TOS FIVE Requirements:

Be sure to check out the Demo to try on your system.

  • On PC: Microsoft Excel 2007 (SP3), Excel 2010, Excel 2013, 2016 and Excel 365
  • On Mac: TOS FIVE does not function on the Mac version of Excel
  • On Others: TOS FIVE does not function on Excel clones

Processing time:

Please allow for 24 hours for your purchase to be processed. After your purchase, you can activate your subscription by following the steps HERE.

TOS five purchase:

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 •  Purchase includes:
     •  Six months subscription to the Community Forum
     •  Free Technical Support 1
     •  Free Updates to TOS FIVE1
     •  Access to user created Classes1
     •  Access to user created Races1
     •  Access to user created resources (Spells, Feats etc...)1

1: Given through the Community Forum
Contact admin to know if a specific Class/Race is available on the Forum


TOS FIVE Gift/Group Subscriptions

Please contact the admin if you wish to give Gift/Group Subscriptions.

Valid Email!

Please make sure the email you use in PayPal is valid or else it will not be possible to contact you. PayPal will send you a receipt. Note that if you do NOT receive this receipt, chances are you used an outdated or invalid email! If this happens, contact me to correct the situation!


If you are using an Hotmail/SpamCop account, then your subscription email will most likely be misplaced in your BULK folder by Hotmail or might not even reach you. To avoid this situation, add this email to your SafeList right now: [email protected]


V1.71 has a lot of improvements which adds even more power to TOS FIVE!

As always, active subscribers can grab this new update in the Download Area of the community forum.

Check the Release Notes for all the details!


A new Discord Server has been opened for the Community! Check it out in the menu bar!

Wild Shape tutorial video

A new video tutorial on the Druid's Wild Shape has been created! Check it out here!


A DEMO version of TOS FIVE is available in the Download section! While limited (it IS a demo after all), and based on the older v1.13 version, it will allow you to see how this awesome tool performs - Be sure to check out the cool DashBoard!


TOS FIVE Tutorial
Wild Shape Tutorial
How to use on a Tablet

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