The Loot Divider has been tested with the programs listed below. Excel Macros (VBA) are optional and can be disabled safely while still allowing the Loot Divider to process most Treasure. You will suffer loss of functionality with non-excel clone apps.




Excel 2007+ v12
Excel 2011 (Mac) v14.1
LibreOffice (NO Macros!) v5.3+
OpenOffice (NO Macros!) v4.1+

Where to Purchase the Loot Divider:

Choose which version of the Loot Divider you wish to purchase:

The Loot Divider
Fantasy edition
(Pathfinder RPG and 3.5)

The Loot Divider
Science Fantasy edition
(Starfinder RPG)

STARFINDER version released!

The Loot Diviver - Science Fantasy edition has been released for Starfinder RPG!

Version 1.92 released!

The Loot Divider v1.92 has been released!

Read the Release Notes for all the details.
Happy Looting!

Introduction video!

An Introductory video was created to give you an idea of the usefulness of the Loot Divider!
Check it out. (1357 views)