TOS FIVE Tutorial

Check out the Tutorial video for a basic understanding on how TOS FIVE works. This tutorial covers the basic worksheets, and gives an example on how to use the DashBoard!

TOS FIVE preview

TOS FIVE has many worksheets to help you manage your Character. Here are a few. You can click any of these image links to start previewing!

The FRONT worksheet

The FRONT worksheet is the main face of your character. It has the most detailed look at your character. It displays your Race and Class selection, as well as your ability scores. Details about your physical appearance is also listed. Your skill proficiencies are listed, as well as any save advantages and resistances. It has a section for combat. The bottom right shows your magical items and gear

The BACK worksheet

The BACK worksheet is the Character Information page. This is where details about racial and class abilities are shown. Other information like the effects of magical items are also listed.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard worksheet present an overview of your character. It can track combat and allows you to activate effects, which will be applied (dynamically!) to your Character. It contains trackers to manage abilities with limited uses per day/long/short rest.

The XP worksheet

The XP worksheet helps you track your games, experience gained and Hit Points received when levelling up.


V1.71 has a lot of improvements which adds even more power to TOS FIVE!

As always, active subscribers can grab this new update in the Download Area of the community forum.

Check the Release Notes for all the details!


A new Discord Server has been opened for the Community! Check it out in the menu bar!

Wild Shape tutorial video

A new video tutorial on the Druid's Wild Shape has been created! Check it out here!


A DEMO version of TOS FIVE is available in the Download section! While limited (it IS a demo after all), and based on the older v1.13 version, it will allow you to see how this awesome tool performs - Be sure to check out the cool DashBoard!


TOS FIVE Tutorial
Wild Shape Tutorial
How to use on a Tablet

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