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This is an attempt to list most of the features of TOS+. Note that The Sheet is the result of many years of work, so it is difficult to list all the features and power it possesses!

General Features

  • Supports BOTH 3.5 OGL AND Pathfinder RPG
  • Compliant with the System Reference Document (SRD) & the Open Gaming License 1.0a
  • Uses Microsoft Excel 2007+ to automatically calculate values
  • Easy to use, with a clean interface. Basic information is typed DIRECTLY on the sheet you will print
  • Similar to the Official Character Sheet found in the PHB
  • Very Customizable
  • Support from single class to 6 classed characters (6 Core, or 3 Core + 3 Custom)
  • Supports for all Races found in the Player's Handbook, plus others found in the SRD
  • Support for Monstrous Races
  • Supports all Core/NPC/Prestige/Psionic/Psionic Prestige Classes of the SRD
  • Supports EPIC Character for all Classes! (NO level limitations for ANY Classes!!)
  • Support for Gestalt Characters (see Unearthed Arcana P.72 OR the SRD for details) This video shows you how simple a Gestalt class is created with TOS+.
  • Supports all Weapons and Armor, including magical ones, from the SRD
  • Supports all Equipment found in the SRD
  • Support for a riding animal (mount) or a pack animal (transport equipment only)
  • Supports the Fractional Base Bonuses for Multiclass Characters (ref. Unearthed Arcana p. 73)
  • Includes a "Status" report of your character, which tracks errors made
  • Includes a complete [core] Spell Database, and space to add new spell
  • Includes a complete [core] Power Database, and space to create new powers
  • Includes a Psicrystal worksheet for the Psion class
  • Includes 3 Spell Planners to manage your Spells, with spell lists relative to selected class
  • Includes a Spell List generator to instantly create Spell Lists for your Divine casters
  • Includes two Power Planners to manage your psionic powers
  • Includes 10 SpellBooks for Wizards (with automatic Page count)
  • Includes a "Stat" [Statistics] worksheet for a perfect resume of your Character, with lots of options
  • Includes a customizable Treasure worksheet to keep track of your coins and gems
  • All Craft/Profession/Knowledge/Perform skills included
  • Integrated support for Two-Weapon Fighting & Double-Weapons (penalties automatically calculated)
  • Support for Two-Handed fighting (STR bonus automatically applied if legal)
  • Support for Ranged Combat - Including number of Attacks from Rapid Shot & Rapid Reload (crossbows)
  • Support for Natural Weapons (Claw, Bite, etc.)
  • Automatically enforces the Maximum Rank for skills
  • Support for all Races Sizes, from Tiny to Colossal
  • Most customizable Items located in a Single Worksheet
  • Rank versus Skill Point difference made clear and easy
  • Many comments are available to assist you in the creation of your Character Sheet
  • Hit Die indicated for each class
  • Ability to Adjust your Race's Hit Dice
  • Ability to define multiple attacks modes for the same weapon
  • Supports ECL Adjustment (Effective Character Level)
  • Ability to define new Clerical Domains
  • Ability to adjust the INT modifier (some magical items that increases your INT do not add to your Skill Points) using an Int Tracker
  • Feats and EPIC Feats are selectable from a list
  • Feats prerequisites (as an option)
  • Customize WorkSheet easy to navigate using links
  • Gear can be selected from a list
  • Armor, Weapons and Gear are calculated for any Character Size
  • Weapons can be defined that use the STR Penalty, but not the bonus (like a Shortbow)
  • Weapons can be defined with special damage (like +1d6 fire, or +2d6 vs Evil)
  • Any class can be redefined as having access to a Familiar
  • Supports ToolTips for many computed areas of the FRONT sheet (skills, attack, damage, CMB, CMD ...)

Automated Features

  • Stacking Rules implemented
  • "Check" area [Control worksheet] which displays errors & warnings about your Character
  • Racial adjustments for attributes
  • Total character level
  • All Skills as per 3.5 OGL
  • All Skill [and Epic Skill] synergies and most Psionic skill synergies (except power-stone related)
  • Conditional Synergies are listed a la "+2" bonus instead of being integrated in the total ranks
  • All Skill synergies affecting Class features (Ex: Bardic Music & Knowledge - History)
  • All Synergies from having a Familiar
  • Psicrystal bonuses for Psionic Classes
  • Armor/Load check penalty for some skills
  • All Saves (Fortitude, Reflex and Will)
  • Base attack bonus
  • Melee/Ranged attack bonus
  • Monk's Unarmed Damage when using Unarmed Strike
  • Number of Spells known (including bonus levels from Prestige Classes - Ref. Archmage)
  • Spells available per day (including bonus levels from Prestige Classes - Ref. Archmage)
  • Spells DC (Difficulty Class) calculated for each Spell
  • Load Class and Encumbrance (for the Character & the Mount)
  • Speed (including size, monk, barbarian, encumbrance...)
  • Armor Class, Touch AC, Flat-Footed AC
  • Weapon, Armor, and Equipment weight automatically adjusted for each Size Category!
  • Weapon damage now automatically adjusted for Character Size!
  • Total Hit Points now calculated automatically - using the XP Worksheet
  • Combat bonuses for all multiple-attacks at higher levels (i.e. +12/+7/+2)
  • Base Number of Feats
  • Many Feats/Loremaster Secrets are integrated in the Sheet!!
  • Ability Score Increases per 4 levels are noted
  • Domain spells are noted with a "+1" in the Spell list for Clerics
  • Wizard specialists bonus spells are noted with a "+1" in the Spell list
  • Hit Points displayed with circled 5 & circled 1 for easy check marking
  • Leadership score [FRONT worksheet]
  • Undead type will see their CON score go blank
  • Incorporeal type will see their STR score go blank
  • Incorporeal type will use their DEX bonus in Melee combat

LapTop worksheet Features

  • All essential Data is presented in a single page.
  • Ability to activate Effects (from various sources: Spells, Feats, Powers, Class abilities, Racial Abilities etc)
  • Ability to remove the Effect of Magic with a check box (i.e. no magic zones)
  • Ability to remove the Armor worn on the click of a check box
  • Ability to remove the Shield on the click of a check box

Integrated Classes

The Sheet integrates many Classes and Variant Classes. Check the Class List for a complete breakdown of these.

Integrated Races

The Sheet integrates many Races and Monstrous Races. Check the Race List for a complete breakdown of these.

Integrated Templates

The sheet integrates the core templates:

Integrated (General)

  • EPIC Bonus Feats progression integrated to all classes which has them
  • Spell description will take Caster level into account for level dependent information
  • Ranges automatically computed as per Caster Level
  • Familiar master level includes all classes with access to Familiar
  • Assassin: Death Attack DC, Uncanny Dodge
  • Barbarian: Fast movement, Rage/Greater Rage information, Uncanny Dodge
  • Bard: Bardic Knowledge (including synergy bonus from Knowledge - History)
  • Blackguard: Aura of Evil, Dark Blessing, Smite Good, Rebuke Undead information, Synergy bonus from Knowledge - Religion
  • Cleric: Turn Undead information, Synergy bonus from Knowledge - Religion
  • Clerical Domains are integrated in the Sheet
  • Dragon Disciple: Natural Armor, Ability Boost, Breath Weapon
  • Druid: Nature Sense, Wild Empathy, Wild Shape information
  • Duelist: Canny Defense, Improved Reaction, Grace
  • Dwarven Defender: AC Bonus, Uncanny Dodge, Defensive Stance information
  • Elocater: Opportunistic Strike
  • Loremaster: Lore check
  • Monk: Unarmed Damage (relative to Size), Fast Movement, Quivering Palm
  • Monks can now customize their bonus feats gained at 1st, 2nd and 6th level
  • Paladin: Aura of Good, Divine Grace, Smite Evil, Lay on Hands, Turn undead information, Synergy bonus from Knowledge - Religion
  • Psion: Powers Known & Maximum power level know
  • Psion Uncarnate: Incorporeal Touch
  • Psychic Warrior: Powers Known & Maximum power level know
  • Pyrokineticist: The "Pyrokineticist Fire Lash" can be selected as a weapon
  • Ranger: Wild Empathy
  • Rangers can customize their Favored Enemy at 1st level, and at each 5 levels after that
  • Ranger's Combat style will show which bonus feats he earned at 2nd, 6th and 11th level
  • Rogue: Uncanny Dodge
  • Rogues can now customize their Special Abilities/Feats at 10th, 13th, 16th and 19th level
  • Shadowdancer: Uncanny Dodge
  • Slayer: Favored Psionic Enemy bonus
  • Soulknife: Mind Blade bonus (Mind Blade can be selected as a weapon), Psychic Strike
  • Wilder: Powers Known & Maximum power level know, Wild Surge, Elude Touch, Surging Euphoria, Volatile Mind
  • Wizard: Specialist school and prohibited schools can be selected


  • The Skill List on the FRONT worksheet can be redefined as required
  • Ability to create custom Armors, Shields, Weapons,
  • Ability to create custom Races, Classes, Animals
  • Ability to create custom Skills, Spells, Powers, Feats
  • The Treasure Worksheet can be customized to use different currencies and values

Tools and Add-ons