Introduction Video - This introduction focuses on the use of the Treasure! sheet. It also shows how easy it is to add magical properties.

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The Treasure sheet - the main page of the Loot Divider, where you input all the treasure you have found. Everything your group finds that you wish to either keep or sell, should be listed in this Sheet.

The Players' Loot sheet - keeps track of which character has inherited which items. Useful if you wish to see, at a glance, the value received on a character-basis. This sheet contains automation which requires Excel macros active. If you don't have/use macros, you can still use this manually.

The Tracker sheet - present an alternative way to keep track of players loot.
It features an humanoid figure that is used to show the locations of objets.

The Group sheet - tracks treasure considered the property of all players.

The Item Builder worksheet - helps you find the exact syntax to use to define your Arms & Armors in the Treasure Sheet.

The Reporting sheet - generates reports to use in a BBCode compatible forum, or in text format.

STARFINDER version released!

The Loot Diviver - Science Fantasy edition has been released for Starfinder RPG!

Version 1.92 released!

The Loot Divider v1.92 has been released!

Read the Release Notes for all the details.
Happy Looting!

Introduction video!

An Introductory video was created to give you an idea of the usefulness of the Loot Divider!
Check it out. (1357 views)