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The MAIN PAGE of TOS Caravan is shown here in three sections:

  • The Statistics (top) shows the Statistics of your Caravan. The yellow area are input zones that you can use to manually adjust many values.

  • The Wagons (middle) shows all the Wagons that make up your Caravan.

  • The Feats (bottom) part of the main page shows the feats you have selected for your Caravan.

The Traveler page is used to list all the travelers in your caravan. Wages are automatically computed for all those who have been hired!

The Equipment page allows you to enter all the gear that your caravan is transporting.

The Information page lists all the conditional bonuses that may be applied to the Caravan, and also any detected errors.

The Notes page can be used to take quick notes related to your Caravan

The Option sheet has a few options you can use to tweak your Caravan, or to set values to selected Feats.

Other sheets (Wagons, Travelers, Feats and Equipment) are available to allow you to add new content to TOS Caravan!

TOS Caravan Available!

TOS Caravan is now Available! A preview section was also added - Check it out!

Happy Trading!