PRO Release Notes: v8.2.55 (June 14th, 2021)

Improving Skill Increases!

This new update uses an improved tracking method for your Skill Increases, fixing possible issues that the older design could generate. You will need to be more specific when increasing a skill's proficiency rank by specifying which tier of increase to apply (example: Trained to Expert).

The choices of increases a Player has made for his Character will be listed on the Back sheet - an information that may prove useful. If you do not need to see this, simply use the new option toggle to turn it off.


  • Re-designed how Skill Increases are selected. This will require you to re-select your Skill Increases when loading an older .tos2 file!
  • Updated the link to the Pathfinder 2 Easy Library as the site is changing its URL. Remember you can double click a spell on the Spell Planner to see the details online!


  • The armor check penalty of some armors were incorrect
  • Fixed how the of Low-Light vision prerequisites is verified for a couple of feats

PRO Release Notes: v8.2.43 (March 26th, 2021)

TOS 2nd PRO edition version 8.2 released!

This update adds the ability to apply Themes to TOS 2nd PRO edition, which allows you to colorize your sheets and change the fonts! Visit the Themes sheet to apply a Theme - or create a new one for your own tastes! And be sure to share any custom Theme you create with the community forum!


  • Added the Themes sheet


  • Fixed typos in spells Uncontrollable Dance and Precautions

PRO Release Notes: v8.1.65 (March 10th, 2021)

TOS 2nd PRO edition version 8 series released!

This major updates adds content from the Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide, which makes this the 8th book featured in TOS 2nd PRO edition! From the Android to the Strix, TOS 2nd PRO edition has your covered!


  • Added all the Ancestries and Heritages from the Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide
    • New ancestries: Android, Fetchling, Fleshwrap, Kitsune, Sprite, Strix
    • New Heritages: Aphrodite, Beastkin, Ganzi, Geniekin (Ifrit, Oread, Suli, Sylph and Undine)
  • Added the new weapons and runes
  • Added the Azarketi ancestry from the Paizo Web Supplement
  • Added the Azarketi weapons
  • Added Wavesense to the list of senses
  • Added Motion Sense to the list of senses
  • Added the Resistance: Earth effect


  • Renamed the Tiefling feat Skillful Tail to Skillful Tail (Tiefling)


  • Resistance: Mental Dmg was missing from the Dictionary
  • The Extra Traits were not triggering their effects (if any)

PRO Release Notes: v7.4.11 (December 20th, 2020)

NEW Partner

I am happy to announce a new partnership between The Only Sheet and Pathfinder 2 Easy Library! The Easy Library site is one of the best ways to quickly search for any information related to Pathfinder 2nd edition. TOS 2nd PRO edition even has an entry (HERE) on that site!

Online search added to the Spell Planner and Formula Book sheets

Thanks to our new partnership with Easy Library (see above), the Spell Planner and Formula Book sheets are now able to help you search for information regarding a spell or formula. Simply double-click the name of a spell/formula to get The Sheet to open up a webpage on Easy Library to quickly search for the item in question. Searching for more information has never been this easy thanks to Pathfinder 2 Easy Library!

Free Archetype option added

The Free Archetype option found in the Gamemastery guide has been added in this latest build of the Sheet. This allows you to gain extra Archetype feats as per this specific option. These feats are selected on the Customize sheet as needed.

Formula book improved AND added support for crafters

The Formula Book was upgraded to allow users to track the formulas for specific magical items that your Character has learned. This means that the Formula book can hold "recipes" for items other then alchemical potions. An adjustment section was added in the off-print section to allow you to adjust the number of formulas known, either at specific levels, or at a Non-Determined level.

Design Changes: Conditional Bonus

Instead of giving you a total for all your conditional bonuses (which ignores the bonus types), The Sheet will now show conditional bonuses as a +x entry, to indicate that you MAY have bonuses to apply to this value! You can then check the BACK sheet to see what this bonus is, and if it applies to your current situation. If you prefer the previous system, you can re-enable it on the Control sheet using the Show totals for conditional values option

Control sheet expanded

The control sheet has been expanded to increase surface area - this will be useful as more and more stuff takes up space on the Sheet. The option to disregard the version check when opening The Sheet has been removed. You can quickly dismiss the Window using the escape key.


  • Added the ability to track the formulas for Magical Items on the FormulaBook sheet
  • Added the ability to manually adjust your number of Formulas on the FormulaBook sheet
  • Added the Use the Free Archetype option from the Gamemastery guide
  • Added the Werecreature dashboard effect to switch your PC to Hybrid Form
  • Added the Fist (Monk) weapon to the list of Monk Weapons for the Weapon Quick Picks
  • Added Barbarian: Titan Mauler as an 'activatable' Dashboard ability for your Giant Instinct Barbarian


  • The Formula book was improved with the ability to track other recipes then just alchemical items and snares
  • Fleshed out the description for Dragon's Breath Potions


  • Fixed the Fighter's General feat could versus Class feat count
  • The Wetlander lizardfolk heritage was misspelled
  • The Swift Swimmer lizardfolk feat was stacking with the bonus swim speed granted by the Wetlander heritage
  • The Cultural Adaptability feat was missing the extra ancestry feat effect
  • The Berserker's Cloak, grtr was missing the grtr
  • The Choker of Elocution had a typo


PRO Release Notes: v7.3.35 (November 27th, 2020)

Polymorph Battle Forms AUTOMATED!

This new update automates the Battle Form from many of the spells that use the Polymorph effect! Simply add a polymorph spell with choices of Battle Forms (like Animal Form or even the level 10 spell Avatar), pick your form and voila! Your Character is updated in real time with the information from the battle form you have chosen! Your new speeds, weapons loadout, AC and even the temporary hit points are all accounted for on the Dashboard!

General effects on the Fly!

The ability to quickly define general effects on the fly from the Dashboard has been added. For these effects, you can choose between the circumstance, item, status or unnamed types. For example, if a situation grants you a +2 circumstance bonus to your Armor Class, you can use these new effects to apply it on the Dashboard on the fly. You can even use the tracking ability of the Dashboard if this effect has a duration!


  • Automated the Battle Form of these Polymorph spells:
    • Aerial Form
    • Animal Form
    • Avatar
    • Dinosaur Form
    • Dragon Form
    • Elemental Form
    • Insect Form
    • Monstrosity Form
    • Nature Incarnate
    • Pest Form
    • Plant Form
    • Primal Herd
    • Righteous Might
  • General Effects on the fly, each with the 4 types (circumstance, item, status and unnamed):
    • All Attacks
    • All Melee Attacks
    • All Ranged Attacks
    • All Saves, Fortitude, Reflex, Will
    • Armor Class
  • Added integration (i.e. they can now be activated on the Dashboard) for these spells:
    • Physical Boost
    • Protection

PRO Release Notes: v7.2.21 (November 14th, 2020)

Errata Time!

Paizo released an Errata for their CRB, and this new version of the Sheet has been updated to reflect this. A few bugs were also fixed. If you see any missing errata or other errors, please report it!


  • Applied the November 2020 Errata of the CRB


  • Integrated the Raging Athlete feat when raging


  • The Quickened Casting, Wizard feat was referencing Bards


The following items have been renamed! Make sure to update to the new name if you are using any of these.

  • Renamed Adapted Adept ➜ Adaptive Adept
  • Renamed Maetro ➜ Maestro

PRO Release Notes: v7.1.51 (October 27th, 2020)

Seventh book added

This major updates adds content from the Lost Omens: Pathfinder Society Guide, which makes this the ❼th book features in TOS 2nd PRO edition!

Full Support for Pathfinder Society Players

Now with a full implementation of Boons, TOS 2nd PRO edition is most likely the most powerful tool available to Pathfinder Society players. The Boon system allows Players to select any boons for which they qualify, as well as a system to 'spend' use of boons for those with limited use (Basically, just double-click on the Boon name to 'spend' one charge). A Quick Pick was added to facilitate the selection of Boons, and these have been moved off the printable area, as their description already appear in the bottom section of the PFSociety sheet.

Easier Cantrip Selection

The Quick Pick on the Spell Planner has been upgraded to allow casters to choose Cantrips more efficiently by adding sub-sections specifically to pick up a Cantrip from a specified tradition.

Name changes

Some items have been renamed (see below). Check the Read Me file for a list of name changes applied to the Sheet


  • Changed the Save section on the Front sheet to add the Save DCs and the conditional Saves DCs


  • Added the ability to view only the Cantrips from the Arcane, Divine, Occult and Primal traditions in SpellPlanner1's Quick Picks
  • Added the Conditional Focus Point effect, useful for feats that grant a focus point only if the character doesn't already have a focus pool
  • Added Save DC effects:
    • ALL Saves DC
    • Fortitude DC
    • Reflex DC
    • Will DC
    • ALL Conditional Saves DC
    • Conditional Fortitude DC
    • Conditional Reflex DC
    • Conditional Will DC


The following items have been renamed! Make sure to update to the new name if you are using any of these.

  • Aeon Stone, clear ➜ Aeon Stone, clear spindle
  • Aeon Stone, gold ➜ Aeon Stone, gold nodule
  • Aeon Stone, lav. green ➜ Aeon Stone, lavender & green
  • Aeon Stone, orange ➜ Aeon Stone, orange prism
  • Aeon Stone, pale lav. ➜ Aeon Stone, pale lavender
  • Aeon Stone, pink ➜ Aeon Stone, pink rhomboid
  • Aeon Stone, tourmaline ➜ Aeon Stone, tourmaline sphere

PRO Release Notes: v6.1.61 (October 17th, 2020)

This NEW MAJOR build of TOS 2nd PRO edition adds content from the Lost Omens: Legends book from Paizo!

Custom Weapons/Armor made easier

In this update, I added a quick way to grab an existing Weapon/Armor/Shield/Ammo and instantly fill out a custom item slot, allowing you to modify it for the purpose of creating a custom item. For instance, if you wish to make a +1 striking Longsword, just grab the standard Longsword, and slap a +1 Potency Rune and a Striking rune, and voila!

Pathfinder Society Sopport

I added a NEW sheet to handle Pathfinder Society Characters! This is kind of a Work in Progress as Paizo just released the official Society book, which I've not had a look into yet! So my work was before that work!! As I didn't want to delay v6 anymore (with the new Legends book), I figure I should release now for those who do not intent to use PFS anyways.

Dropping your Backpack

This build adds the ability to drop your BackPack in case you need to reduce your Bulk on the fly (i.e. while playing dynamically). How do do this you ask? In the Gear section, where you defined the BckPck location, replace the quantity from 1 to 0 and your backpack is now on the ground!!


  • Added a quick pick for the Lore skill on the Customize sheet with various sub-topics
  • Added a quick pick for the Oracle's Signature spell feature
  • Added the ability to fetch an existing weapon, shield, armor or ammunition to create a custom version/li>
  • Added the Pathfinder Society - Legacy backgrounds
  • Added a bunch of Sovereign steel Armors and Weapons
  • The Class Kits button will now also add the BckPck location in the gear table (to indicate the Backpack is worn on your back!)
  • The Infused Reagents will automatically be included in the Class Kit of the Alchemist - these are used to apply the weight of the Infused Reagents an Alchemist transports
  • Added the Fangs Sharpener (Goblin) unarmed weapon
  • Added an entry for Ethnicity on the Front sheet
  • Feats Shed Tail and Swift Swimmer were at level 9 instead of level 5
  • Added a Dashboard effect for the Fleet Step spell
  • Added the PFS Legacy Backgrounds


  • The Class Abilities of a Custom Class were not being added to the Class table
  • The Arcane Bond Wizard feature was not being updated when using the Improved Familiar Attunement thesis
  • The Improved Familiar Attunement was not granting an extra familiar ability
  • The Assurance and Automatic Knowledge feats will now refer to individual Lore skills
  • The Jaws (Razortooth Goblin) unarmed weapon was in the incorrect section
  • The Special Weapons were missing from the Weapon QuickPick on the Front sheet
  • Backgrounds with no Lore skills were still shown on the Front sheet's skill list
  • The Hat of Disguise was missing grtr for the second entry
  • The effect for the Cape of the Mountebank was missing
  • The Oracle's Signature Spell feature was not being highlighted on the Customize sheet
  • Both the Oracle and Witch spell quick picks were not adding Focus spells
  • Alchemical bombs were mis-tagged as Simple weapons instead of Martial weapons

PRO Release Notes: v5.2.50+ (September 17th, 2020)

Adding the APG has been quite the task in these last months... I worked a ton of hours to integrate the content of the APG into TOS 2nd PRO edition. Unlike other character sheets, this is not a copy & paste of the information, but rather an integration of the Data. This means that if possible, the Sheet does the math for you! When you level up, everything related to your level if adjusted on the fly. Your skill increases in ranks, then anything related to its Rank will be adjusted accordingly - and automatically.

That being said, the sheer amount of data that I added in the Sheet means that there are probably errors hiding under a piece of code! Please consider there these aspects:

  • REPORT BUGS!: I am counting on you guys to report bugs as soon as possible, so I can fix them for everyone!!
  • Do NOT create a character "at the last possible moment" before a gaming session, if you can avoid that. Being a HUGE update, there might be unforeseen issues that may need fixing, and if your game is in two hours... not good!
  • Tell your friends about The Sheet! Many people are unaware of the power behind the Sheet and it would be nice if you could tell them about it!
  • Come to our Discord Server! That is quite a good place to catch me if you have a quick question. Channels for each products have been opened.
  • Some aspects of the rules are incredibly hard to integrate... I tagged them in red in the tables; perhaps I'll be able to figure them out at some point in the future.
  • You like my work? Best very best way to thank me is to become a Contributor! More details Here.
  • FOR the REST of September, any subscriber who becomes a Contributor will be added, in follow-up builds, to the list of SPONSORS for TOS 2nd PRO edition!


I gave some TLC to the Animal worksheet by applying some improvements. As the Beastmaster will need to use this a lot, I though it best to improve it now! Speaking of the Beastmaster; That Archetype allows your character to gain multiple animal companions. I decided against creating multiple copies of the Animal worksheet (i.e. up to 4 possible companions for the Beastmaster!) instead, there are many avenues to use if you have many Animal Companions; You can switch between them on the fly with the Save then Load buttons. You can print them either on paper on via screenshots. A more advanced user would use the Dashboard to create an Effect to automatically SWITCH his animal companions out in an instant! Thus is the power of Excel... Fun fun fun! Ask in the Help Desk if that is something you's like to check out!

About Feats Prerequisites

As you probably know, there are a ton of new Feats in the Advanced Player's Guide. While I tried my best to add the proper prerequisites for all these feats, some of the prerequisites are simply too complex (or just impossible) to verify. Some, are ignore because they are obvious (like a feat affecting a Familiar... for sure, you do need a Familiar for such a feat!). So always check the feat you are shopping for to see if your character meets all the prerequisites, and not just those coded into TOS 2nd PRO edition.

ALSO note that feat Prerequisites does not means that a feat is invalid. Effects associated with a feat are still applied. If you think the Sheet is incorrect about a Prerequisite, you can uncheck the option Show the feat prerequisites details of the Back sheet to hide the prerequisites details. This is ALSO good if your DM is gifting you a feat that your PC wouldn't qualify for :)

Class Kits!

In this new version, I implemented Class Kits, which allows you to quickly get the basic stuff for your Character! Use the button that looks like a backpack near the Gear table on the Front sheet (located in the black column) to access Class Kits. Class kits grant the content of the adventurer's Backpack (i.e. a backpack with many items), plus Class specific items. Some of the classes have options when adding a Class Kit! This is useful when creating new characters as this overwrites part of the gear, weapons, armor and even adds a line in the Coins sheet.

Also of note, you have 3 ways to name the Backpack location, which reduces your total bulk as per the errata. Any of these 3 names will apply the Bulk reduction: BackPack, BckPck, BP. By default, the Class Kits use the BckPck name (not too short, not too long!)

Showing Traits

This major update shows the traits from feats and magical items on the Back sheet. But if you don't need to see these, you can turn them off using the two options on the right side of the BACK sheet! By default, traits will be shown.


  • I was working on adding an Export function to the Sheet when the APG hit... I've put off work on the Export function for now, but the button is still there on the Control sheet
  • Some feats have been renamed - so be sure to update your Character if you were using one of those feats!
  • I reworked the Animal sheet to add highlight to the Advancements table, including better error control to help users know what is expected
  • Amnesiac Background: If this background is selected, you can, at some point (i.e. optional), also add (at your GM's discretion) a Skill Feat, a Trained Skill and a Lore skill. This can be done in the Background table.


  • Replaced Quick Picks buttons with more polished round buttons
  • Added the b_Raging boolean, used to determine if the Character is currently raging
  • mproved the Animal worksheet's polish
  • Moved the Hand Crossbow and the Heavy Crossbow to the crossbow family of weapons
  • Added Highlight for the Advancements table on the Animal sh
  • Renamed the Material component pouch to Material cpnt pouch
  • Renamed Evasiveness to Evasiveness, Rogue
  • Renamed Master Spotter to Master Spotter, Ranger
  • Renamed Skill Mastery 1 to Skill Mastery 1, Rogue (same for #2 to #5)
  • Renamed Mature Animal Companion to Mature Animal Companion, Ranger
  • Renamed Reckless Abandon to Reckless Abandon (Barbarian) (Conflict with the Goblin's feat of the same name)
  • Renamed Hobgoblin Wpn Expertise to Hobgoblin Weapon Expertise
  • Renamed the Wizard feat Conceal Spell to Conceal Spell, Wizard


  • Support for Class Kits - Added a Money Pouch icon to select a class kit for your character (useful for new PCs)
  • Added the ability to select an Animal Companion using Quick Picks
  • New options on the Back sheet: Show the feat traits details (default ON) and Show the magic items traits details (default ON)
  • Added that ability to put a Staff in the Magic Items section of the Front sheet as opposed to using one of the weapon slots for it
  • Added Infused Reagents as a gear item (used to track the weight of Infused Reagents)
  • Added the ability to manually adjust the Animal's Companion size
  • Added the wpn_Family Damage effect
  • Added the wpn_family Damage Die Qty effect
  • Added a "Did you know?" section in the Spell Planner, which contains tips you can browse through
  • Added an entry in the Armor table to indicate the Family of the armor used. WARNING: If you created a custom armor, you'll need to fix the alignment!
  • Added the Raging condition. Activate it on the Dashboard when your Barbarian is raging
  • Added highlight to the Advancement section on the Animal sheet (for when new advancements become available)


  • Fixed the level prerequisite for the Evasiveness, Rogue archetype feat
  • Fixed the prerequisite for many Ranger feat (missing level check)
  • Set the Cantrips per day to the infinity symbol for those classes that can cast then without limits
  • The Observant Halfling heritage was not accessible
  • Any custom Animal, Bloodline or Cause, Doctrine or Tenet were not being saved with the Character
  • Lizardfolk Heritage effects were not being applied
  • Renamed Hobgoblin Wpn Falimiarity (typo) to Hobgoblin Weapon Familiarity
  • When Rogue Rackets scoundrel or ruffian are chosen the drop down menu for key ability choice was blank
  • The Armor Skirt from the LOCG was missing!
  • The requirements for the Bard Dedication Archetype feat were incorrect
  • The number of cantrips for Bards were set to 4 instead of 5 in its spell repertoire
  • Fixed #N/A error in the Sorcerer's Spell Repertoire description
  • Background offering a list for the bonus skill feat were not showing the user selected feat, but the whole list on the Back sheet
  • The Multitalented feat was missing the effect to grant an extra class feat
  • The Greataxe weapon was mispelled
  • Fixed the effects for the Sea touch elixir
  • (build #54) When the background skill was a duplicate of a trained class skill, an extra skill was granted twice
  • (build #54) Smoothed out incorrect borders for better PDF printing
  • (build #54) The Coins and SpellPlanner1 sheets were using CORE edition instead of PRO edition
  • (build #54) Catfolk Lore was being triggered for a Catfolk even if the feat wasn't selected

PRO Release Notes: v4.2.17 (April 29th, 2020)

Custom Ancestry creation made easier

The ability to fetch an existing Ancestry and plug it directly in the Custom Ancestry creation area has been added in this update. This is very useful if you need to tweak an existing Ancestry, or to create an Ancestry based on an existing one. Creating these custom Ancestries should now be much quicker.

Custom Class creation made easier

The ability to fetch an existing Class and plug it directly in the Custom Class creation area has been added in this update. This is very useful if you want to create a variation on an existing Class. Creating these custom classes should now be much quicker.

Extra feature slot available

The ability to define extra features has been added in this update. To use the Extra Feature, visit the Customize worksheet and click on the Extra Features link in the MISCELLANEOUS section.


  • Increased the number of Custom Class effects from 12 to 15


  • Added a Fetch Ancestry button on the Ancestries sheet, allowing users to get an existing ancestry directly in the Custom Ancestry area
  • Added a Fetch Class button on the Classes sheet, allowing users to get an existing class directly in the Custom Class area
  • Added the ability to define extra features for your Character
  • Added the Extra Sense String effect to allow definition of custom senses (visible on the Front sheet & Dashboard)


  • The Adopted Ancestry feat was generating a 'Required Ancestry' warning
  • Enabled (it was there but not active) the ancestry option Armor reduces speed? should a Custom Ancestry require it. If set to "no", the ancestry will NOT have its speed reduced by any armor worn

PRO Release Notes: v4.1.76 (March 14th, 2020)

First Update

The first UPDATE for the PRO edition is here!! This build adds the dual-class character (variant rule) from the Gamemastery Guide. Selecting the Secondary Class can be done on the FRONT sheet, near the primary Class selection.


  • Moved the XP Spent, available and the Next level information to the XP worksheet
  • Removed the option to use the Sheet as an Expert user as the 'basic view' was hiding stuff you needed to do on the Customize sheet! So now, everyone is now considered an expert


  • Added the ability to define a second class (from the DMG's Dual-Class option)
  • Added an Auto-Zoom feature for the Customize worksheet


  • The Inheritor was using an incorrect Favored Weapon

PRO Release Notes: v4.1.60 (March 6th, 2020)

TOS 2nd PRO edition RELEASED!

TOS 2nd PROFESSIONAL edition (PRO for short) has been released with the future in mind. As opposed to the CORE version which is based on the CORE Rulebook, the PRO edition currently contain stuff from FOUR source books! Aditional content can be added as Paizo released new books for the second edition of Pathfinder! The PRO version features content from these books:

  • Core Rulebook
  • Lost Omens: Character Guide
  • Lost Omens: Gods & Magic
  • Lost Omens: World Guide

Visit the Purchase page to purchase the PRO edition!


Adds the ability to apply Themes!

Check the Release Notes for all the details


A MAJOR update which adds an 8th book: Support for the Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide has been added!

NEW YouTube video!

The Pathfinder Society: Automation and Support has been published!

CORE v1.4 Released

Paizo released an second errata for the CRB. This update applies it.

Check the Release Notes for all the details

Beginner's Guide video!

A Beginner's Guide has been published on YouTube. Check it out!


Come to our Discord Server and join the Community!


Check the Download page to grab the DEMO version of TOS 2nd CORE edition to try it out on your system!

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