain training! I modified the Sheet to check the *family* of the weapon and not the weapon name itself (which can be anything like "Big Stick Full of Magic" for a Staff! :) Using the Weapon Family means that we are now immune to problems with weirdly named weapons and the training granted to these!

    ALAS this will invalidate ALL existing Custom Weapons as I needed to add ONE column in the Weapons table. If you have any custom weapon created, review them to translate by 1 column as required, and ADD the Weapon Family information!



    • Increased to 10 the number of Ancestry language slots on the Customize sheet
    • Added the Weapon Family column to the Weapons table **Review any custom weapons you created!


    • Fixed the Ancestry starting language count, which was not accounting for INT
    • Applied this errata: Humans are supposed to have one more language (Common + Bonus + INT).
    • On the SpellPlanner, spells that are not found do not report an error (useful to use separators)
    • Added the weapon group Spell Group to define spells as a weapon (useful for Rays and such)
    • Innate spells were shown in red in the Spell Planner even though the level requirement was met
    • Innate spells on the Spell Planners were not using Charisma as the ability score
    • The Skill Increases effect was missing from the Dictionary
    • The comment for the Spellcaster effect was not visible
    • Shortened some traits for alchemicals weapons

    CORE Release Notes: v1.2.086 (October 7th, 2019)

    Dynamic Play!

    You can now play Dynamically with your Character thanks to the new Dashboard worksheet! Activate Abilities, conditions or spells on the fly. For a good introduction on how to use the Dashboard sheet, check out the TOS FIVE Tutorial video, starting at 02:14 (here) - Both Dashboards in TOS FIVE and TOS 2nd CORE edition are practically identical!

    While I went through many of the Spells, Feats and Abilities to see if the could be activated, I most likely did not catch all. If you see one of these that could benefit from being made Dynamic, be sure to suggest this in the The Crystal Ball [Ideas & Suggestions] section of the forum. Note that I already tagged a few items in red to evaluate (down the line) the possibility of making these dynamic.

    Improved Feat and Spells Selection

    Thanks to the expertise of user Lord Vorp, the tree view control has been upgraded to show the level besides the feat or spell name! The level will appear in red to indicate that your character does not meet the level requirement. I also created spell lists for the four traditions ( Arcane, Divine, Occult and Primal), as well as lists for the Focus Spells of Bards, Champions, Clerics, Druids, Monk, Sorcerers and Wizards.

    Selecting feats on the Customize worksheet and spells on the Spell Planner should be much easier now!

    Custom Add-ons!

    Thanks to a suggestion from user Gokker, I expanded the the ability to define custom add-ons to include many other ability types. This means you can create add-ons for your group (hopefully, other members of your group will also purchase TOS 2nd CORE edition) and share with your friends. You can, obviously (hopefully!), share your creation with the community in the [TOS 2nd] Resources section of the forum. Custom Add-ons can be created for:

    • Alchemist Research Field
    • Animal
    • Animal Advancement
    • Background
    • Barbarian Instinct
    • Bard: Muse
    • Bloodline
    • Deities
    • Cleric: Doctrine
    • Champion Cause
    • Champion Tenet
    • Champion Divine Ally
    • Divine Domains
    • Druidic Order
    • Familiar Master Ability
    • Heritage
    • Languages
    • Rogue Racket
    • Runes
    • Sorcerer Bloodline
    • Wizard Arcane School
    • Wizard Arcane Thesis

    DCs, Senses, Resistances

    I enlarged the DCs, Senses, Resistances area on the FRONT sheet to allow for more text to be shown. Turns out that if you start applying spells to your character, this can blossom into a large list! For example, the Barkskin spell (which can now be activated on the Dashboard!!) adds 3 lines to that!

    Weapon Hardness, Hit Points and Broken Threshold

    I added the Hardness, Hit Points and Broken Threshold for weapons, but I had to eyeball most of these, as the Core Rulebook only has vague information about these values. I was not able to find (at writing time) if magical weapons had different values for these. I opened a discussion about this on the Paizo Forum here - if anyone knows more, do let me know! This is a bit incomplete at this time...

    Errata applied

    While there are no official errata document, a few issues have been fixed by Paizo. I've applied what I have found right away while waiting on the official document:

    • Humans should get +1 language over what's currently listed
    • Sorcerer is missing the Resolve class feature, which is identical to the 17th-level ability of the same name that the wizard gets
    • The Wizard class table is incorrect in stating that they get a 1st-level feat (universalists still get their bonus feat however)
    • The adventurer's pack is supposed to be 1 bulk, not 2
    • Clan daggers (Dwarven) are supposed to be super common, not uncommon, within the Game


    • Added 3 columns to the Weapon table. Any existing Custom Weapon will need to be adjusted as needed:
      • Weapon Hardness
      • Weapon Hit Points
      • Weapon BT
    • Added these new effects:
      • Armor Max DEX Modif Adj
      • Resistance: ALL
      • Resistance: Extra dmg from Crit
      • Resistance: Evil
      • Resistance: Good
      • Resistance: Negative Dmg
      • Resistance: Physical Dmg
      • Resistance: Positive Dmg
      • Resistance: Precision Dmg


    • The Formula level in the Formula Book is now displayed in the same way as the Spell Planner
    • When adding a new Lore skill on the Customize worksheet, it will automatically tagged as Trained
    • Renamed these feat because they were written exactly like existing spell names (Having both a Feat & a Spell with the same name is not recommended!):
      • Empty Body to Empty Body feat
      • House of Imaginary Walls to House of Imaginary Walls feat
      • Inspire Defense to Inspire Defense feat
      • Ki Blast to Ki Blast feat
      • Ki Rush to Ki Rush feat
      • Ki Strike to Ki Strike feat
      • Lingering Composition to Lingering Composition feat
      • Litany against Sloth to Litany against Sloth feat
      • Litany against Wrath to Litany against Wrath feat
      • Litany of Righteousness to Litany of Righteousness feat
      • Loremaster’s Etude to Loremaster’s Etude feat
      • Triple Time to Triple Time feat


    • Light items were not being rounded down bulk-wise
    • The Unburdened Iron feat was not reducing the Encumbered speed penalty by 5'
    • The Encumbered condition was using 'larger or equal to' instead of just 'larger than'
    • The Wizard was missing its Cantrips slots on the Spell Planner
    • Renamed the Telepathic Command spell to Telepathic Demand
    • Renamed the Item Façade spell to Item Facade
    • Renamed Scholary Recollection to Scholarly Recollection
    • Renamed Trickter's Twin to Trickster's Twin
    • Renamed Summon Plant of Fungus to Summon Plant or Fungus
    • Typo in these spells: Blink, Ray of Enfeeblement
    • Typo in the Perception name in the Senses & Vision box

    CORE Release Notes: v1.1.964 (September 14th, 2019)


    A few fixes applied! Please report any issues you find in the Gremlin section of the Community Forum. Thanks!

    • Many armors were not using the correct Dex cap value
    • Change the bulk of the Adventurer's Pack from 2 to 1 (as per the errata in Paizo's "3-Action Game Night" youtube video)
    • Added the missing Canny Acumen (perception) general feat

    CORE Release Notes: v1.1.961 (September 4th, 2019)

    Familiar fixes and more!

    The Familiar was showing incorrect information on the Back sheet, so this new build fixes that. I also improved the Familiar Abilities description while I was at it. I also cleaned up the Animal worksheet by removing the Ability Scores which are not used... only the adjustments are shown! Please report any issues you find in the Gremlin section of the community forum!


    • Removed the ability scores from the Animal Worksheet - only the adjustments are shown (and needed)
    • Moved the logo out of the message box when opening the Sheet
    • The list of Familiar ability will now refer to your specific Familiar type
    • The Fast Movement ability of the Familiar has been split into 5 different abilities; one for each movement types (adjust your selected abilities accordingly!)


    • Resetting a Character would incorrectly set the maximum number of Characters line length on the BACK sheet to 10 instead of the default value (179)
    • Dwarves were getting an extra Ancestry feat
    • The Druid class was getting a class feat at level 1 instead of just even levels
    • Druids were getting a message to add Nature to the trained skill, although they are already trained in nature
    • The Animal sheet was not showing the correct perception in the Proficiency & Senses section

    CORE Release Notes: v1.1.953 (August 30th, 2019)

    Custom CLASS and ANCESTRY now available!

    The ability to create a custom Class and a custom Ancestry has been added to this build! I am not sure any custom class/ancestry has yet been released by Paizo for PF2e, but the Sheet is ready for them! Both of these have buttons to allow you to share classes/ancestries with friends and the community!
    I also added the ability to modify the FONT size on the BACK worksheet for those who prefer larger text. You must use the provided spin buttons to change the font size; use this feature just before you print out your Character. Once you do (change the font size), review the BACK sheet to make sure the formatting is acceptable; If it is not, you can adjust the number of characters to display per line so that it fits correctly for your system. I also applied a few fixes (many of which are not listed here). As always, if you find a problem, please report in Gremlin section - Enjoy!!


    • Enabled the Ancestry & Class buttons on the Control worksheet
    • Added the ability to create a custom ancestry, plus ways to load, save and clear this custom ancestry
    • Added the ability to create a custom class, plus ways to load, save and clear this custom class
    • Added the ability to change the font size on the BACK worksheet to allow for more compressed views OR larger text for those who needs it


    • Weapons were adding their Bulk twice
    • Typo in the Battle Axe specialization text
    • The Lore skill from the background was not set correctly (Build #953)
    • The Skill Feat from the background was not being displayed on the Back sheet (Build #953)

    CORE Release Notes: v1.1.910 (August 18th, 2019)

    Small Update!

    A quick update to fix the ability to create Custom backgrounds


    • Fixed the problem with custom backgrounds

    CORE Release Notes: v1.1.908 (August 16th, 2019)


    The first public release of TOS 2nd CORE edition! NOW available to anyone


Another MAJOR update which adds an 11th book: Support for the Lost Omens: The Grand Bazaar has been added!

Check the Release Notes for all the details


Another MAJOR update which adds a 10th book: Support for the Secrets of Magic has been added!

CORE v1.5 is now FREE!

The CORE edition is now FREE for any PC Excel users! Grab it in the Download section

Check the Release Notes for all the details

NEW YouTube video!

The Pathfinder Society: Automation and Support has been published!

Beginner's Guide video!

A Beginner's Guide has been published on YouTube. Check it out!


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