TOS+ Newsletter: May 2018 update!

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TOS+ Newsletter: May 2018 update!

Post by admin » Thu Apr 26, 2018 2:00 pm

A simple update before summer. Reported bugs have been corrected. Please report any issues you find in the Gremlin section!

TOS+ v5.160 RELEASED - Adds an awesome new Laptop worksheet functionality!
Sponsored by users, a new feature was added to TOS+. It is now possible to present the user with choices for any effects activated on the Laptop worksheet. These appear in the Modif column of the Active Effects table. For example, if you use the Animal Aspect spell on the LapTop worksheet, you would see this in the Modif column:Image

For more detailed information about this new feature, visit this thread.
Check the release notes on the home page for all the juicy details of this big update!

NEW for 5th Edition
  • Created by admin:
    • Spell-less (Revised) Ranger (UA) [Unearthed Arcana]
  • Created by gazza:
    • Alchemist [A Touch of Class]
  • Created by risingsun13:
    • Centaur [Unearthed Arcana (May 2018): Centaurs and Minotaurs]
    • Minotaur [Unearthed Arcana (May 2018): Centaurs and Minotaurs]
  • Created by admin:
    • Fiendish Centaur [HOMEBREW] (sponsored by user Toligar)
  • Created by dhood64:
    • Cutpurse Unchained [Pathfinder Unchained]
  • Created by Terry17:
    • Gathlain (12 RP) [Advanced Race Guide]
NEW for D&D3.5
  • Created by shai-hulud:
    • Sovereign Speaker [Faiths of Eberron]
    • Cloaker [SRD]
Happy Gaming!

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